Badges in Dark Souls 3 are icons that players earn from competing in the Hollow Arena. The Badge will change depending on the honor or rank that the player have achieved in the arena. There are 2 different badges, Duel Honor for the 1v1 duels and Brawl/Co-op Match Honor for the Brawls and Co-op matches.

The Badges will be show besides the name of the phantom when summoned into another world (Even for co-op or invasions) and can be seen in the right corner of the Undead Match menu in the Firelink Shrine Bonfire after adquiring and burning the Champion's Bones.

The arena rank system is currently uncertain, because some players have reported been promoted with less wins, or been demoted with just a few losses. Further testing needed.

Currently, there are four know honor ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Test have shown that you need 5 wins for the Iron Honor Badge, and then 10 wins for every rank after. Consecutive losses will lead to a rank demotion. Your victories are counted as postives and your losses as negatives. If you are at a Gold rank with 35 kills and then lose the next 10, it will drop your wins down to 25, subsequently demoting you from your Gold Rank to Silver. If you are demoted, you can still regain your previous rank by winning the required number of matches to ascertain the next rank. Of course, any losses in the time in which you are attepting to rank up will increase the total number of matches needed to rank up.


Duel Honor

Iron duel badge  Iron Honor Duel Badge - 5~ Wins

Bronze duel badge Bronze Honor Duel Badge - 15~ Wins

Silver duel Badge Silver Honor Duel Badge - 25~ Wins

Gold duel badge Gold Honor Duel Badge - 35~ Wins

Brawl/ versus Honor

Iron brawl badge Iron Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge - 5~ Wins

Bronze brawl badge Bronze Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge - 15~ Wins

silver brawl icon Silver Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge - 25~ Wins

gold brawl Gold Honor Brawl/Co-op Badge - 35~ wins

    • 08 Jun 2017 02:04  

      I got gold and then immediately lost say, 4 rounds in a row (same guy, being a douchebag because i was "knife spamming"). Got demoted to silver. Since my demotion iv easily won about 30 more times, and lost about 10ish. No promotion The badges dont actually mean anything for your pvp skill anyways. The majority of people in duels use VERY cheap builds. Id consider my own build pretty frustrating to fight against, considering my 46% physical defense and super high AR and poise on my crucifix. And yet im taken down by people that turtle behind buffed shields and poke me with rapiers, guys that smash the dodge button against their forehead to quickstep for 6 years before lunging once, pyromancers and casters that do nothing but backtrack and spam spells, and duel ugs users with their edgy armor and overpowered weapon (yes i think its still overpowered. One full combo kills me, and i have 46% physical defense)

      • 29 May 2017 21:35  

        True confession: I am awful at PVP in Dark Souls. I hold silver rank, but I've lost at least as many matches as I've won and never been demoted. So what I'm getting from my experiences, and other comments, is that it's just a little bling for your ego, and it's not even consistent while being that. Disappointing, but I do appreciate the addition of the arena itself.

        • 25 May 2017 18:01  

          Really nice to be able to duel one against one without estus and too much running around, i enjoy every aspects of PVP in all Soulborne titles, but its quite enjoyable to have this option now.

          • Badges [DKS3 Wiki]25 May 2017 04:54  

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            • 18 May 2017 20:39  

              I got *****ing demoted because I got placed with the same guy three times who immediately buffed the duel katanas is and *****ing spammed like a pussy

              • 14 May 2017 03:01  

                Double gold here. Sometimes when I play with the same pIayer two consecutive matches I noticed that they got promoted after losing the previous match vs me.

                • 06 May 2017 14:18  

                  those medals are as useless as it gets, takes one about 2h to get gold on a fresh start from 0 l/w with a straight sword....some actual rewards would be sweet

                  • 03 May 2017 07:23  

                    So instead of adding rewards like covenant items or even upgrade material, we get a badge system that can amount to ego stroking at best....I like the fact they added a legitimate area, but this is just a waste. I prefer actual, useful rewards for victories, not some gold stat consolation crap.

                    • 20 Apr 2017 21:15  

                      I definitely didn't win 35 brawls, at most 20 when this happened. But I managed to get gold all the way up from no rank within about 5-6 hours total. I was doing mostly 4 man brawl, while winning about 2 out of 5 matches.

                      • 20 Apr 2017 04:01  

                        They need to fix their servers hardcore. I have over 50 or 60 game clips of people ice skating around the arena, as well as attack that don't even have an animation.

                        • 16 Apr 2017 06:26  

                          I played about 400h PvP only (yeah no joke, its kinda sad :D), won ~3900 out of ~4500 fights and had gold after 2 hours. Now I lost 12 in a row because I only got chinese people with extreme ping (yep 15 in a row, best matchmaking ever /s) and deranked to silver.
                          So I think you get capped at 35-40 wins or so, because there is no way I get deranked with 85% win rate (and yeah I tracked every fight-result).

                          • 14 Apr 2017 02:58  

                            I won well over 35 then lost 2 times in a row and got demoted from gold to silver. I immediately won those 2 back but have been stuck and silver. Ir def is uncertain how it works

                            • 12 Apr 2017 18:56  

                              if enough time is put into this then anyone could obtain a gold badge, the badge award system should be given to those who have won and have a certain ration of wins/losses

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