Carthus Flame Arc is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast it, you must use a pyromancy flame.

Carthus Flame Arc

Spell Type


FP Cost 30
Slots Used 1
Faith Required  / Intelligence Required 10 / 10



Pyromancy of Carthus of the Sands. Reinforces right weapon with flame. 

Warriors of Carthus favored supplemental pyromancies such as this, which was used to enhance the curved blades of its swordsmen."


Acquired From



  • The attack rating applied scales with the power of your flame.
  • Adds 82 * (Spell Buff/100) fire damage to weapon.
  • Affected by respective Clutch and Lloyd rings.
  • Can't be used on weapons that do not allow weapon buffs, this includes non physical infusions.
  • Base duration: 90 seconds 
  • A good choice for melee characters looking for bonus damage with minimal INT/FTH investment, but still scales well as a melee damage source for dedicated pyromancers.  Though Crystal Magic WeaponLightning Blade, and Darkmoon Blade will scale better unless you increase both INT/FTH equally.
  • Adds roughly 188 fire damage with 40 INT/FTH and a +10 Pyromancy Flame, does not scale relative to weapon AR.


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    • 06 Dec 2016 07:43  

      I have a question. I am using a build with 40 Str, 40 Faith and 40 Int. My weapon is the millwood battle axe. Should I keep using this spell with a Heavy infusion, or should I go for dark/chaos infuse and pick another spell?
      I don't have the coal for dark/chaos infuse yet so I can't do test at the moment. Thanks in advance for your answers :)

      • 15 Nov 2016 03:09  

        can someone explain me in detail that- is carthus flame pyro buff better or lightning blade faith buff better on pure dex/pyro or dex/faith build.....respectively so should i go pyro or faith in NG+ im respecing

        • 11 Nov 2016 06:05  

          Equation states 82% efficiency, though underneath it states 188 fire damage (189 for me personally) on 40 int and 40 faith.

          Testing the Regular flame, and the Parting flame, which have 207 and 194 spell buff respectively. The regular flame added 189 damage, and the parting flame 173.
          This makes it more like 90 * (Spell Buff/100). It's give or take 1-2 points, between the flames, but interesting to know this buff is much more potent than the listed amount

          • 24 Oct 2016 15:46  

            Anyone know how much damage this adds at 10/10 with a +10 flame? I'm wondering if I should run this or just use pine resins. Most people also have poor dark defense so a dark damage resin should be better if the damage is equal.

            • Damage27 Sep 2016 23:35  

              I have a level 270 character with 40 dex, 30 int, 52 str and 50 fth and it actually adds more damage than the Moonlight Blade and Lightning Blade

              • Still effective regardless18 Jun 2016 06:36  

                Currently level 250 and in NG +++. Already met the criteria for 40 Int/Fth and the extra dmg it applies is still good regardless of the boss's resistances. unlike getting an imbued fire weapon, it should be pointed out that pine resins and carthus flame arc ADDS to, rather than change your current weapon stats. My Sacred Flame Knight has a balanced build of 40 points in everything except luck, and having an additional 180 dmg to my 668 dmg per swing(Dark Sword + 10) is really wonderful given the 90 second duration you have on Carthus Flame arc. Just buff your weapon b4 engaging a boss and you'll see just how useful this spell is.

                • the spell10 May 2016 12:11  

                  So i have the 15 intelligence and 12 faith and i still can't use the spell on any of my weapons. I even bought some lower level stuff to check if it was the weapon but it just doesn't work.<br/>

                  • bonus poise damage04 May 2016 15:50  

                    Okay, so I'm not entirely certain how ds3 calculates poise damage and/or determines whether or not your attacks will stagger enemies, but I've found something interesting.<br/><br/>On the Silver Knights in Anor Londo, my twin sellsword scimitars +6 two handed L1 attack combo would barely (if at all) stagger them. But once I applied Carthus Flame Arc to my twin scimatars, the L1 combo would stun lock these guys with ease.<br/><br/>For testing/results purposes: I had 18 str, 24-28 dex(milk ring equipped, normally 21-25), 20 int, and 15 faith. My pyromancy flame was either +5 or + 6 as well.

                    • Exact damage on various weapons?04 May 2016 01:44  

                      Wiki says, "Adds roughly 188 fire damage with 40 INT/FTH and a +10 Pyromancy Flame, does not scale relative to weapon AR."<br/><br/>Does this mean regardless of weapon type if I infuse daggers with this buff it will deal the dagger damage + 188 fire damage?<br/>Does this also mean if I buff Fume Great Sword that each hit only adds +188 fire damage?

                      • duration27 Apr 2016 10:01  

                        when coop/invasion, even as a host, it sometimes seems to drop to 20ish seconds. same thing with my other buffs (hidden body, magic weapon). Just my imagination?

                        • Carthus Flame Arc scaling26 Apr 2016 19:17  

                          Carthus Flame Arc seems to scale at .85 of your spell buff. So it matches Dark Blade, but it's not as effective as Lightning Blade or Crystal Magic Weapon.

                          • Spell AR not Scaling with Pyromancy Flame?26 Apr 2016 12:55  

                            The notes say it scales directly with the flame, and is not static like magic weapon. However, when I upgraded my Pyro Flame from +3 to +4, my AR with the spell remained st 346, and with great magic weapon it is at 345, which has remained so when I upgraded my Heretic's Staff from +2 to +3.

                            • scaling22 Apr 2016 16:51  

                              doesn't seem to scale directly with pyromancy flame, but benefits from spell buff(which increases a lot less than fire damage per reinfrcement). going from 0 to +3 gave me flat 3 points of damage, that's adequate only to spellbuff increase.

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