Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location

Tender: 2791

Wolf: 4193

60,000 Painted World of Ariandel
Drops Valorheart, Champion's Bones
Weak Resistant Immune




BleedBleed, FireFire


FrostFrost,  PoisonPoison




Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf Information

Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf is a Boss enemy in Dark Souls 3. It is part of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC.





  • Souls: NG (60,000), NG+ (120,000), NG++ (132,000), NG+3 (135,000), NG+4 (144,000), NG+5 (147,000), NG+6 (150,000), NG+7 (153,000)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (30,000)
  • Other: Valorheart
  • Champion's Bones: Key item to access the Undead Match at Hollow Arena


Combat Information

  • Gravetender Health: NG (2791), NG+ (2794), NG++ (3074), NG+3 (3213), NG+4 (3353), NG+5 (3632), NG+6 (3772), NG+7 (3912)
  • Greatwolf Health: NG (4193), NG+ (4197), NG++ (4617), NG+3 (4827), NG+4 (5037), NG+5 (5457), NG+6 (5666), NG+7 (5876)
  • Gravetender attacks are Parriable.
  • Try to eliminate gravetender before greatwolf arrives - fight will be much simpler.
  • Weak to bleed - 3/4 hits deals extra burst damage. 
  • Greatwolf takes huge amount of critical damage, if you can stagger and visceral attack him.
  • Champions shield can be guard broken, allowing you to perform a visceral attack on him.
  • No NPC summon available for this fight.
  • Summoned player phantoms cannot enter the boss area until the boss fight is triggered.
  • Both Gravetender and Greatwolf are highly resistant to frost - you need to hit them at least 7-8 times (Vordt's Great Hammer +2) to deal burst damage.
  • If the Greatwolf howls while the Gravetender is still alive, the Gravetender will get buffed, indicated by the Warcry's red aura.




Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

This boss is an NPC sized character that wields Valorheart. In the first phase, he will be accompanied by a pack of small wolves. He can taken on fairly straight up, once the pesky wolves have been dispatched, his health bar gets depleted rather quickly. Be mindful of his weapon's guardbreaking and combo moveset, and try not to over rely on you shield. Dodge effectively, reading his patterns and attack when he presents an opening.

When he reaches a lower health bar (about 1/2), his partner, Gravetender Greatwolf will arrive, who is a much larger wolf with a deadly moveset. The wolf is fast and has a powerful forward rush that will launch you into the air with devastating damage, and using the central pillar is helpful in staying clear of its attacks. It can also breath frost that will affect you even if you are using the central pillar for cover. The key to handle the wolf is to stay to its side, avoiding its slash attacks, and recognizing when it is charging up it's dash attack, giving you time to effectively dodge to the side of it. Try to take out the Champions Gravetender first and it will make the fight with his partner much easier.



Strategy 2 (Melee, Bleed build, Solo)

Equipment: Carthus Rouge, Carthus Curved Sword +10 (or any non-large weapon that causes bleed damage) wielded in two hands, Medium armor set.

After entering area with that fight use Carthus Rouge at sword and approach high building. When Gravetender rises, go back a little, as he will walk slowly, what can be used to eliminate 3 nearby wolfs (with them fight is much harder). When Gravetender will be left alone, re-use Carthus Rouge and attack him in moment, in which he can be harmed with ease, f.e. after his rush attack. When his health is lowered to about 1/3, he uses (not always thought) "By my sword" gesture, and Greatwolf will appear on the battlefield (on the middle of the arena). Do not hesitate to eliminate wounded Gravetender and re-use Carthus Rouge. After doing so - lock on Greawolf (let you avoid his rush attacks more easily) and stick to him. During activating second phase (red eye and "roar") you can still attack him - bleed damage will kill him easily.

Strategy 3 (Pyromancy, Solo)

Spell: Chaos Bed Vestige with Pyromancy Hand +10. In addition Chaos Battle Axe.

Rings: Boosting Fire Damage + Dusk Crown Ring

Set: Fire Keeper

Slowly approach place with Gravetender and 3 wolfs and back up a little, then cast CBV few times to eliminate them (they are vulnerable to fire, so even non-direct hit will cause massive damage). Gravetender alone is an easy target, but his rush can deal a lot of damage (spells can't broke this attack) and he can avoid them. If Greatwolf approach, do not look on him and eliminate wounded Gravetender. Greatwolf is vulnerable to fire - CBV can easily deal even 600-700 damage per hit, but be careful to his attacks, as most of them can be fatal. However, HP base (especially if you won 2 encounteres with him and regular wolfs) is low, so few CBV will kill him without any problem.


 Champion's Gravetender

First phase
Valorheart Special Attack - Sword Gravetender uses Valorheart weapon art - swift sword attack. Can be avoided with ease.
Rush Attack If player is at medium distance from Gravetender starts to run, what could end with swift and dealing medium damage attack. Can be avoided or blocked, but not broken.
Block Gravetender uses his shield to block player attack. Especially With Hornet Ring and Knight Slayer's ring it is a perfect ocasion to break up block and perform visceral attack.
Valorheart Special Attack - Shield If Gravetender is blocking, he can perform a roar attack with his shield. Doesn't deal much damage, but breaks player attack or block.
Visceral Attack If player is stunned, gravetender approaches and perform visceral attack. Depending o distance can be avoided or not.
Magic attack If Greatwolf appears, gravetender sometimes switch to staff and cast Homing Arrow.

