Crystal Lizard

Enemy Type Beast
Weakness None
Resistances Magic
Immune Poison, Toxic, Bleed, Frost

Crystal Lizards are an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Crystal Lizard

This curious beast will be seen scurrying across Lothric, its testudineous nature evident in the carapace ornate with a precious gem of sorts. In fact, upon death it will be possible to extract this ore, used as part of a rare weapon refinement and upgrade process. As a result, these lizards are avidly chased despite often appearing in hard-to-reach places.

They will disappear if not killed quickly. Once killed, the items will be directly deposited into a player's inventory, which means the ore won't be lost on accidental death (like falls). Lastly, if one does get away, a reload will respawn it.

Combat Information

  • These lizards must be killed quickly or they will disappear.
  • It is not difficult to kill them, and as long as they are attacked they will not disappear.
  • They are resistant to magic, poison and toxic and it is preferred to just attack them with a melee weapon.

Notes & Trivia

  • Once killed they do not respawn.
  • Materials are dropped automatically into the player's inventory.

Variations & Locations





    • 14 Jan 2017 13:39  

      So I'm not sure what's going on, but I actually got the loot from a few lizards without even touching them in the first place ; mostly in the DLC. They had an escape plan that involved falling to their death somehow. And for some reasons, the game acts as if YOU killed them and you get the reward. Quite sure you would get nothing this way in DS2 ( not sure about DS3, didn't see any try jumping off a cliff to evade you )...

      • Lothric Castle Crystal Lizards (Bug?)27 Sep 2016 19:47  

        So at Lothric Castle past the Dragon Barracks there are actually 2 crystal lizards that appear. One on the set of stairs leading to the thief ambush area and the other appears on the ledge below the golden dragon that can be reached by going out the door opposite the entry way that is blocked by the golden dragon's foot in the darkened room. You can actually see both simultaneously by standing on the ledge before you drop down to get the life ring +2 in NG+.<br/><br/>Now the odd part about these 2 lizards is they seem to share both the same loot and life. So if you kill one, the other will not respawn no matter how you reset the area. What's strange is all the guides I've looked at only account for 1 lizard in the area, which is true in a sense, except you can clearly see both lizards in the respective spots at the same time. Now the only thing I have yet to try is killing them both by bow from the spot where each are readily visible. If anyone knows what's going on with these two feel free to fill me in or update the page with the correct info.

        • How did everyone miss this?!24 Apr 2016 00:55  

          If you go behind Firelink shrine (using the jump glitch to get the estas shard and silver serpent ring early) there is a small crystal lizard that drops a twinkling titanite!

          • The ones out side Pontiff bonfire don't respawn?22 Apr 2016 08:18  

            I went and summoned a sun bro, but noticed them both too late. They skittered off and dissapeared. But when I go back to my bonfire, they dont respawn.

            • disapearing lizard17 Apr 2016 13:32  

              only got 1 hit on a lizard then it disapeared tried to reset with bonefire but it wont come back. are they gone from the game if they escape damaged?

              • Weak to strike?17 Apr 2016 07:00  

                I started with depraved and the soul burial gift so I didn't have much to fight with. After leading it around the starting area for awhile I got to the cliff and tried to bait a roll. He never came far enough out of the cavern to get to the cliff, however, so I managed to kite around at the edge of his aggro range to bait out the belly flops. When he lands you can heavy attack the face and roll away again. He took way more damage from the club than I expected. Was lucky enough to get a sacred chime from the hollows first, so between using that and the starting estus flasks I kept my health topped up and had little worry. Killed it and thought I was doing pretty darn good until the ludex.

                • About the normal lizards. . .16 Apr 2016 06:12  

                  Was it just me, or were the normal lizards extremely easy to kill? I don't think I ever missed a single one I went after, and they never seemed to lead into any traps or ambushes. I'm happy to get the loot, and it was nice that they weren't lemmings like they were is Dark Souls 2, but I missed the challenge is all.

                  • Personal Recommendation for the one in the starting area.15 Apr 2016 20:24  

                    Honestly I wouldn't go for this guy if you've just started a new character, at least if you're fairly new to Dark Souls games, as he can easily take you by surprise and kill you in 2 hits. I personally waited a little bit, cleared out the first few areas of the High Wall of Lothric, and got my character leveled up a little bit before I went back to take him on. Or if you feel like you can do it, you can try and go for the guy when you start off and take the advice of either the person who talked about 2 handing your weapon and dodging, or the person who explained how you can lure the lizard to commit suicide. It's pretty rewarding really early on, but I'd make sure you defeated Iudex first, just in case you happen to die to him twice and you accidentally lose the souls you get from the lizard.

                    • pretty easy once you learn its attacks15 Apr 2016 00:21  

                      2 hand your weapon, dodge its telegraphed attacks and get 1or 2 hits in, dont get greedy.<br/>watch out for its tricky little move where it does a little twist like a snake, pauses, then swipes without warning. watch for it to twist then dodge right after the pause.

                      • Easy Mode Starting Lizard14 Apr 2016 22:08  

                        You can simply lure the starting area lizard to the first bonfire, where if you get him on the small path leading to it, and just roll past during his attack he will usually fall off, and you still get the reward.

                        • fight with Crystal Lizard13 Apr 2016 06:02  

                <br/>fight time 12:10 with Crystal Lizard.<br/>Rolled like a demon aroun him xD (he has safe zone at left back side, except his crystal aoe when he hit ground with chest, should to avoid this.)<br/>Besides, he could kill me barely with two punches. But i did it, awesome feelings.

                          • Tiny Lizards12 Apr 2016 20:01  

                            I've recently missed one of the tiny ones, and apparently its not respawning. Someone knows if it'll eventually respawn somehow or is it just gone?

                            • Magic resistance?12 Apr 2016 05:30  

                              The one at the beginning took only like 17 dmg from my magic arrows. They mabey have some magic resistance? Would be great if someone could confirm it.

                              • Tail11 Apr 2016 23:09  

                                Did anyone else try like hell to get the tail? It was just so tempting. I'm surprised it didn't eventually pop off. I don't know. Maybe you cant get the tail.

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