Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Dancer of the Boreal Valley DKS3
General Info
  souls.jpg Location
5111 60,000 High Wall of Lothric
Drops Soul of the Dancer
Weak Resistant Immune



PoisonPoison & Toxic


Dancer of the Boreal Valley Information

Dancer of the Boreal Valley is a Boss in Dark Souls 3.





  • Souls: NG (60,000), NG+ (180,000), NG++ (200,000), NG+3 (202,500), NG+4 (216,000), NG+6 (220500), NG+9 (271,350)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (15,000). NG+ (49,500)
  • Other: Dancer's Soul


Combat Information

  • Health: NG (5111), NG+ (6625), NG++ (7287), NG+3 (7618), NG+4 (7950), NG+5 (8612), NG+6 (8943), NG+7 (9275)
  • Weak to Dark and Lightning Damage.
  • Dancer can be bled, making bleed weapons combined with spells such as the Miracle Gnaw or Dorhy's Gnawing extremely useful for certain builds. Carthus Rouge helps too.
  • Can be staggered and riposted.
  • In her first phase, she holds a sword in her left hand.
  • The most dangerous part of the first phase is her grab attack. She announces the attack with a snake-like bow and then slowly sweeps her right arm over the floor to grab you and smash you on the floor. Either get some distance immediately when you see her bow or roll-dodge through the sweep (she uses her right hand, so roll to the left or you will get caught in the sweep).
  • She enters her second phase at half health. In it, she dual wields blades, and loses the grab.
  • If you dodge one hit of a combo, the remainder of the combo is unlikely to strike you.
  • She takes no damage from the Pontiff Knight Curved Sword or its weapon art



Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Due to the large size of her flame sword it is not recommended to dodge backwards when she does combos. Wield your weapon two-handed and watch her sword. You can roll towards her when she does a wide range sword slash. Her long arms make it relatively easy to roll under and past her and get a few hits on her backside. Attacking her beside her right leg is generally safer than beside her left one, since she wields her sword in her left hand. Do not be greedy with your attacks; you are unlikely to get more than two in before she counterattacks.  Move away once the second part begins.

In the second phase things become more complicated. Do not attempt to block the entirety of her spin attack as she will certainly stagger you; abuse pillars and try to dodge some of it. You must play more reactively in this phase, as safely approaching her during combos has become more difficult and remaining close to her is out of the question. Wait for her to perform an attack with a long ending animation, then hit her and move away again (being very wary of the delayed action on some of her magic effects). You have time to strike her once during the jump & spin combo, between the landing AoE and the circular slash (dodge backwards at least once after the attack). Continue patiently getting hits in and avoid endangering yourself and you will win before long. You may also use projectile consumables to damage her more safely, although in phase 2 if you distance yourself from her she will jump and reposition herself, which will also involve an attack.

Strategy 2 (Pillar peak)

This strategy can be done with either sorcery or melee. When you go into the room, immediately go to one of the four pillars. Make sure to roll/smash around to break up the surrounding furniture to allow for free movement. Now you'll just need to keep kiting the Dancer around the poll, or just keep moving left and right slightly to keep the Dancer in one place so that it can never progress towards you and is stuck at the pillar. Be careful though, it can still hit you through the pillar. If you're keeping it in place by taking advantage of how it tracks and aggroes, it wont be able to move towards you during those attacks so just keep a distance when it's attacking. This is useful because during attacks like the Blade Dance, it will just spin in place and not be a threat at all.

Just wait behind the pillar while it attacks and during it's recovery phase get in a quick hit and retreat back to kiting. Be cautious, especially during the second phase, of which windows you use to attack. You'll want to have enough time to move to it, attack, and move back.

Strategy 3 (Magic)

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley is one of these bosses which are more difficult for spellcasters simply because she is able to quickly close the distance. For example, she will end her spin attack in phase 2 after just a few spins once she has reached melee distance with you, but will pursue you very far (and most likely catch you) if you try to run away from her. As such, the best strategy for sorcerers is to get close to her, which will trigger a easily avoidable melee attack; after you have dodged it, cast one or two spells, and return to melee range. It is important to know that most of her attacks have a very specific range, i.e. one dodge roll either towards or away from her will usually prevent her hits from connecting.
All sorcery spells work well against the dancer, although it is easier to avoid getting hit when relying on faster spells such as Great Soul Arrow. The Dancer is also weak to dark magic, so your best spell here will be Black Fire Orb, but ordinary fire spells such as Chaos Bed Remnants or Great Chaos Fire Orb will also do big damage.

Strategy 4 (Dragon Crest Shield)

This strategy works great for Thieves. Hiding behind the Dragon Crest Shield gives you the opportunity to stay close to her most of the time. The key is to stick behind her as much as possible and to wear her down with a quick one-handed weapon. Painting Guardian's Curved Sword is a great choice. Watch your stamina bar and lower your shield when possible to recover it quickly. Chloranthy Ring is a great addition. During some of her combos it might be necessary to back off completely to recover your stamina. Just make sure your stamina never depletes when you are close. Since the pace of the fight increases during phase 2 you have to pay more attention to her moves but basically you can stick to the same strategy. 



