Ancient Wyvern

hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
7873 70,000 Archdragon Peak
Drops Dragon Head Stone
Weak Resistant Immune
Slash Lightning
Frost Frost

PoisonPoison & Toxic


Ancient Wyvern Information





  • Souls: NG (70000), NG+ (140,000), NG++ (154000), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Co-Op Souls: ??
  • Dragon Head Stone


Combat Information

  • Weak to Lightning and Frost Damage.
  • Strong against Toxic and Bleed damage.
  • Weak Spot: Head
  • One-shotted by plunging attack.




Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Plunging Attack)

This strategy is quite easy. You'll need light fire resistance equipment but make sure you are still able to roll. The weapon doesn't really matter as long as it deals good damage. When the Wyvern arrives, don't even bother attacking it, just go past it and to the left. There will be a path. Just follow the path and the ladders, ignore the enemies, and finally go up to a specific ledge above the wyvern's head. When he is done breathing fire, he will lower his head. Just jump and press R1/RB and victory will be yours. This strategy is super easy but it doesn't include the satisfaction of beating a Wyvern with a bow. Still counts!

Strategy 2 (Directly underneath)

Stand directly under the Wyvern so that you are targeted and facing the dragon's stomach. If positioned correctly, the boss will only attack with blockable foot-stomps and occasionally fly overhead for a fire breath below. Always run away from where you were facing the boss, and not towards, and the fire shouldn't hit you. Hurl Lightning Spears or any damage spell in general, or melee attack it's legs whenever possible, rinse and repeat. (Completed with Great Lightning Spears for 202 damage Per shot and 10 Ashen Flasks). 



Attack Name Attack Description
Fire Breath Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Kills enemies as well.
Foot Stomp Stomps players beneath it. 
Tail Swipe  Swipes tail, hitting you if you are behind it. Huge hitbox.
Attack Name Attack Description
Fire Breath Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Kills enemies as well.


Lore Theories

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  • Lore notes on this boss
  • Dialogue

Notes & Trivia

  • Even bare fists will one shot with a plunging attack.
  • This appears to be the only boss whose arena does not have a corresponding bonfire.  Instead, victorious players are teleported to the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire.
  • ??

Ancient WyvernAncient WyvernAncient WyvernJump attack onto the Ancient Wyvern's head 


    • 18 Feb 2017 02:23  

      i somehow got the dragon to kill itself by falling off a ledge. i dont know how but i was running through the arena and was about to run across the bridge and all of a sudden it died.

      • 09 Feb 2017 10:21  

        I had no idea what plunging attack means, so I went running a got in a spot where I can shoot arrows at him, I spent almost 270 arrows fire/feather/standard with a composite bow +6

        • 29 Jan 2017 04:08  

          So I actually beat him with melee attacks on my second try without realizing there was a proper method to beat him.
          From the entrance to the boss fight, I ran up to where he perches and down to the right. After grabbing all the items down here I found a cozy spot by accident under his head as he does the forward fire breath. After a bit of mucking about I found you can stand in front of him, and make him to the forward fire breath, as he begins this attack you run forward and off to the side of his head and can get two good hits on his neck.
          Then this is the trickier part, you want to stay close to his head after the breath attack to force one of his bite attacks or the high flying downward breath attack. The two bites you can roll dodge easily enough with good timing and the downward fire attack you just run from. Either way you want to position yourself back in front to force another forward breath attack and just rinse and repeat.
          However, now and then if the positioning is off you may cause him to do a sweeping breath attack which is rather difficult to avoid. The only semi reliable way I found to avoid this is to run up to where his head and neck meet and try to roll under that. Anywhere else you generally get hit.
          I was using a fully upgraded Hollowslayer Greatsword 2-handed. The vertical slashes made hitting the neck easy.
          My only regret was that I hadn't switched to my newly aquired and upgraded DragonSlayer Greataxe lol.

          • 07 Dec 2016 18:20  

            I died 2 times during the fight. One was embarrassingly missing the plunging attack (When he rears his head), and the other one was by our favorite, best, 11/10 ign mob in the game, good ol axe and chain

            • Fittingly...03 Oct 2016 23:42  

              If you're going through this on NG+, you can take this thing out (And his cousin on the way to the Belfry) pretty easily by spamming the Dragonslayer Swordspear's weapon art underneath it.

              • OMG29 Sep 2016 10:17  

                THIS TOTALLY THE HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME! SCREW THE NAMELESS KING AND THE SOUL OF CINDER THIS THE TRUE FINAL BOSS AND WILL GO DOWN IN FROM SOFTWARE HISTORY AS THE HARDEST BOSS EVER! SCREW KALMEET FROM DARK SOULS 1 AND SINH FROM DARK SOULS 2 THIS BY FOR THE BEST DRAGON BOSS EVER!! But to be real for a moment this the worst boss in dark souls 3, the only real threat is the axe an chain enemy that follows you to the ladder for the plunging attack.

                • Comment on the "path"29 Aug 2016 21:04  

                  The worst strategy ever...there will be a path. No *****, there are like 4 paths to the left! You aren't Yoda so don't speak I proverbs. which ***** path!

                  • NG to NG+7 health amounts26 Aug 2016 03:35  

                    Can't edit that page somehow, so there's the hp.<br/><br/>Health: NG (7873), NG+ (7881), NG++ (8669), NG+3 (9063), NG+4 (9457), NG+5 (10245), NG+6 (10639), NG+7 (11034)

                    • waste of time11 Aug 2016 19:24  

                      to me this boss was a waste of time because dragons are suppose to be hard and should not have a choice of one shotting it the only good thing about this boss is the cool items after it

                      • Resistant to fire of course I did only 100 damage pre sacred oath to him on the wood platform with a +0 pyro glove and chaos vestiges at 40/4004 Aug 2016 00:03  

                        Why did I even bother

                        • Most infuriating boss26 Jun 2016 16:02  

                          Does anyone else find that this boss (or more specifically, it's non-boss appearance) is an absolute nightmare for the camera? Unless you get passed it before they fully land, you have to deal with the camera spazzing out horrifically when it intersects with the beast. Would be a lot more enjoyable to give the second one a fair fight if I could just keep the camera on it.

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