Black Separation Crystal is a Multiplayer Item in Dark Souls 3.

Black Separation Crystal


A charm of farewell granted to banished Undead. The crystal sends phantoms back to their homes, or you back to yours.
Beware of fickle use of this item if you intend to nurture relations."


Black Separation Crystal Usage

  • Use to return home from a host's world or to return a phantom home that you summoned in yours.


Black Separation Crystal Location

  • Obtained at the start of the game.
  • Cannot be dropped.
  • Cannot be destroyed.






    • Anonymous

      19 Jan 2018 11:42  

      So I get invaded by a red phantom in the cathedral of the deep chapel. We were both primarily sorcery casters. We battle it out 1 v 1. I start winning. He starts chugging estus. The jokes on him though, because I have twice the estus that he does. After he finishes all his estus, he runs through the doors, hides around the corner and black crystal's out. I was so mad - the least he could do is accept his loss. Red phantoms hardly risk anything when dying; a host can lose his embered state, his souls & have to waste estus (when PVE is your current focus)

      It is unfair that an invading phantom can crystal out, but a host can't send him home. It would be more fair if a phantaom that has taken a certain percentage of their max health from player damage, that the crystal is disabled for the duration of the invasion.

      • Anonymous

        14 Jan 2018 21:13  

        I summoned Holy Knight Hodrick on Road of Sacrifices and he used the Black separation crystal immediately once summoned. I have no idea what happened and have never seen an NPC do this before. Anyone care to shed any light as to why he did this?

        • Anonymous

          28 Dec 2017 06:02  

          This is a pretty controversial item (obviously), so here are situations where use of this is valid (or at least somewhat valid)(invaders apply to Red Soapstoners as well).

          General: dark spirits/phantoms have bad connection, Hst has bad connection, keep invading/being summoned to the same person over and over, and generally not wanting to be there.

          As an invader: when being ganked, Host is hiding, or keep invading someone you particularly do not like.

          Phantoms: Host is doing something random and non-productive, Host sucks balls at staying alive and keeps dying and summoning you.

          Host: phantom is doing nothing

          • Anonymous

            15 Nov 2017 17:08  

            Was earning Sunlight Medals the other night helping out the Dancer battle when the d-bag I helped black crystals me right after I deal the killing blow to the Dancer. I go home with no souls and no medal...What a d-bag move!

            • Anonymous

              23 Aug 2017 18:24  

              It's *****ing dumb that you can be staggered out of this, the amount of times I've tried to black crystal out of a gank and just been *****ed is unbelievable

              • Anonymous

                14 Jun 2017 03:05  

                A hacker removed my black separation crystal from my inventory (along with all my pale tongues). Is there any way to get them back?

                • Anonymous

                  21 Apr 2017 15:28  

                  Feels good to do it to blues when I waste their time going through the level for ten minutes and luring to enemies. Especially with the new update that summons two blues. Invasions aren't all about winning people, it's all about slowing the host down and stopping their progress.

                  Plus I just like denying smelly ganking blues their ears.

                  • Anonymous

                    Canceling Invasions19 Sep 2016 01:19  

                    I've used this twice while invading. The first time I used it was after the host started teleporting, I wanted nothing to do with that and bailed. The second time I couldn't find the host and got bored.

                    • Anonymous

                      Nope ahead16 Jul 2016 09:33  

                      When you see the scrub host has three high level gank bros and two blue sentinels pop, this is their reward for being casul.

                      • Anonymous

                        Deleted Ban Hoax23 Apr 2016 17:57  

                        I removed all the information about the phony "Black Separation Bans". thread has video evidence as the very last post in it showing a host that has over 50 BSC uses with no soft ban, unless video evidence to the contrary can be provided it should be treated as just some salty lie told be an angry host.

                        • Anonymous

                          Used how?20 Apr 2016 15:08  

                          To get banned, white kind of session did you BSC from? Invading, white phantom, sending summons home? There are a lot of variables that are unclear.

                          • Anonymous

                            Session19 Apr 2016 23:46  

                            Is there some sort of way to refresh this? Do you have to use it 30 times in day? It's really unclear, unless it just means 30 in total with an unlimited time span.

                            • Anonymous

                              Need someone to verify my results if possible.18 Apr 2016 02:43  

                              Unknown if getting the first notification will add an flag to your account that makes it easier to get it again in the future. As so far my average 30 disconnects with the item has been done by only one other person and they've already received the message prompt before hand like I did before testing.So if someone wants to possibly risk their account for others that hasn't been penalized yet for leaving too many sessions, it would be greatly appreciated. (Use a new character as you lose the only circlet they give you, and its still unknown how to obtain more.)

                              • Anonymous

                                Reverse the effects16 Apr 2016 02:12  

                                Can u reverse this effect, my friend and I can't play together now because we did it by accident without knowing it would make it so we can't play together

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