Alluring Skull is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Alluring Skull


A skull resplendent in the scent of souls. Prepared by evangelists of the Cathedral of the Deep. 

Throw to shatter, spreading souls which attract enemies. Not effective for all foes. 


Alluring Skull Usage

  • Attracts nearby foes when thrown. Does not work on all enemies.



Alluring Skull Locations

  • Sold by Unbreakable Patches for 800 Souls.
  • 2x on a corpse, next to two dogs behind the wagons, near the portcullis in the Undead Settlement. (Watch the Item Location Video Guide)
  • 2x on a corpse, behind the small house with a well, near 3 potters close to the sniper tower in Undead Settlement.
  • Drops from Skeleton controlling the first Skeleton Ball down the first flight of stairs after you enter the Catacombs.




  • Can be dropped in Picklepum The Crow's nest for the Hello Carving item.




These items are often found tucked away from the main quest and surrounded by enemies; in effect they lure the player into a trap, much as they are intended to do to enemies

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