The Black Knights are powerful enemies which are remnants from the First Age of Fire.

Black Knight

Enemy Type ??
Weakness Dark
Resistances All physical attacks & Fire (minor resistance to Lightning)
Health 672 at Road of Sacrifices (1200 at Untended Graves)
Souls 900 (Road of Sacrifices), 1600(NG), 2000(NG)(Untended Graves)

Smouldering Lake. Road of Sacrifice. Untended Graves.


They were the elite knights of Gwyn, the first Lord of Cinder. They were burnt to ashes, but their ghosts are still wandering the land.

The first Black Knight encounter will be in the Road of Sacrifices, near the shortcut from Farron Keep Perimeter. They attack anything in the world, including invading phantoms.


Demon Ruins - Smouldering Lake

Road of Sacrifices - 1 wielding Ul. Greatsword

Untended Graves - 2 wielding Ul. Greatsword, 2 wielding Greataxe


There are three variations of the Dark Knights, each one carries different weapons : Greataxe, Greatsword and Ultra Greatsword. Unlike in Dark Souls, there is no Glaive variation.



Notes and Tips:

  • Some Black Knights do not respawn after being killed.
  • Untended Graves is an excellent farming location, provided you can defeat the Champion Gundyr, as 4 consecutive Black Knights can be defeated one by one with very little walking distance.

    • 21 Dec 2016 02:20

      I can confirm that it is only the black night on the bridge above lava that attacks invaders. At least during my time of playing this game since it came out this has been the only one to bother me after 6 playthroughs atleast.

      • Weapons are great08 Sep 2016 18:46

        The weapons are amazing, armor heavy and doesn't have much impact like other armors. And I'd rather have a great shield. But the weapons are incredible mainly the UGS and the GS if you have the stamina you can spam the gs strong attack and dodge

        • Early game UGS farming27 Aug 2016 13:23

          At the knight in farron keep, run up the stairs to the right of the knight. He will see you, but then turn around. Fall down and sneak up behind him to use the deep battle axe for a charged attack. Then dodge his next hit for the backstab and another charged r2 for the kill. Ezpz

          • Doesn't respawn???01 Aug 2016 00:25

            Now let me ask the editor of this page which one doesn't respawn??? - the two in Smouldering Lake respawn (1 GS & 1 GA). The one near Farron Keep Perimeter respawns (GS), the Untended Graves ones respawn (2 GS & 2 GA). This is false info, please edit the page.

            • Gotta get that Ultra great Sword08 Jul 2016 06:08

              Isn't the second black Knight in the fire lake a UGS Knight? I've farmed him 30+ times at 214 ID rate, (crystal Raper, 14 luck, rusted coin) and still no weapon drop. But I don't see it recommend here as a UGS black Knight. I just want to be sure he can drop the weapon.

              • Beating black knight at farron perimeter23 Jun 2016 15:40

                When reaching the room from bonfire, be sure you are not tailed by enemy on left. Then, go up the stairs on the left, there's a room. The black knight will notice, but won't follow unless you show yourself. Then go towards the pillar closest to the black knight and use ranged once and then retreat into the back corner of the small room until black knight returns to original position. Rinse and repeat.

                • Possible bug18 Jun 2016 02:22

                  The black knight in Smoldering lake can attack invaders without a seed of a tree giant being used. If the host is far enough away from the enemy it will have unlimited health.

                  • Behind the helmet...24 May 2016 23:26

                    Are two eyeballs. Sneak up on one and adjust the camera. No idea why. Maybe theyve become so corrupted by the abyss that... Nah forget it.

                    • Unlisted location.27 Apr 2016 10:37

                      I'm about halfway through Irithyll (sorry if I misspelled) and I encountered 2 black knights in the room with paintings. One on the first floor wielding a greatsword and one on a ledge above that firing great arrows.

                      • Greatsword black knight can be parried21 Apr 2016 19:49

                        I have seen the Greatsword Black Knight on the road of sacrifices parried by a small leather shield with magic shield cast on it.

                        • For melee users.19 Apr 2016 23:33

                          The first Black Knight you will likely encounter is in the Farron keep Perimeter near the bonfire. This one wields the typical black knight great sword. Blocking with a shield is not recommended. The knight can easily guard break you and finish you off in a two or three hit combo. Speed and rolling are your best options. The overhead swing is a great opportunity to stab him in the back, but watch out for a follow up move. The knight has high poise so chances are you will not be able to stun lock him. It is recommended that you chip away at the Knights health one hit at a time. Attempting to get multiple combo hits on the knight will most likely result in death. Mastering rolling around and backstabbing is the most effective way. <br/><br/>Don't give up, Skeleton

                          • smoldering lake black knight18 Apr 2016 11:02

                            There's a black knight behind an illusory wall in the smoldering lake area, He wields a black knight great axe that dropped for me. Add that to this page

                            • Perfect kill17 Apr 2016 15:18

                              I get the full armor,shield and greatsword from the one near the road of sacrifices, just take the path in the right of the stairs<br/>then approach slowly and stab him hard in the back and try to kill him as fast as you can without taking damage<br/> i made that way and almost everytime he dropped something

                              • farming17 Apr 2016 09:01

                                running pyromancer here <br/>use great chaos fire orb 1 hit it takes almost his whole life then he stands on the lava on the ground and die right away

                                • Confirmed16 Apr 2016 19:47

                                  Drops his whole set of armour, shield and Greatsword, and Embers.<br/><br/>running 310 ID, got the whole set including sword in under 60min.<br/><br/>Using a 50 INT mage, takes 2-3 shots to kill him with great heavy soul arrow, I ran it with no armor and rapier + catalyst, before crossing the door equip avarice, use coin, cast hidden body dash to knight and cast while backing up...usually he'll stop when he looses sight of you thanks to hidden body, and dropping his guard in the process, rarely he'll do a lung toward where he last saw you, if he does this often try zig-zagging while moving backwards.<br/><br/>It's pretty funny watching him randomly swing to the right when I'm nowhere near there lol.

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