Curse is a status effect in Dark Souls 3.

Curse Information

  • Effect: Instant death once the status bar fills up.
    • No lasting penalty beyond one death, compared to the original dark souls.
  • Mitigation: Cursebite Ring, Fleshbite Ring, Mossfruit, Deep ProtectionProfuse Sweat, Equipment with high Curse resistance 
  • Luck investment, contrary to popular belief (and the ingame tooltip), does NOT give extra curse resistance apart from normal curse resisntance gained from leveling any attribute.
  • Cured: None

Curse Sources


  • The Ring of Sacrifice has no effect if the player dies from exposure to Curse. The ring won't even break when equipped, but a bloodstain will be at the location of death like with any other normal death.
  • Despite what its description may seem to suggest, Purging Stones do not remove the curse status buildup. They only remove Hollowing buildup.

    • Anonymous

      19 Jul 2017 02:59  

      just few seconds ago, i was in round plaza making pvp, i matched with a very noob guy couldnt even hit me once and then suddenly some bright white light popped out of his talisman and i died with instant curse. I came here to see if there is such stupid new dlc spell for this but as i know, no!
      Dark Souls 3 has really huge hack problem and this is getting worse everyday

      • 13 May 2017 10:29  

        Luck does increase Curse Resistance independent of the general Resistance growth. Between 31 and 40 Luck, you gain an additional 3 points of Curse Resistance per point. 42, 43, 46, 47, 49, 52, 53, 56, and 57 Luck each give one point of Curse Resistance. From 60 to 96 Luck, you get 1 additional point of Curse Resistance per 4 points of Luck (at 60, 64, 68, 72, e.t.c.) and an additional 1 Curse Resistance at 99 Luck, for a total bonus of 50 Curse Resistance from maxing Luck. This is not counting the additional 1 point every 5 points of Luck gives to all Resistances or the 1 point you get for each Soul Level 61+.

        Also posted to the Luck page.

        • Anonymous

          03 Apr 2017 09:38  

          The Angels and the Lothric Thief with the staff (one drops behind you just after the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire) both can induce Curse.

          • Anonymous

            27 Feb 2017 12:03  

            i disagree with the "luck does not increase curse resistance". i respeced and noticed that i could get more curse resistance by investing it all in luck.

            • Anonymous

              30 Nov 2016 15:40  

              If anyone wonder why they got cursed while invading in Gank City (Anor Londo/Pontiff's), it's because people use cheat engine.
              There are alot of cheaters active right now, one of the most active cheaters is "Tyrone Biggums" which use insta-curse and usually turns on godmode when he gets low HP.

              • Luck doesn't boost curse resistance06 Jul 2016 05:07  

                I've edited the page to display this, I was going to link a source but it gets automatically removed :/ anyway here is the source:

                • Anonymous

                  Interaction with Ring of Sacrifice29 Apr 2016 03:58  

                  I got cursed by the huge swarm of basilisks with a Ring of Sacrifice on, I'm pretty positive, and it just dropped my souls and kept the ring intact. Am I inventing the memory of having the ring on, or is this actually A Thing?

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