Cathedral Knight Set

Physical Resitance 31.2 Bleed Resistance 156
Strike Defense 31 Poison Resistance 147
Slash Defense 28.5 Frost Resistance 147
Thrust Defense 32.8 Curse Resistance 108
Magic Defense 30.1 Poise 43.3
Fire Defense 27.9  
Lightning Defense 29.6 icon-durabilitiy.png ??
Dark Defense 25.0 icon_weight.png 41.1

Cathedral Knight Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Massive iron armor worn by knights serving the Cathedral of the Deep.

Repulsive creatures of the deep are sure to attract the foolish, but the cathedral knights are prepared to meet such intruders head on with their more than ample might.

Location/Where to Find

Notes and Tips

  • Having high item find (high luck/gold serpant ring/crystal sage rapier, gold/rusted coins) is recommended for farming this set.
  • One of the better places to farm this set is by either starting at the Dancer Bonfire, heading up the ladder and going to your left. There with be a Cathedral Knight there. He will drop the set as well as the great shield and Great Mace. From there head through the Consumed King's garden and follow the right side of the area avoiding the abyss beasts that you run into. You will come across a door on the right with an elevator. Go up that elevator and unlock the shortcut, then double back and jump off the opposite side of the life before you reach the bottom. Kill the priest. There will be two more Cathedral Knights with greatswords. It is recommended to only aggro one at a time. You can also summon Hawkwood to help you by doubling back. His sign is in the center of a large circular area. He can provide an ample distraction for the player.

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Piece Information


Cathedral Knight Helm

Physical Resitance 4.9 Bleed Resistance 28
Strike Defense 4.9 Poison Resistance 26
Slash Defense 4.4 Frost Resistance 26
Thrust Defense 5.2 Curse Resistance 20
Magic Defense 4.7 Poise 6.6
Fire Defense 4.3  
Lightning Defense 4.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 470
Dark Defense 3.9 icon_weight.png 7.6
Armor Type Helms

Cathedral Knight Armor

Physical Resitance 14.8 Bleed Resistance 66
Strike Defense 14.8 Poison Resistance 62
Slash Defense 13.6 Frost Resistance 62
Thrust Defense 15.7 Curse Resistance 47
Magic Defense 14.4 Poise 20.4
Fire Defense 13.3  
Lightning Defense 14.1 icon-durabilitiy.png 470
Dark Defense 12.2 icon_weight.png 17.8
Armor Type Chest Armor

Cathedral Knight Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.8 Bleed Resistance 22
Strike Defense 3.7 Poison Resistance 21
Slash Defense 3.5 Frost Resistance 21
Thrust Defense 3.9 Curse Resistance 15
Magic Defense 3.6 Poise 4.7
Fire Defense 3.4  
Lightning Defense 3.6 icon-durabilitiy.png 450
Dark Defense 3.0 icon_weight.png 5.5
Armor Type Gauntlets

Cathedral Knight Leggings

Physical Resitance 7.7 Bleed Resistance 40
Strike Defense 7.6 Poison Resistance 38
Slash Defense 7.0 Frost Resistance 38
Thrust Defense 8.0 Curse Resistance 26
Magic Defense 7.4 Poise 11.6
Fire Defense 6.9  
Lightning Defense 7.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 450
Dark Defense 5.9 icon_weight.png 10.2
Armor Type Leggings




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    • 11 Apr 2017 13:44  

      This page is wrong on the stats for the helm and gloves at least, maybe the rest. I only have the helm and gloves right now.
      Helmet: Weight 7.2 Absorption Physical 6.0, Vs strike 6.1, vs slash 5.2, vs thrust 6.4, Magic 4.9, fire 4.4, lightning 4.7, dark 4.1. Resistances bleed 28, poison 26, frost 26, curse 20, poise 7.8

      Gloves: Weight 5.3 Absorption Physical 4.3, vs strike 4.4, vs slash 3.8, vs thrust 4.9, Magic 3.7, Fire 3.5, lightning 3.6, Dark 3.1. Resistances bleed 22, poison 21, frost 21, curse 15, poise 5.3

      Source: Ingame info screen.

      • 25 Mar 2017 13:12  

        Best to farm this set from the deacons of the deep bonfire location because there are two cathedral knights close by and are the weakest ones in game ( lowest amount of health for all cathedral knights present in game).

        • 14 Mar 2017 12:02  

          Wear this armor, and no heathen may scratch thy holy hide. Prithee, thou must not let even the toe of any unsavory heathen obscure thy holy realm. May the pope look favorably on thy righteous crusade. DEUS VULT.

          • 22 Feb 2017 12:20  

            Helmet is all i needed for my cleric knight. Went with cathedral helm. Alva chest. Nameless knight legs and lothric arms. Pretty heavy and maybe not the best option but hell. Looks sexy as ***** and we all know that the more badass you look,the better you play.

            • 05 Nov 2016 15:10  

              Imo, this armour set is not very beneficial. Its stats are in the middle between Lothric Knight set and Gundyr's set.
              It's better to wear Lothric Knight set for lighter weight or Gundyr's set for better protection. Unless, of course, you like to cosplay.

              • So, I managed to loot the entire set, with help of one rusted coin, and a Sage Rapier..20 Sep 2016 20:38  

                Certainly way faster to loot, than the Lothric set. But bloody hell.. The weight.

                • Best farming spot10 Jul 2016 12:13  

                  load in from the oceiros bonfire and head towards the entrance to the bossfight, go up the stairs then backstab the one on the stairs before he agroes and hit him while he's getting up. By far the easiest and lowest death chance farming spot.

                  • This set looks amazing and is my favourite, but...15 May 2016 05:42  

                    Does anyone know if the Consumed King's Knights drop this armour or do they have a set of their own? They are equipped in what looks very similar to this, but their cloth is deep blue and I think the metal is a bit darker too.

                    • Cathedral Knigh Armor14 May 2016 14:32  

                      I farmed this set from the bonfire of the main boss of Cathedral of the Deep from the two knights at the main alter without any luck increases. They seemed to drop it quite regularly, and most times they will not enter the room where the boss fight took place so you can kite them back their for easy sniping with a bow<br/>

                      • Defense rating05 May 2016 15:48  

                        When the cathedral knight armor and gauntlets are used in conjunction with the black iron helmet and leggings, it grants nearly as much defense as the full Havel set.

                        • Farming Strategy02 May 2016 06:43  

                          I'm seeing alot of people complaining about farming this set, but I found it fairly easy to get. i'll explain my setup to anybody else whos struggling; I had around 350 item discover(covetus gold serpent, symbol of averice, crystal sage rapier and rusted coin). From the bonfire "Oceiros, The Consumed King" run up the stairs to the swamp with 2 cathederal knights with greatsword. Lures them one by one down the stairs(careful they are very fast) and leg it into the boss room. They won't follow you past the door so keep a fair distance and pelt with ranged attacks, rinse and repear. Hope this helps!

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