Bleed Bleed is a status effect in Dark Souls 3.


Bleed InformationMaggot Bleed DKS3

  • Effect: Take damage equal to a percentage of maximum total HP. Testing has shown the base percentage to be 18% in both PvP and PvE, It can be increased in various ways.
    Bleed damage against bosses is 7.8% or 7.9% only 2 bosses known take more damage(unknown if the final boss takes extra bleed damage).
  • Mitigation: Bloodbite Ring, Fleshbite Ring, Mossfruit, Deep ProtectionProfuse Sweat, Endurance investment, Equipment with high Bleed resistance
    Cured: Bloodred Moss Clump, Divine Blessing, Caressing Tears, waiting (every second, a player's bleed bar will decrease by about 7-8 bleed units).
  • Bleed Buildup: Bleed buildup is determined by the bleed auxillary value stated on the weapon. EX. 33 will build up 33 of bleed per hit. 47 will build up 47 of bleed per hit. When the bleed build up reaches the enemy's bleed resistance, the bleed damage triggers.
    Luck has the effect of increasing bleed aux value on weapons, thus increasing the rate of bleed buildup. Luck has no additional hidden effect on bleed, the increase of bleed aux value is the only effect of luck on bleed.
    Carthus Rouge can be used to increase bleed build up by (this adds 35 bleed build-up to each hit)
  • A special note: the Warden Twinblades and Onikiri and Ubadachi have a modifier on their dual weilding L1/L2 attacks, where each blade does 0.75x the bleed auxillary value when they connect, leading to a total of 1.5x the bleed build up rather than double. Interestingly, when buffed with Carthus Rouge, this modifier is ignored, and each blade gets a bonus 35 bleed build up, for a total of 70 bleed build up in addition to 1.5x the weapons's bleed auxillary value.


Bleed Damage

  • Bleed damage is not affected by weapon type. All weapon types will do a base 18% damage of the target's maximum health
  • Bleed damage can only be affected by Infusing a weapon with a Blood Gem  and or interrupting a target's attack with the hit that proc the bleed effect ( a weapon does not have to be bleed infused for the bonus damage of interrupting an attack to take effect )
  • Infusing a weapon with innate bleed adds 50 flat bleed damage at +0. An additional +10 flat bleed damage is added per upgrade level. ( at +10 there is a total of 150 flat bleed damage bonus) This is consistent across all weapon types and targets.
  • Infusing a weapon without innate bleed will not add the +50 flat bleed damage, but will add +5 flat bleed damage per upgrade level ( at +10 there is a total of 50 flat bleed damage bonus)
  • Infusing a bleed innate weapon with buffable infusions (Heavy, sharp, refined, hollow, raw) will not affect the bleed damage
  • Applying Carthus rouge to a non-innate bleed weapon will cause bleed to deal 50 extra damage. (tested at +0 and +1 with Corian Greatknife on "Sword Master", maybe a bug, extra testing is needed)


  • +9 Bandit's knife with bleed infused will deal: 18%+50+90 Bleed damage. with 1084 max hp it will deal 335 bleed damage.
  • +2 Dagger with bleed infused will deal: 18%+10 Bleed damage. with 1512 max hp it will deal 286 bleed damage
  • +1 Spiked mace with bleed infused will deal: 18%+50+10 Bleed damage. with 1084 max hp it will deal 271 bleed damage.
  • +0 Bandit's knife with no infusion will deal: 18% Bleed damage, with 1084 max hp it will deal 211 bleed damage.
  • A innate bleed weapon with no infusion will deal 102 to Iudex Gundyr, 408 to Dancer, 396 to Champion Gundyr, 631 to Ociros, 344 to Lorain in stage 1 and 282 in stage 2; 459 to Lothric, 370 to King of Storm, 557 to Nameless, 389 to Friede stage 1; 539 for stage 2 and 3, Ariandel will take 561, 468 to Grave Champoin, and 339 to Grave Greatwolf. Most bosses will take 7.8 or 7.9% of max hp as Bleed damage, Iudex takes 9.83% and Grave Champion takes a massive 16.77%.


Bleed counter hits:

If the hit that procs the bleed effect lands when the target is in an attack animation, a 50 flat bleed damage bonus is added, this damage bonus applies to bleed infused, innate bleed, innate bleed with bleed infused weapons, and is consistent across all weapons and upgrade levels.

Carthus rouge does not affect bleed damage of counter hits.


Bleed Sources

Weapons that passively cause Bleed:

Other Bleed items:

Enemies causing Bleed:


Enemies susceptible to Bleed:




