Blood of the Dark Soul is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3. It was added in The Ringed City DLC.

Blood of the Dark Soul

Blood of the Dark Soul

Blood of the dark soul that seeped from the hole within Slave Knight Gael. 

Used as pigment by his lady in Ariandel to depict a painted world.

When Gael came upon the pygmy lords, he discovered that their blood had long ago dried, and so consumed the dark soul.


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  • This item will be removed from your inventory if you move on to NG+ and higher.




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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2017 07:35  

      This was supposed to be the end of Dark Souls so a cutscene would have been appropriate. Even though it's just a small detail in all the Ringed City DLC content, it would have made for a really sweet cheery to top it all. And not even cutscene quality like the intro movies, just in-game render like when meeting bosses for the 1st time.

      • Anonymous

        Blood of the Dark Soul [DKS3 Wiki]31 Jul 2017 01:08  

        actually they said its over for now. meaning it may come back in the future

        • Anonymous

          31 Jul 2017 00:50  

          Stop complaining, you dinguses. Since they said that "Dark Souls" is over, maybe "Ash Souls" or something of the like will be next.

          Or maybe it was all bull*****:D

          • 27 Jun 2017 05:23  

            I believe people are missing some extremely significant implications in regards to the Painter's Mother and the likelihood that this woman is manipulating many things... a absent Oracle who left her daughter in the care of an ancient slave knight with nothing but a cryptic prophecy. "Those who aren't ken to fire cannot paint a world.
            Those absorbed by fire, must not paint a world.
            Don't worry, I haven't forgotten, Mother" and never forget...
            "Thou who art undead art chosen"

            • Anonymous

              30 May 2017 09:26  

              Can it be carried to a next NG cycle and offered to The Painter / Gael at once right when you do the 1st DLC?

              • Anonymous

                24 May 2017 14:48  

                Not even a 1 minute cutscene , just a conversation about the new world.
                All we have done wasnt even worth a god damn cutscene.

                • Anonymous

                  20 May 2017 16:26  

                  oh you got the most important thing from the whole series , the title of the series , the thing you have been searching for 3 games ?
                  Fine here you go f*ck you now go and hand it over to a painter that didnt even do sh*t to get it but you have died sh*t load of times in ds1,ds2,ds3 linked the fire for better world or left it to dark to make nature of the world cycles go on, but you can not even use any form of power of it , a thing that gave power such as making the sky dark,make WHITE lightning fall,use cape as temporary wings,power to become almost powerful as gwyn but no ,you give it to a girl that will paint a world that you dont even get to see.Cant we atleast use power from it but we have to keep killing enemies for souls for not our character goes frenzy (or we can remove it after using powers of it whenever we want)
                  Not even a cutscene not even Aldia from DS2 to make a comment about it (a man who was scholar of the first sin).

                  • Anonymous

                    19 May 2017 01:03  

                    So after reading some more lore theories down below, here's another one. So, if the painter is creating a new world, and she wants the blood of the dark soul, that would suggest that this new world would be based on "humanity" (the dark soul). And if Dark Souls has taught us anything, it's that everything is a cycle (each linking of the fire). Therefore by painting a new world, we are going back to the time before fire. Back to the time when humanity was still a non-corporeal existence. We learned from Grave Warden Agdayne in DS2 that "in the past, humans were one with the dark. The former King of Light... He feared humans. Feared that they would usher in an age of dark". With that in mind, it's reasonable to say that the painter is creating a world in which humanity can exist in it's purest form. And not be forced into a physical existence by flame

                    • 13 May 2017 08:24  

                      Could this be a reference to Bloodborne? I mean, we could have obtained the dark soul itself but instead we get blood from someone who (possibly) has most of the dark soul. Also who do we give this blood to? We give it to someone who is about to paint a new world. I bet thats why blood is so important in Bloodborne.

                      • Anonymous

                        Blood of the Dark Soul [DKS3 Wiki]01 May 2017 01:28  

                        has anyone given the dark blood to the painter then seen sheeva ?does she attack then?

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Apr 2017 20:02  

                          Ok so,
                          Blood of the Dark Soul + Executioner's Gloves effect when Gael make some moves PLUS he has a crossbow (like a hounter).

                          It really looks like Bloodborne

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Apr 2017 12:26  

                            The painter is painting the BloodSouls worlds that Miyazaki gave us portals to through the games.

                            At least, that's how I like to interpret her words.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Apr 2017 04:10  

                              "That thing....give it here. Your Dark Soul". Is it just me, or does anyone else not remember getting a dark soul?

                              • Anonymous

                                17 Apr 2017 07:43  

                                Does anyone know what happens if you talk to the NPC Hallow that you meet after you get flown to the ring city while you have the Blood of the Dark Soul? I know he dissapears but im not sure when. Im curious to see if there is any extra dialouge we are missing

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