  Champion's Greatwolf

  First phase
Rush  Greatwold rushes 1/2/3 times, dealing high psychical damage. Attack is telegraphed by white snow appearing around Greatwolf, thought it can be avoided (especially near Champion Grave). If player uses Greatshield can be blocked (needs testing, is it worth to).
Ground Head Rush Attack  Greatwolf lower his head, then swiftly rush towards player causing massive psychical damage. Attack is telegraphed, so therefore can be avoided.
 Head sweep  Greatwolf sweep his head 2/3 times, causing physical damage.
Swift rush + Frozen breath Greatwolf rushes throught the arena 2 times, then stop and breath in player's direction causes massive frost damage. Can be avoided, and if player is in lucky spot, gives an opportunity to strike wolf few times. Note:  Active, if Greatwolf is in "fury" mode - indicated by red eyes.



Lore Theories

It should be noted that the Champion's Gravetender was likely the Champion's page referenced in the description of Valorheart. He and the Gravetender Greatwolf are both referenced to have been extremely loyal to the Champion, so we can assume they are watching over the Champion's grave.


Notes & Trivia

  • Wolf, which appears during fight can be encountered twice - at entrance to place with tower with Milkwood Knights and near this tower. If you kill Greatwolf without winning those encounters, you lost chance to obtain loot (Large Titanite Shard x4).
  • In addition, if player win those fights, Greatwolf HP during boss battle will be lower than usual (effect doesn't reset, if you fail to beat Gravetender & Greatwolf on first attempt).
  • Gravetender, in order to call Greatwolf, uses gesture "By my sword".
  • Rarely, if you kill Gravetender before Greatwolf appear, you will be left alone and forced to restart battle. 




    • 14 Mar 2017 08:30  

      Anyone Curious, If you kill the Greatwolf before the Gravetender, then Graveteder will get a Rage buff similar to the Wolf or most Axes in this game and does more damage but other than that, nothing else really.

      • 09 Feb 2017 19:40  

        NG+ on PS4 and I just beat this boss on my first try.

        No one told me I was going into Feels Valley with this boss.
        Sif, I love you. Artorias, you're a hero.

        • 19 Jan 2017 04:14  

          Has anyone tried Storyteller's Staff poison on this boss? It's hillarious. Easily went from 100%-0% by poison alone, was just a matter of dodge, dodge, dodge, boss dead.

          • 17 Jan 2017 18:25  

            Anyone on xbone wanna throw down a dam co-op sign this guys is fing passing me off ng+ skipped on first play through because he p0wned me then too, gamertag is xXN0FaC3Xx

            • 08 Jan 2017 11:47  

              The page does mention it, but a lot of sites discussing this fight don't seem to know: beating the Greatwolf in BOTH other locations you can fight it (very early in the DLC down by the first packs of wolves, then up a path to the left as you come into the little Millwood Knight tower area), you can see the lowered HP in the bossfight. Also, these encounters don't require you to properly kill it - i.e., it will 'die' before all its HP are gone. Can't remember how much I'm afraid. HOWEVER. For me, during the boss fight (not first try I'm ashamed to admit) on NG+, the wolf's AI glitched. I killed the Gravetender just as the wolf was approaching, then started running up towards the wolf, which was kind of side-on in front of me, facing to my left. It kind of got locked into walking around in circles as I stayed running round behind it in the same circle, hitting it when I got close. I was holding 'run' most of the time, and kept wondering when it'd break out of the glitch and tear me up. Its second phase didn't even trigger :(

              • 07 Jan 2017 17:43  

                here is how I defeated the boss solo with little effort and with in a 5-12 min time frame NOTE : this will work well even at low levels as long as you have these items.
                what you NEED:
                toxic mist
                poison mist
                and the dark hand in the left hand

                What you NEED TO DO in order:
                1)draw out the small wolfs and kill them (the must be killed first it makes the next part easier)
                2)poison and toxic the tender (note: best way to do this is to make him follow you into the toxic and poison mist.)
                3) wait for the tender to bring up his NON-WEAPON ART shield animation then uses the dark hands left hand weapon art on the tender. (You are golden if you hit him twice with it, then you can just let the poison and toxic take him out while you dodge the great wolf.) NOTE: if you charge the L2/LB he can roll away from your attack.
                4) as soon as the wolf arrives lock on and run to the only stone structure in the room and use the pillars as shields.
                (Note: his second phase ice breath can be blocked by the pillars)
                5) poison and toxic the great wolf
                6) stay in the area with the pillars and run away from him the wolf will die from the poison and toxic
                7) profit

                • 05 Dec 2016 16:37  

                  storyteller Staff cheese both of them too easy, keeper too easy to 1v1 just keep wolf away by circling around while poison work is magic and wolf should never attack or enter phase 2

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