Aquamarine Dagger

67 physical_defense-shield-icon.jpg 35
- lightning_defense-shield-icon.jpg 15
100 icon-wp_stability.png 15
icon_weight.png 1.5
Requirements & Bonus
5 14 18 -
E D D -
weapon_type-icon.jpg Dagger damage_type-icon.jpg Slash/Thrust
skill-icon.jpg Crystal Blade icon_fp_cost.png 8 (2/3)

Aquamarine Dagger is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. It is part of The Ringed City DLC.

A dagger fitted with aquamarine crystal.

Engraved with a prayer in the old tongue to ward off incident. Perhaps it was a parting gift given to one sent off on great travels.

Skill: Crystal Blade
Release magic for the aquamarine crystals, creating a fleeting blue crystal blade, lengthy enough to swing as a straight sword.


Notes and Tips:

  • Cannot be Infused or Buffed.
  • Reinforced with Twinkling Titanite.
  • The dagger seems to be modeled after a 15th century Stiletto. 


Location/Where to Find

  • The Ringed City: From The Dreg Heap bonfire, head forwards and drop down. Head across the bridge and immediately turn left. Head forwards and up the spiral staircase. Head up the next set of stairs towards the Harold Legion and he will drop down. The Aquamarine Dagger is on a pile of rubble behind where he stood: Video Example

Moveset and Videos:

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Aquamarine Dagger Upgrade Table

  Attack ValuesBonus Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Strength Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Intelligence Bonus
Faith Bonus
Regular 67 67 - - - E D D - - - - 35 20 15 15 20 15
Regular +1 75 75 - - - E D D - - - - 35 20 15 15 20 15
Regular +2 80 80 - - - E C C - - - - 35 20 15 15 20 15
Regular +3 94 94 - - - E C C - - - - 35 20 15 15 20 15
Regular +4 106 106 - - - E C C - - - - 35 20 15 15 20 15
Regular +5 118 118 - - - E C C - - - - 35 20 15 15 20 15


Table Key


Requirement Parameter Bonus Attack Values Damage Reduction % Auxiliary Effects Others
icon-strength_22.png Strength
icon-strength_22.png Strength
icon-wp_physicalAttack.png Physical  Physical icon-wp_bleed.png Bleeding  Durability
icon-dexterity_22.png Dexterity
icon-dexterity_22.png Dexterity
icon-magicbonus.png Magic  Magic icon-wp_poisonbld.png Poison


icon-intelligence_22.png Intelligence
icon-intelligence_22.png Intelligence
icon-firebonus.png Fire  Fire Frost Frost  
icon-faith_22.png Faith
icon-faith_22.png Faith
icon-lightningbonus.png Lightning  Lightning  Curse  
    icon-darkbonus.png Dark  Dark    
    Critical Critical
    Spell Buff Spell Buff

Parameter Bonus: Strength, Dexterity,Magic, Fire, Lightning and Dark bonuses - The scaling multiplier applied to the [Attack: stat]. Scaling quality is from highest to lowest as follows: S/A/B/C/D/E.The higher the player's [Str, Dex, Mag, Fire, Light] stat, the higher the [Attack Bonus: Stat] is (found on the player status screen). The higher the scaling letter, the higher the percent multiplier applied to the [Attack: Stat].This resulting bonus damage is added to the base physical damage of the weapon and is shown in the equipment screen in blue numbers as a "+ X". 
Durability: The weapon's HP, when the durability hits 0, the effectiveness of its attacks become weakened to the point of almost uselessness. When an items durability is low, a message will come up saying "Weapon At Risk!" at this point the weapon does not perform at it's best.
Weight: How much the item weights when equipped. 
Stability: How well the player keeps stance after being hit
Attack Type: Defines what kind of swing set the weapon has: Regular(R), Thrust(T), Slash(Sl), Strike(St)


    • Anonymous

      20 Jan 2018 15:04  

      The lightsabre thing that happens when you hold the WA button is just far too much fun. Goes well with my Jedi cosplay.

      • Anonymous

        31 Dec 2017 16:25  

        How many people fail to see the Zelda TP references in Dark Souls is beyound my understanding. Or maybe because most of the DS3 players still suckled on their mothers tits as this game came out.

        • Anonymous

          15 Aug 2017 08:58  

          I really love this for PvP.

