Black Serpent is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Black Serpent

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 19
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 15 Intelligence/ 15 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Pyromancy discovered from the Abyss by High Lord Wolnir that inspired the black arts of the grave wardens. 

Releases undulating black flames that trace the ground.

Be it sorcery or pyromancy, all techniques that infringe on humanity lead to the same place. That is to say, they all seek a will of their own.


Acquired From




  • Deals roughly 185 dark damage with a 10+ flame and 165 with a non-upgraded flame.
  • Has some very peculiar homing properties, they will most of the time home fairly well, but can outright swerve away from targets.
  • Travels across surfaces, mainly the floor but also up walls, down walls, as well as over and around all obstacles.
  • With the speed buffs given to many pyromancies in Patch 1.05, it is now possible to combo this spell into other pyromancies (Chaos Bed Vestiges, Great Combustion, etc.)
  • The flames can be slightly controlled with the control stick.
  • Similar to Fire Snake from Dark Souls II.
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    • Anonymous

      25 Feb 2017 08:37  

      If you manage to get hit by this useless spell you really need to work on your rolling skills. Its pathetically easy to avoid with the ultra roll at less than 30 percent equipment load.

      • Anonymous

        04 Feb 2017 04:08  

        The strange homing property of this spell is caused by its random start directions. The flame trail is constituted of a sequence of short-range projectiles, the small explosions being their impact effect. The first projectile has a random horizontal direction within a range of 170 degrees. The range of succedent projectiles' random horizontal angle is 10 degrees. All these projectiles have very good homing abilities. Each can steer its direction to the locked on target by 360 degrees per second. If unlocked, the "locked on target" is assumed to be a point few meters away in front of the caster. So this spell homes very well when locked on, but acts like a drunkard while free aiming.

        • Anonymous

          29 Oct 2016 00:54  

          For the love of god they need to increase the cast time on this or some other type of nerf, everyone uses it and spams the ***** out of it, it's hard to get close, and even if you do I find that they can usually cast it again, right after. I started using it after I saw how disgusting it was, and boom, like magic I was winning duels left and right. No spell should be THAT effective.

          • Anonymous

            Just like a S.A.M.03 Oct 2016 18:57  

            Roll to the right then roll back over it to the left Or just be meta and walk away until it dissapears

            • Anonymous

              In this thread:16 Sep 2016 10:34  

              Babies whining and soiling themselves because they can't even kill pyromancers using black serpent.

              • Anonymous

                Now TOO strong?05 Sep 2016 21:41  

                Now i've seen multiple ganks that got 2 pyros just spamming it.I would suggest just increasing the damage and not an instant stagger of the enemy as it is quite OP if you got 2-3 people just spamming it and someone with a crystal soul spear.Of course you can say "git gud" but does it improve it being spammed in ganks?I wanna see you try going against 2 pyros spamming it while one is pressuring you with a sword as a meele build that aims for parries.If you can do it without any help, I'll accept it and will try to "get gud"

                • Anonymous

                  Amazing02 Sep 2016 23:04  

                  Fought some guy earlier who was deflecting spells like a boss. I used this, he deflected it, rushed me and the thing made a u-turn and hit him in the back just as I was casting the second one. Comboed into black flame for a KO

                  • Anonymous

                    Dark clutch ?15 Aug 2016 13:56  

                    I'm almost certain it's buffed with the dark clutch ring but anyone knows if it work with the fire clutch ring ?

                    • Anonymous

                      Fix it plz27 Jul 2016 20:43  

                      Can't play pvp vs this spamming pyromancy. Nice build: estoc, Witch's Locks and this spell (my ass is on fire after *****ty spammers)

                      • Anonymous

                        tracking much improved11 Jul 2016 01:20  

                        This pyromancy seems waaay better since the early July update. Not great damage but can still zig-zags and stuns.

                        • Anonymous

                          I have 75 int 75 fth16 Jun 2016 21:18  

                          Works better after. 08 patch. With dark clutch ring i took up to 600 hp on random phantoms. Spamable.

                          • Anonymous

                            Manual aiming?26 May 2016 12:22  

                            Anyone else noticed that this thing seems to change direction based on where you look after it's been cast if you unlock? I can't tell if this is just me but I tried it out a firelink and almost every time I cast it looked in a different direction and it followed that path.

                            • Anonymous

                              Good PvP Material12 May 2016 16:29  

                              This is a solid mid/long range pyro for pvp. Like other pyro you wont get that far with it locked on, but when unlocked it can be very effective at catching people who are strafing you, if you aim and predict correctly. This pyro has a noticeable recovery so you should not use it at close range or when the enemy like to roll right at you.

                              • Anonymous

                                Misleading notes17 Apr 2016 17:14  

                                Despite what the notes say, I've noticed this spell does NOT track in anyway whatsoever. It follows a predetermined path that suddenly veers to the right before adjusting back to its original course just before dissipating. This can cause the spell to miss seemingly vulnerable enemies.

                                • Dark Scaling02 Apr 2016 13:34  

                                  Does anyone know if the scaling for the dark magic (pyro, sorc and miracles) is like DS2? (Lowest from INT / FAI)??Because in the DARK GEM description says its scales from faith.

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