  • Most NPC enemies cause 33% of the players health if bleed is triggered.
  • All bosses that can be bleeded will take a diffrent % of Bleed damage to max health.
  • A crude way to tell how much bleed damage a dagger or Carthus rouge will deal, based on non-boss enemies and players, can be calulated with the following formla. It is currently unknow if weapons other then daggers (both twinlking and normal titanite) have diffrent bleed damage scaling. The chart below points to yes. Carthus rouge does NOT add scaling. much much more testing is required.
    • {([weapon check] X [infusion check] X 50) + ([rouge check] X 50) - ([weapon check] X [rouge check] X 50) + ({[weapon check] X [weapon level] X [infusion check]} X 5) + ([weapon level] X [infusion check] X 5) + ([stagger check] X 50) + (19.46% of enemy's max hp)} floored = Bleed damage
      • [weapon check] if a weapon is innate bleed weapon ///true=1 false=0
        [infusion check] if the weapon is infused with bleed /// true=1 false=0
        [rouge check] if a weapon has rouge appayed to it /// true=1 false=0
        [weapon level] see what level the weapon is /// 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
        [stager check] see if the boss is stagered, for non bosses this is counter attack /// true=1 false=0
        floor means to round down
      • Tested in newgame on "Sword Master" the guy with the katana by firelink
        with starting class "theif" all base stats execpt 12str and 16dex
        Sword Master is hp 1000 (hp was found and tested not assumed)
        (weapon level) (weapon) (damage when bleed proced)-(normal rl damage)=(Bleed damage) (Bleed damage as % of hp)+(extra Bleed damage)
            +0 bandits 220-20=200 20%
            +0 bleed bandits 265-15=250 20% +50
            +3 bleed bandits 309-29=280 20% +50 +30
            +1 greatknife with rouge 285 -35=250 20% +50, unknown why rouge added Bleed damage
            +1 bleed greatknife 229-25=205 20% +5???
            +2 bleed greatknife 239-29=210 20% +10, +3 asumed +15 Bleed damage
            +3 bleed greatknife 250-35=215 20% +15, asumed confirmed
        unknown why bleed damage was greater then 19.46% or why they take 20%
      • Retested on Champion Gundyr
        max hp assumed 4028 caculated with Iudex's bleed%- true hp 4956
        assumed bleed damage (9.83% of hp = 396)+7=403 with +3 bleed greatknife
            +3 bleed greatknife 433-30=403 9.83% +7 assumed Bleed damage confirmed
            +1 greatknife with rouge 451 -30= 421 9.83% + 25, unknown why rouge added Bleed damage
            +0 bandits knife with rouge 414 -18=396 9.83%
            +3 bleed infused bandits knife 461 -25=436 9.83% +25 +15
            +3 barbed stright sword 470 -74= 396 9.83%
        396/4956 is .0799 or 7.99% of max hp
        bosses found to not share the same Bleed damage%
      • Cathedral Grave Warden the dual wealding monster near Champion Gundyr
        assumed hp unknown -true hp unknown
           +0 bleed bandits 4 hit bleed 401, 2handing r1 damage 19
           +0 bandits 4 hit bleed 383, 2handing r1 damage 26
        401 - (4 X 19)(76)= 325
        383 - (4 X 26)(104)= 279
        325 - 279 = 46 extra Bleed damage, missing 4 Bleed damage
  • Testing: Testing NG+ against the "Saw Carriers" in Undead Settlement: Normalized HP is as HP * (1-aux) = damage thus damage / (1-aux) = HP
    Approximate enemy HP around 1500 (1678 was marginal overkill, rounding)
    1583 hp using +0 Bandits knife bleed damage 308 divided by .1946 
  • Testing thread on reddit. 

At 99 Luck:

Weapon Bleed Aux
+0 Bandit Dagger 38
+0 Morion 40
+10 Ghru Blood Dagger 53 (47 poison)
+7 Ghru Blood Sword 48 (45 poison)
+10 Corvian Blood Scythe 62
+0 Chaos Blade 47
+5 Chaos Blade 52

Weapon R1 Damage HitsToBleed BleedDamage Normalized HP (Aux as %) Bleed % of Actual
Corvian+ 131 3 497 1307.9 33.1%
Ghru Dagger 64 3 400 1111.1 26.7%
Bandit 22 4 308 496.7 20.5%
Morion 87 4 373 621.7 24.9%
Chaos 86 3(rapid only) 372 703.8 24.8%
Chaos+ 231 3(semi rapid) 517 1077.1 34.5%

    • 19 Apr 2017 15:47  

      So after this latest patch if I want to do a dual wielding warden twinblades build am I better off with blood infusion, or sharp with carthus rouge for extra base damage or hollow with carthus rouge to save some skill points in the luck stat?

      • 12 Apr 2017 08:18  

        Why isn't bleed increased on slower weapons? Maybe give the reaper class (except friede's) a base bleed of 50-60. It may make it too powerful, but they are SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

        • 06 Apr 2017 00:10  

          So, is the Blood infusion worth it now since the recent patch? And the long answer is:

          It very much depends on the weapon - things with natural bleed and fast/pressuring strikes will do wonders for a bleed build. Something like the Bandit's Knife gets pretty terrible scaling as is, and the bleed aux can get relatively high on a Blood Bandit's Knife +10. The Blood gets more aux than the Non-Blood or Hollow even when they have Carthus Rouge (only adds +20 aux) so the loss of scaling on the Knife is negligible and makes the blood worth it.

          The bleed infusion for heavy weapons depends on your playstyle and skill with them: the Blood Carthus Curved Greatsword on +10 gets 99 natural bleed aux (with 40 luck, I think?) so that is actually relatively strong in terms of aux. This means that early-game invaders with Blood-infused weapons would do wonders to hosts since they have quite high bleed aux and the damage/scaling loss will be negligible.

          I'd say give it a shot and see if the build you make sticks. It seems like From is slowly adding more and more build diversity into the game.

          • 07 Jan 2017 15:48  

            Say i have a bleed weapon amd i summon a white phantom who also has a bleed weapon, would pur combined bleed weapons add up with the same bleed bar on the enemy? Or do we each have separate bleed buildups?

            • Lothric and Lorian22 Aug 2016 18:05  

              both are week to bleed i have used warden twinblades +10 and carthus rouge and am able to bleed them in 4 or 5 hits with 10 luck. getting a bit of help for hitting him while he is attacking

              • Bleed and Charge29 Jul 2016 12:55  

                So I noticed that when you charge with a spear, you will do several small hits on the target before landing a full hit. I thought maybe this could be exploited to build up bleed, but it doesn't count apparently.

                • Critical Attacks06 Jul 2016 18:02  

                  Does anyone know the correlation of bleed build-up and critical attacks? It seems like it just counts as one attack's worth, which is a little disappointing since its hard to get combos to finish the bleed build up. Not to mention that bleed feels like it should be an assassin type thing, but if it doesn't work well with criticals than its not really worth it.

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