Curse is a status effect in Dark Souls 3.

Curse Information

  • Effect: Instant death once the status bar fills up.
    • No lasting penalty beyond one death, compared to the original dark souls.
  • Mitigation: Cursebite Ring, Fleshbite Ring, Mossfruit, Deep ProtectionProfuse Sweat, Equipment with high Curse resistance 
  • Luck investment, contrary to popular belief (and the ingame tooltip), does NOT give extra curse resistance apart from normal curse resisntance gained from leveling any attribute.
  • Cured: None

Curse Sources


  • The Ring of Sacrifice has no effect if the player dies from exposure to Curse. The ring won't even break when equipped, but a bloodstain will be at the location of death like with any other normal death.
  • Despite what its description may seem to suggest, Purging Stones do not remove the curse status buildup. They only remove Hollowing buildup.

    • 30 Nov 2016 09:40  

      If anyone wonder why they got cursed while invading in Gank City (Anor Londo/Pontiff's), it's because people use cheat engine.
      There are alot of cheaters active right now, one of the most active cheaters is "Tyrone Biggums" which use insta-curse and usually turns on godmode when he gets low HP.

      • Luck doesn't boost curse resistance05 Jul 2016 23:07  

        I've edited the page to display this, I was going to link a source but it gets automatically removed :/ anyway here is the source:

        • Interaction with Ring of Sacrifice28 Apr 2016 21:58  

          I got cursed by the huge swarm of basilisks with a Ring of Sacrifice on, I'm pretty positive, and it just dropped my souls and kept the ring intact. Am I inventing the memory of having the ring on, or is this actually A Thing?

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