Champion Gundyr

hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
4956 60,000 Untended Graves
Drops  Soul of Champion Gundyr
Weak Resistant Immune
Lightning Lightning PoisonPoison & Toxic
Bleed Bleed

Champion Gundyr Information

Champion Gundyr is a boss enemy in Dark Souls 3.

A different version of Iudex Gundyr. He utilizes the same moveset as Iudex Gundyr as well as new attacks. He is much more aggressive than he was in the Cemetery of Ash.

  • You can summon Sword Master to help you fight this enemy. (Must have defeated Sword Master NPC outisde of Firelink Shrine). Summon sign can be found just in front of his boss fog.
  • This boss is an optional boss fight for the "link the fire" ending. He is required for the "end of fire"ending.






Combat Information

  • Health: NG (4956), NG+ (6265), NG++ (6891), NG+3 (7204), NG+4 (7518), NG+5 (8144), NG+6 (8457), NG+7 (8771)
  • Weak to Lightning/Frost
  • Will stop any combo and go for the charge attack if the player heals
  • Strong against Poison/Toxic/Bleed
  • CAN be parried



Video Strategies

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How to parry (with small shield)

  • Jump and slice move. Keep your eye on his legs. When he is at the top of his jump or just about to start deciding hit the parry button.
  • Two pokes and a smash. Avoid or tank the pokes and when he smashes hit the parry button as soon as the weapon starts to come down from above his head.
  • Slowly starting swipes. Two versions. One starts little lower and other little higher. He moves his halberd to his left side (your right) and the tip of the blade is in his right side (your left). Keep your eyes on the blade part and as soon as the swipe starts hit the parry button. It is easy to parry too soon.
  • Phase two charge+swipe. Usually the first move he does after he buffs. Stay so far that you avoid the tip of his weapon when he charges straight at you, and when he starts to twist his body for the swipe hit the parry button.


Strategy 1 (Melee)

One of the most efficient ways of dealing with him is by parrying. His moveset is similar to Gwyn's, in a sense, as it seems he has an endless flurry of rapid attacks, leaving barely any time to attack. The easiest attack to parry is his forward jab-like attack, which can be baited out by standing about the length of his weapon away from him. He is stunned for a long time after a parry, you can usually hit him once, then riposte, then hit him again before rolling away. Another useful strategy for the first phase is to keep a lot of distance between him and bait his long jump attack, which is easy to roll attack into.When he buffs, any other attack besides his jab becomes extremely difficult to parry. Attacking only once per opening and dodging precisely should work well for the remainder of the fight.


Strategy 2 (Rapier)

This strategy is good for most melee builds, though strength builds may have more trouble pulling this off as it's easier with high Dexterity.  You will need a rapier enchanted with frost (Irythill Rapier is good for this) to lower his stamina,  and a 100% shield is highly recommended.  The rapier has rather fast attacks and wearing him down with frost will lower his ability to counterattack.  When he is in the first phase, roll into him and attack his back, watching his feet as he finishes his attacks.  If he lifts any of his legs, there's a good chance he will kick (which has extremely unforgiving tracking), so roll again or tank with shield.  You could sneak in two hits if he has one of the longer windup attacks (such as his large smash or his two-slash).  If you're lucky, he'll fall to his knees in the first phase and you'll be able to attack freely.  Once he enters his second phase, you have to roll in a more calculated fashion; he's going to string more attacks as you dodge, but there should be good windows to sneak in one hit.  

Note:  be careful of the shoulder smash; This attack is easily the worst thing to be hit by, has very little warning (Gundyr bends his arm and braces his shoulders just a bit), and can lead to a combination of knockups and stuns.  In the second phase, it's strongly recommended not to try for two attacks, because he can shoulder smash or punch MUCH faster than before.  When needing to heal, back away and wait out his stamina, for he doesn't have very strict movesets in this phase.  Continue stringing attacks as consecutively as possible, in order to stack up the frost, and he should fall to his knees again, allowing for free attacks.  Played patiently, this strategy should net a fast, low estus run.


