Bountiful Sunlight is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Bountiful Sunlight

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFP 70
Attunement Slots Slots 2
 Faith 35
Type Heal (Regeneration)
Duration 60 Seconds



Special Miracle granted by the Princess of Sunlight.

Gradually restores a large amount of HP for self and those in the vicinity.

The miracles of Gwynevere, loved as both mother and wife bestow their blessing on a great many warriors.


Acquired From



  • A miracle of Gwynevere, strongly implicating that Rosaria is in someway linked to her.
  • Restores 10 HP per second over the course of its duration
  • Stacks with Gentle Prayer
  • Unaffected by Spell Buff, Faith, or Miracle boosting rings.
  • Lingering Dragoncrest ring increases duration while reducing hp per second, restoring the same total amount of HP (600) over the longer duration


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    • Anonymous

      21 Apr 2017 10:40  

      From what I can calculate, the max HP regen setup you can do would be either

      Bountiful Sunlight (10HP/s)
      Blessed Infused Weapon +10 in Right hand (3 HP/1.5s)
      Sacred Chime of Filianore WA (4HP/s)
      Gentle Prayer WA (6HP/s)
      Sun Princess Ring (2HP/s)

      So with this set up you would be getting an alternating 22/25 HP per second and second and a half. You would have to switch from SCoF to Yorshka's and keep Yorshka's out in your left hand. No 2 handing.

      Alternativey, instead of a blessed infused weapon, you could use Anri's Straight Sword with blessed weapon buff.
      So instead of 3HP/1.5 seconds you would be getting 6HP/2 seconds.
      So It would be 22 every second and 28 every 2 seconds.
      While this method is a bit stronger in terms of HP regen, the blessed weapon buff is relativly short, and if you are playing defensivly it will wear off, in which case you could swap to your Blessed +10 weapon.

      • Anonymous

        31 Mar 2017 07:34  

        with two blessed weapons, the sun princess ring, and filianore's sacred chime (for the pray for favor buff) I find myself getting around 20 HP/s regeneration.

        in my build, the Rapier and Painting Guardian's Curved Sword don't lose too much AR from being blessed-infused and the latter even has bleed buildup to in some part make up for the AR loss, and the former gets good thrust counter damage (naturally)

        I'm actually really impressed with how much regen you can viably stack

        • Anonymous

          25 Feb 2017 08:45  

          What if i already ranked up at rosarias fingers and then started ng+? can i still do leonhards quest to get it?

          • Anonymous

            Soul of Rosaria21 Jul 2016 01:08  

            can you just kill Rosaria to get her soul, and the miracle, and also if you do, does it effect NG+?

            • Lingering Dragoncrest Ring04 Jul 2016 02:57  

              The Lingering Dragoncrest Ring does not increase the heal amount. It just spaces it out for the longer duration. Basically slower healing.

              • Anonymous

                fun pvp miracle31 May 2016 09:51  

                bountiful sun is actually a very useful pvp miracle when stacked with all the other regen stuff on a pure faith build. i actually use it more in pvp than co-op. I would say of all the set-ups I can use on my faith build, the regen one is one of the toughest to beat. lingering dragon+2 is a necessity. <br/>it's really a miracle for a dedicated faith caster. i have 40 attn for 6 slots, so the 2 it uses isn't a big deal for me. it also requires 35 faith so there's that too.

                • Anonymous

                  The regen of demon's souls is back.28 Apr 2016 22:03  

                  using this miracle, with the ancient dragon shield, a blessed weaons +10 (or a weapons buffed with blessed weapon), the sun princess ring, and the gentle prayer buff, you can get about 18-20 hp/s . and what's also cool is you can use tears of denial while having this cast as well.

                  • Anonymous

                    This makes no sense Imo.22 Apr 2016 13:03  

                    So if you're a miracle user and want a good healing "holy" miracle, you have to go down the dark path of rosaria, and lose out on the "holy" path of Sirris, you can't get both in one cycle... kind of an oversight, I want to be able to cast this but also not be a darkwraith scum on a co-op miracle build

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