Ancient Wyvern

hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
7873 70,000 Archdragon Peak
Drops Dragon Head Stone
Weak Resistant Immune
Slash Lightning
Frost Frost

PoisonPoison & Toxic


Ancient Wyvern Information





  • Souls: NG (70000), NG+ (140,000), NG++ (154000), NG+3 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Co-Op Souls: ??
  • Dragon Head Stone


Combat Information

  • Weak to Lightning and Frost Damage.
  • Strong against Toxic and Bleed damage.
  • Weak Spot: Head
  • One-shotted by plunging attack.




Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Plunging Attack)

This strategy is quite easy. You'll need light fire resistance equipment but make sure you are still able to roll. The weapon doesn't really matter as long as it deals good damage. When the Wyvern arrives, don't even bother attacking it, just go past it and to the left. There will be a path. Just follow the path and the ladders, ignore the enemies, and finally go up to a specific ledge above the wyvern's head. When he is done breathing fire, he will lower his head. Just jump and press R1/RB and victory will be yours. This strategy is super easy but it doesn't include the satisfaction of beating a Wyvern with a bow. Still counts!

Strategy 2 (Directly underneath)

Stand directly under the Wyvern so that you are targeted and facing the dragon's stomach. If positioned correctly, the boss will only attack with blockable foot-stomps and occasionally fly overhead for a fire breath below. Always run away from where you were facing the boss, and not towards, and the fire shouldn't hit you. Hurl Lightning Spears or any damage spell in general, or melee attack it's legs whenever possible, rinse and repeat. (Completed with Great Lightning Spears for 202 damage Per shot and 10 Ashen Flasks). 



Attack Name Attack Description
Fire Breath Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Kills enemies as well.
Foot Stomp Stomps players beneath it. 
Tail Swipe  Swipes tail, hitting you if you are behind it. Huge hitbox.
Attack Name Attack Description
Fire Breath Breathes fire in your direction, causing fire damage, knockdown and stamina drain if blocking. Kills enemies as well.


Lore Theories

  • Location relationships
  • Item transcripts that relate to this boss
  • Lore notes on this boss
  • Dialogue

Notes & Trivia

  • Even bare fists will one shot with a plunging attack.
  • This appears to be the only boss whose arena does not have a corresponding bonfire.  Instead, victorious players are teleported to the Dragon-Kin Mausoleum bonfire.
  • ??

Ancient WyvernAncient WyvernAncient WyvernJump attack onto the Ancient Wyvern's head 


    • Anonymous

      10 Jan 2018 21:05  

      I feel like as far as dragon bosses go in the series, this has got to be the worst. The first time I found this boss, it's look gave me a sense of excitement, I was thinking "Oh my god, look at the size of it, this is gonna be epic!" And then I realised how the fight worked. The biggest shame about this boss isn't its design, but the fact that once you reach Archdragon Peak, this is one of only two bosses in that area which makes it a let down for the entire area, but at least there's some kind of reward at the end of it all.

      • Anonymous

        28 Dec 2017 13:21  

        This boss is undoubtedly one of the easiest bosses in the game, but is also one of the most annoying bosses, having to run for like 5 minutes and potentially miss the plunging attack. If your luck is bad enough, you'll get killed on the ladder to the wooden scaffold.

        • Anonymous

          20 Dec 2017 05:17  

          The battle arena is a great place to farm souls. Equip serpent ring and shield of want. Lure enemies into dragon fire. Die, grab souls, and repeat until ready to kill the dragon lol

          • Anonymous

            16 Dec 2017 07:10  

            I think this were once Dragon worshippers now in their final form. Transformed humans. The Pus of Men breaking out of some of them could be a hint. Real dragons wouldn't have such things within them.

            • Anonymous

              26 Nov 2017 01:35  

              Lazy, cheesy way to do this if you hate the serpent-guys like I do and just want to get to the Nameless King. Done in NG and NG+, with a STR/DEX build:

              --Dragonslayer greatbow (+5)
              --50 Dragonslayer greatarrows (bring Onislayer or Lightning greatarrows in case). I needed 43.
              --Hawk's Ring (dropped by the giant in Undead Settlement)

              Enter the boss area, dodge the wyvern, run into the ruined building on the left. Kill the three Serpent-men who appear. When you run into the ruined chamber (just before the stairs that lead up to the serpent-man ambush), there's an open space to the left with a flame-throwing Serpent-man. You may have to kill him as well, but the dragon will sometimes take care of it for you.

              Once the Serpent-men are out of the way, station yourself just behind the leftmost pillar that's just before the open space where the flame-throwing Serpent-man was. That and the falling-down stone wall will block you from most of the wyvern's flame attacks, while leaving plenty of open space to shoot through.