Strategy 3 (Magic)

Lightning/Sunlight spears can do considerable damage to Gundyr, however due to his aggressive nature it can be very difficult to get a cast in without taking damage, especially after he buffs himself in the second phase and becomes much more aggressive. However, using a talisman with unfaltering prayer can be a big help if you can tank some damage to get a cast off.
Trying to get distance to be able to cast is generally pointless, as Gundyr will not only easily close the distance with a single leap or charge, but may also avoid your projectiles while doing so. It is therefore recommended to stay in close or medium range and work only with fast spells such as Great Soul Arrow or even Great Farron Dart.


Strategy 4 (Pyromancy)

First phase treat the boss as you would any other melee boss staying away and lobbing spells whenever he does a heavy recovery move such as his overhead or his side swipe. What makes this boss difficult in his 2nd phase is the inherent mage mentality to stay away from the boss which results in you trying to endure his onslaught of attacks (which most mages cant) or the desire to roll back to avoid his attacks, instead focus on staying somewhat close and rolling behind him forcing him to turn around and interrupt his attack string. By doing this you will constantly slow his momentum and often result in him doing single string attacks or his turn around stomp which is easily telegraphed. Use chaos bed vestiges as his large hitbox is an easy target and it does large amounts of damage at 30/30 faith/int.


Strategy 5 (Sword Master Exploit)

There's a glitch for this fight (May 6th, app1.04 reg1.05) that you can do like Dancer very easily.

Summon the Sword Master (You need to kill him at Firelink before). As soon as the NPC dies, save & quit via the Start Menu. Reload your game and summon the NPC again and go in the boss room.

Sword Master will now take very minor damage and will dodge due to a hitbox bug. Just let him take the aggro and wait for the boss being bled to death. See Dancer for original Glitch.



First Phase (Champion behaves as Iudex Gundyr)
Attack Name Attack Description
Slash into Large Slam Winds up spin, holds halberd behind, then smashes, lifting quickly, throwing rocks and knocking up
Stab into Smash Stabs, winds up smash, smashes ground
Smash into Slash Smashes ground, winds up slash, slashes
Double Slash Spin attack, twice
Double Stab into Smash Stab attack, twice; holds 
Double Slam Slow smash attack, twice
Gundyr Grab Opens his palm, grabbing anyone in reach.  Follows into being stabbed through his halberd and thrown a large distance.
Jumping Smash Hops a short distance, stabbing the ground
Sidekick Executes kick in direcion of player (Must be to his side or behind)
Second Phase (Champion's eyes glow red)
Attack Name Attack Description
Charge (x3) into slash Charges, dealing three ticks, into fast slash
Double Slash into Slam Two fast slashes, into a charging smash
Sprint Slam Sprints, jumps and smashes the ground
Stab, Punch, Slice Stab Stabs, punches with left hand into a fast upwards slice, wind-up stab
Punch, Lifting upwards slice, Shoulder Smash Punches with left, upwards slice (which can knock-up), into fast shoulder smash

Note:  Typically, the attacks in his first phase are pairs, whereas the combos in the second are trios. 

Lore Theories

  • Iudex Gundyr, who was corrupted by the Abyss, spends an eternity testing new unkindled heroes if they are worthy of fulfilling the phrophecy of rekindling the First Flame. He was once an unkindled himself, but had risen too late to fulfill his duty. The Flame had already been extinguished and the bells failed to ring, starting a new Dark Age. As the Ashen One travels through the illusory door, they go straight to that very same Dark Age to face Champion Gundyr at his prime. This is where they defeat him as an unknown warrior which seals his fate. A prisoner with an unbreakable halberd hoping that one day an unkindled will rise and relink the flame once more.
  • The reason Iudex Gundyr does not drop his Soul might be the result of the Untended Grave being the past, thus when you kill Iudex Gundyr you already obtained his soul in the Champion Gundyr fight. From a gameplay perspective this is probably to not allow players to obtain both items transposable from his soul in a single playthrough.
  • Item transcripts that relate to this boss
    • Soul of the Champion Gundyr:
      • Once, a Champion came late to the festivities and was greeted by a shrine without a fire, and a bell that would not toll.
  • Lore notes on this boss
  • Dialogue


Notes & Trivia

  • If you die to this boss you can acquire your lost souls in the area where you fought Iudex Gundyr. It is unknown whether this is a bug or not.
  • His set bears extreme resemlence to Old King Dorian from Demon's Souls, a probable call back.  (His helm also states this it was modeled after a former king.)
  • After killing this version of Gundyr you can buy his armor from the Shrine Maiden at the Firelink Shrine (The 'real' one.)