          40 dex, 45 int. Pair with a weapon art shield & murky longstaff on the left hand.

          Spam deep soul & affinity. Use the insanely fast R1s to mash the crap out of people who try to rush you. If they're running away and/or keeping a medium distance from you, use L2R2 to catch up then use the speed and length of L2R1 to catch them down.

          • Anonymous

            14 Aug 2017 00:35  

            I run a Dextelligence Build so when I use Crystal Blade and R1 three times it does somewhere above 950 damage and it is a dagger!

            • Anonymous

              08 Aug 2017 00:40  

              If you're gonna use this it's probably a good idea to equip a shield with right hand weapon art. The weapon art reverts to one hand usage so I don't think you lose any dmg when special attacking. Been having a blast with it paired to the ethereal oak shield.

              • Anonymous

                04 Aug 2017 16:25  

                fam. I'm new and want this lightsaber thing without having to beat the game, some one help a fellow struggling sorcerer out

                • Anonymous

                  22 Jun 2017 19:21  

                  For a dagger this isn't That bad since it can stunlock for a few hits, only when using the weapon art though

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Jun 2017 15:19  

                    You know, in game it says it's only a baseline crit damage multiplier but that doesn't seem to be the case at all in actual practice. I'm using a sharp lothric knight sword for weapon buffs when needed and the aqua dagger for everything else/fun. At my current SL of 50 the Sword with 110crit mod does 400 backstab, the dagger with a crit mod of 100 hits around 600. Both are sitting at an AR of about 250ish. Something seems off here. :O

                    • Anonymous

                      19 Jun 2017 03:26  

                      Dude this F**king dagger is a beast in pvp. I killed at least 5 people with perseverance because they underestimated this weapon. Personally this goes great with a freide build. If you can't hit them for good damage and you need longer range just switch to the scythe. EZ PZ.

                      Magic clutch ring can boost it's damage to. Just be careful since you'll be vulnerable to damage and especially that this dagger is also great against magic casters because you can just run up to them and shank them due to their poise being very poor. I am seriously not joking with this dagger. Upgrade it, use it, Git gud, and you shred through lots of health.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Jun 2017 15:19  

                        Just in case you didn't know from the rolling attacks, and normal combos pressing LT, or L2 mid combo extends the blade, and can be used in a variety of different combo attacks, like going from light to LT, to a heavy attack. This is a very fun dagger, and at +4 50 dex 45 Intel does 317 damage

                        • Anonymous

                          30 May 2017 07:17  

                          Not sure if this is already well known but this weapon's stance attacks can still be used even when out of FP at the cost of more stamina. This, combined with it's light weight, makes it a great backup weapon for catalyst users who still want deal some magic damage and don't have the vitality to carry a crystal/simple weapon.

                          • Anonymous

                            26 May 2017 10:48  

                            >Dagger with baseline critical multiplier
                            At least make it useful as something more than a PURE gimmick, FromSoft...

                            • Anonymous

                              22 May 2017 00:12  

                              Fun fact, the walking animation you get when using the WA is the Darkwraith enemy's walking animation. Pretty cool.

                              • Anonymous

                                20 May 2017 23:45  

                                If you want to use his wepon you should have someone drop it very early on its extremely difficult to use. The rolling attack is the strongest, normal attacks can transition into the light wepon art attack. Crown of dusk, magic clutch ring and 45 Intel on a assassin build I'm very satisfied withe damage I killed a thrall at grand archives with one powered rolling attack to the head

                                • 17 May 2017 05:55  

                                  Probably the most cool weapon in the game conceptually, but seems a bit high-risk, low-reward. I dunno, maybe I'm missing something, but the close range required to use it mixed with the fact that it only really works with a Sorcery build makes me feel you'd be better off with just a normal rapier or straight sword with either a Crystal infusion or Crystal Magic Weapon.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    08 May 2017 19:15  

                                    It's an unpredictable type of weapon, along the lines of say crow quills, the weapon's low damage and reach are made up for mostly in the roll/sprint attack being able to extend the range of the weapon with it's transformation. With a little practice it's a very fun pve/pvp weapon but, don't think for a moment it's one of those carthus curve swords/follower saber meta weapons that any ape can pickup and be god with or you'll have a really rough time with this dagger.

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