              Get out your greatbow and go to town. The wyvern won't move other than to breathe fire, and the columns framing your shot pretty much guarantee that regardless of where its head is you'll get in damage. Every now and then the wyvern will get you, but the damage isn't terrible. Just heal, retake your position, and start shooting again. Cheese and victory will be yours.

              • Anonymous

                25 Nov 2017 17:47  

                Another option is to run past him and go right down a side path. He can't follow down the stairs so he'll stand there and breathe fire at you. When he does the straight blast of fire you can run up and hit him in the side of the head. Then roll back down the stairs. You need fire resist to block the horizontal fire breath. A little harder but sounds like it might be less glitchy. Plus you get to hit a dragon in the face and live to tell the tale.

                • Anonymous

                  30 Oct 2017 23:01  

                  This boss can randomly die. It happened to me 2 times on my way to the plunging attack. Both times I was somewhere around the tower and both times when it happened I engaged the enemies to the path.

                  • Anonymous

                    02 Oct 2017 16:12  

                    I feel like they should have just made this boss part of the Nameless King fight. Like, instead of having another damn wyvern show up as a boss, just have us fight the Nameless King on his Stormdrake in this same sort of run-for-your-life situation, plunge attack the Stormdrake's head, then have the storm transform the arena so that we can fight the Nameless King 1-on-1? I dunno, anything to make this fight a little more surprising. Though I guess the King of the Storm fight is already pretty cool...

                    • Anonymous

                      25 Sep 2017 17:02  

                      I was always put off by this boss knowing how easy it is, but when I actually played the game and realized it's more of a mini-boss, I was kind of pleased. No, it's not difficult, but it sets up a pretty unique situation. Plus the passive-aggressive notes everywhere cracked me up. "PLUNGING ATTACK NOW (YOU DENSE HALF-WIT)!"

                      • 16 Sep 2017 00:51  

                        Here's another successful strategy for pyros/sorcs:
                        Just stay under it's legs (slightly to the front or to the back so you can dodge the stomp attacks easily) and constantly cast Toxic Cloud and/or Pestilent Mist over and over again right underneath it. After about two minutes, the wyverns health drained rapidly with 200+ ticks and was dead shortly after. This does require you constantly dodge and move though, so be sure to use a green blossom if your stamina is on the lower end.

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Aug 2017 21:53  

                          Cast spook and hidden body, have that lingering dragoncrest ring. Not a single serpent man noticed me as I ran to the plunging attack spot.

                          • Anonymous

                            22 Jul 2017 00:49  

                            First time fighting this boss, I was a Faith caster and found him easy to face simply by standing out of range and spamming sunlight spears. Second time was with dex build, and though the plunging attack adventure was annoying, it was still fun. Helped that I already knew where to go.

                            Just wish lightning great arrows did more. For a weapon designed to take down dragons, a measly 340 damage is disappointing.

                            • Anonymous

                              13 Jun 2017 12:05  

                              Easy boss if you got a frost weapon. The frost triggers immediately if you hit his head and does relative high dmg. His moveset is pretty basic so dodging him shouldn't be hard. I found that staying to the left of his head makes his breath attack useless and makes it easy to anticipate his other attacks. Still wasted all 15 estus flasks but at least it's more fun than oneshotting him...

                              • Anonymous

                                08 Jun 2017 11:46  

                                I was about to run out of estus while fighting this and the man-serpents, so I didn't bother to try exploring the upper levels. I never knew that a plunging attack was possible! So I took it out just like how people used to hunt dragons. I equipped my Milwood Greatbow and sniped it using Dragonslayer and Lightning greatarrows. Had to dash from cover to cover, and shot it while breathing fire in another direction. Took me about 80 greatarrows. Missed about 1/5 of the shots tho because of the head which always sways. But after about 30-45 minutes, you'll get the satisfaction of shooting down a F*cking Dragon!

                                • Anonymous

                                  21 May 2017 23:05  

                                  Frankly, this is a stupid boss. I didn't read the messages on the ground, noticed that I did only 16 damage to his feet with each swing. I nearly killed it normally, using the Ithyrill sword +5, because Frost effect would trigger normally on Wyvern's neck. I realised what I had to do when it's health was around 1/3, or even less. I ran for it. I walked off a cliff accidently. FML. Killed it easly on second try, though, despite the annoying little enemies.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    09 May 2017 10:21  

                                    killed him using bow from the location where ring of steal protection is located. I used poison arrows at the beginning of the fight, and he drop 6 dung pies after death

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