Burial Gifts return in Dark Souls 3, just like the previous Souls games. One can be chosen by the player at the beginning of the game as sort of an extra bonus to help them get going. There are 9 gifts to choose from in total. All of the starting gift items are obtainable in-game, meaning these gifts provide a temporary advantage. A gift can only be chosen at the start of the first NG. The player may also opt to take none of these gifts during character creation.

Life Ring Life Ring  Ring set with a small red jewel. Raises Maximum HP.
Divine Blessing Warm, blessed holy water. Fully restores HP and cures ailments.
Hidden Blessing Pure, blessed holy water. Fully restores FP.
Black Firebomb
Black Firebomb x5
Firebomb charged with a special block. An uncouth gift for the departed.
Fire Gem Fire Gem Material used to upgrade fire weapons. More appropriate for a warrior than pretty trinkets.
Sovereignless Soul The sovereignless soul of one who slept beside you. Use to acquire many souls.
Rusted Coin Gold Coin x7 Burial item for good fortune after death. Greatly increases item discovery for a short while.
Cracked Red Eye Orb Cracked Red Eye Orb x4 Online play item. One use only. Become a dark spirit and invade another world.
Young White Branch Young White Branch Branch of a young white birch, perhaps an offering of peace. Can be used to blend into environment, but only once.

Notes for Players choosing Gift

For PvE the best options are the Life Ring, the Fire Gem or the Sovereignless Soul.

Everything else is either easily obtainable fairly early on, plentiful later in the game, or nearly useless until it can be obtained mid or late game.

The Fire Gem seems tempting, and rightfuly so, it's definitely an excellent choice for people who would like to focus on survival or magic stats, as the fire gem offers good damage but no scaling. Surprising amount of early found weapons scale well into the late game, for example Knight's starting long sword. Even if you go the damage fist path for at least few hours you won't match damage offered by this infusion. Otherwise firegem infusion is obtainable in the early mid game.

Early on, it is much more helpful to have the little buffer of health (especially versus Iudex Gundyr) or an extra level or two once you reach Firelink Shrine than having an extra Young White Branch, Rusted Gold Coin, or even a Divine Blessing. 

The Young White Branch grants immediate friendship with the Giant Archer of the Undead Settlement, removing the need of talking the archer.

    • 06 Jan 2017 20:43  

      Fire gem is the best hands down, the damage it gives (infused) is a game changer for new players at least for Highwall and the better half of Undead Settlement.

      • Use Gold Coins To Get Symbol of Avarice Before Vordt16 Jul 2016 06:43  

        If you are lucky you can get the symbol of avarice very early on in the game, letting you get way more souls. Just get the two undead hunter charms in a vase early on. After that use the gold coins and undead hunter charms on the mimic chest the deep battle axe is in. It does work. If you can't get it there, wait until you get the paladins ashes and buy more undead hunter charms. It lets you level up way faster. If you jump on the firelink shrine roof using the tree, you can get the silver serpent ring early too, giving you even more. It makes the game super easy. Just kill the bosses, then hurry up and swap on the soul boost gear.

        • Young white branch30 Jun 2016 11:32  

          The giant at the top of the tower in the undead settlement won't shoot you when your go to pick up the items, and him shooting the enemies at all three places, at the cleansing chapel, The crab near the keep ruins, and the little area near the dilapidated bridge, it helps out a ton, especially if you don't remember going up to him in person to get the young white branch, and if you accidentally use it, then you can just get another one from him.

          • Fire gem and defensive level ups!21 Jun 2016 23:54  

            fire gem works wonders for new players, since no scaling, they can focus all points on more hp and survival while still dealing good damage because of fire. pump vit to like 25 or so for 1000 hp, thats double your health.

            • Sovereignless soul11 Jun 2016 01:44  

              I am a person that is deeply in love with the games lore but seriously, the sovereign less souls is just an item! Why don't you guys make a story for all the OTHER souls lying around in Lothric or should i say... LORDRAN

              • Recommended gifts11 Jun 2016 01:41  

                Souls newcomers: Black firebomb (makes tutorial boss easier), life ring (tiny bit of extra health so you don't get 1 shot) or cracked red eye orb (getting involved with PVP makes you better at Dark Souls)<br/>Souls veterans: Gold coin (if you wanna farm for armours and weapons), sovereign less souls (to level up your build quicker), fire gem (early lvl PVP) or cracked red eye orb (make newcomers bleed).

                • Soul28 Apr 2016 23:54  

                  Amusing looking back at all the people clamoring over the Soul gift, going on about how it was going to give extra story or lore down the road.<br/><br/>Good times, good times.

                  • There can be only One, and it's Fire Gem.25 Apr 2016 10:57  

                    This fire gem can be used without obtaining coal required to forge out of fire gems! There are several annoying enemies with guess what? fire weakness on first zone of the game. Makes tedious fights with them a piece of cake. It offers top damage on your weapon for the crucial first several hours of the game. <br/><br/>There's a gold coin for those who hunt special gear, but fire enchanted weapon right out of gate, is the best of all of them. <br/><br/>Obtaining gem and coal takes considerable time, it's third big game zone.

                    • Gold Coin Usefulness19 Apr 2016 23:16  

                      If you want to get the Lothric Knight set/weapons early, the gold coin helps in the process. Clear out the High Wall, minus the knights. Pop it and rush to kill all 6 before it wears off. Good chances of getting most of the set. Bring Lion Knight Albert along if you have trouble defeating them quickly alone.

                      • About the branch19 Apr 2016 07:06  

                        What's worth mentioning for the young white branch you receive as a burial gift is that it acts like the branch received from the giant archer, making you unaffected by his arrows. Doesn't make it super useful, but its something.

                        • Dont think it matters.....17 Apr 2016 06:33  

                          I doubt the Soul is used for the Story. If anything the Branch sounds more story than the others "Only Once, Or an Offering of Peace" I Think the soul is just a soul boost for people who wanna change skills a bit.

                          • the sovereign soul theory14 Apr 2016 01:54  

                            guys i think i am taking sovereign soul to unlock more plot. it says someone who slept beside you, meaning that it is unique and it might be sensed by some NPC later for plot! :D

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