    • 01 Jan 2017 15:20

      Strategy 6: Lightning

      Parry the boss with Small Leather Shield, get in close and fire off a lightning bolt into his face. Does almost twice as much damage as ranged lightning. Sage Ring strongly recommended. Use the best lightning you can, Great Lightning Spear if you have the covenant items or Sunlight Spear if on NG+.

      • 30 Dec 2016 16:29

        I tested the glitch involving the sword master on patch 1.09 and could not get it to work, I tried exiting through the menu during the "Sword Master has died" message and afterwards.

        • 22 Dec 2016 00:57

          Alternate pyro: Parry him with Small Leather Shield, lob two Great Chaos Fireballs at him. This is possible with the Sage Ring. He'll be in the lava pool for at least the first fireball, so this does the most damage. Gets him to 2nd stage in about 3 parries.

          Switch to conventional pyro strat for second phase, as there are fewer parry-able moves.

          • 08 Nov 2016 20:17

            I can feel the Namco running through this boss, with all those Tekken combos coming at you. Felt like I was getting back-kicked by Marduk and shoulder charged by Wang.

            • 04 Nov 2016 15:52

              you guys have really need to start making these information logs look more professional by not adding immature words like "aggro" or "hit the parry button".

              • 31 Oct 2016 10:46

                First time DS player. I was able to beat the champ first time. stayed away then rolled forward when he lunged the attack. Ended up behind him about every time, got in 1 or 2 hits, rinse repeat.

                • 28 Oct 2016 13:06

                  If you are staggered by his warcry that signals phase two and try to roll afterwards, your character will always roll straight backwards no matter where you try to aim it, making you automatically get hit. Frustrating!

                  • Fun Fight08 Oct 2016 11:39

                    Fun fight, near the start of the fight he launched after Swordmaster, clipped into his own grave and died by falling out of bounds XD. Got the soul and was able to progress at least.

                    • Oh you think your bad30 Sep 2016 11:55

                      Watch this youtuber DSP gaming play dark souls 3 he gets his anus enlarged by 55 times fighting him. What I mean is he died to Gundyr 55 times.

                      • Lazybones22 Sep 2016 14:47

                        So his lore is essentially that he's a really strong dude who had waaaaaay too good a dirt nap in his coffin and woke up SO LATE, that his world/timeline had already had his Firekeeper die from old age and the First Flame dying/fading/whatever?<br/><br/>I mean, that's QUITE a long nap.

                        • How to cheese this boss17 Sep 2016 12:20

                          I used the stories tellers staff's skill to poison him then I just kept rolling around him. You only need to hit him once as this alone won't kill him.

                          • ***** THIS *****ING BOSS *****S13 Sep 2016 06:05


                            • My Favorite Boss05 Sep 2016 10:13

                              This boss ranks as my top boss in the Soulsborne series. He was fun to fight, as well as his Iudex version as well. His moveset as a boss and his weapon moveset is also something I enjoy about this boss. This is only my opinion, though.

                              • quite easy if you get the parry timing right13 Aug 2016 05:33

                                If you know how to parry this guy and have a high AR weapon or a dagger it suddenly gets quite easy but still not the easiest thing in the world and relies on RNG a bit because some attacks are really harder to parry then others <br/>But getting the timing right is a challenge on its own I get the timing perfect almost every time but only because it's my 5th playthrough and it took ages practicing

                                • Charge06 Aug 2016 05:59

                                  BEWARE of the charge attack in the 2nd phase, it'll take you forever to get-up if hit from this attack (experiment yourself if you don't believe me), and he'll usually attack you while you get-up (there's no time to dodge roll during this) and kill you.

                                  • Hmm17 Jul 2016 05:47

                                    Ludex was much harder than this one. Champion Gundyr is like one of those bosses which asks for parries (similar to many previous bosses in the game like Bloodstarved Beast from BB etc.).

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