First Phase (the Dancer wields a flame sword)
Attack Name Attack Description
Residual flames Many of the Dancer's attacks with her flame sword leave scorching marks that deal damage if the player walks over them.
Triple hit & slam The Dancer rapidly slashes her sword thrice, then slams in a slower attack.
Grab The Dancer attempts to grab the player, impaling them with her sword if she succeeds. The hitbox of the grab is cone-shaped, narrowing as it gets nearer to her. Deals enormous damage.
Swing The Dancer swings her sword in a diagonal motion.
Slam The Dancer slowly slams her sword into the ground, has tracking.
Twirl The Dancer stands up, before quickly swinging her sword in a short ranged 360 degree arc around her.
Thrust The Dancer draws her sword back, then thrusts it forward in a straight line.
Fire thrust The Dancer draws her sword back, then thrusts it forward in a straight line, shooting a jet of flame from its point.
AoE explosion The Dancer raises a flame to her lips, then blows it to the floor, creating a medium sized area of effect blast around her.
Second Phase (the Dancer wields an ash sword along with her flame sword)
Attack Name Attack Description
AoE ash cloud The Dancer reaches into the ground to draw her second sword, creating a cloud of ash that does minor damage. The second phase will always begin with this attack.
Blade dance The Dancer follows swings her swords in a series of vertical arcs, before finishing with a medium ranged horizontal spin attack. She will follow the player during this attack.
Slash, spin & double thrust combo The Dancer performs two slashes in front of herself, followed by a short ranged spin attack, two more slashes, and then a forward thrust using both of her swords.
Slash combo The Dancer performs a wide arcing horizontal slash, then follows up with a similar vertical slash.
Jump & spin combo The Dancer readies herself, then jumps to the player's location. Upon landing, she creates a short ranged area of effect explosion, then follows up with a short ranged spin attack after a small delay. She will use this attack to close distances.
Dual uppercut The Dancer swings both of her swords in an ascending arc in front of her, knocking the player into the air if hit.
Erupting ground slices The Dancer drags her flame sword through the ground in a counterclockwise 180 degree arc, then does a similar clockwise cut with her ash sword. Shortly after each cut is made, it erupts with the element of the sword that created it, knocking the player into the air if hit.
Ash AoE The Dancer thrusts her ash sword into the ground halfway to its hilt while releasing an ash cloud in a circle around her, then after a small delay thrusts it in further, creating another ash cloud. Both ash clouds inflict considerable damage, and it is possible to be damaged by both in consecution.


Lore Theories

  • She was one of the daughters in royal family of Irithyll, but was ordered by Pontiff Sulyvahn to become a dancer first, and then legioneer, which is equal to exile. He also gifted her dual blades, infused with darkness and fire, similar to his own weapons.
  • While Pontiff Sulyvahn wields his dark weapon in his left hand and his fire weapon in his right hand the Dancer does the opposite, wielding dark in her right hand and fire in her left hand.
  • All Outrider Knights are fated to turn into beasts. According to her armor's description the armor is actually fused to her "hide".


Notes & Trivia

  • The setting of this battle is reminiscent to that of Bloodborne's Vicar Amelia, which is fought in the Healing Church's Grand Cathedral.
  • Uses matching swords; one gold, one dark, similar to the Gold Tracer and Dark Silver Tracer wielded by Lord's Blade Ciaran in Dark Souls 1, and wields them in the same hands. Also conceals her face, like Ciaran. These things seem to suggest a relationship between the two, and possibly that there are other characters corresponding to the Knights of Gwyn.
  • During the fight, you can clearly hear each of her footsteps echo throughout the room.
  • Attacks with the fire sword will leave traces on the environment and will light objects in the room on fire (just visual).
    • By the end of the fight it's likely that half of the room is on fire and lit brightly.
    • Once defeated, the Dancer explodes into ash and extinguishes all of the fire in the room.



    • 23 Apr 2017 14:37  

      Why is she the only damn boss that Phantoms can't get through the fog gate? Seems like a pretty big problem, especially on a Summon -Only pacifist route.

      • 22 Apr 2017 23:25  

        Her "spinning ballet of death" is a tad bit annoying, easily dodged by spamming the roll button in the opposite direction while locked on. Her grab in the first phase is a bit more annoying seeming not able to be rolled away from left or right, i have yet to try if backwards rolling would be a better alternative.

        • 21 Apr 2017 05:47  

          Pyromancer... Dark Clutch Ring, Carthus Milking, Great Swamp Ring, Witch's Ring... Use Black Fire Orb and roll/Dodge when necessary. 5 minute battle.

          • 19 Apr 2017 11:51  

            Anyone else have severe performance issues in this fight? Walk in and suddenly I'm getting 2-3 frames a second and a bunch of skipping, makes dodging somewhat difficult.

            • 17 Apr 2017 03:22  

              Anyone else wishing she had a attack were she would sit on the player character? I mean, I am slapping that booty the whole time anyways, why canĀ“t you give me this From?

              • 16 Apr 2017 03:17  

                Despite the supposed nordic mythology background where the description puts her she is more of a Sheherazade from 1000 nights and one night if I look at her movement and armor. But not a valkyrie. That role is Shiras to fullfill. And the "evil powerhungry magician" plot makes Sulyvahn basicaly the Jafar of DS3. The doppelganger trick is also a give away. It's a classic move for an evil sorcerer from the east. In the end I think that is where FROM took their ideas this time for their game. "Aladdin", "Prince of Persia" and so on.

                • 13 Apr 2017 12:08  

                  The Dancer or the Bottyful valley is an amazing boss.
                  Their is so much to love about this boss, like you can fight her in the first 20 minutes of the game or after 3 lords of cinder. The fact you can find a ghost that looks like her in Irtherly.
                  The potential lore theories that shes a child of gwyn and was made an outrider knight because Ponntiff (aka killer pope) took her pensioner.
                  How the fight can be like dance between two warriors and that glorious spin move (aka the blender).
                  How (I'm going off some photos that were leaked before ds3 came out) she was or what it looked like was a npc you could talk to or would hunt you down in certain areas or times.
                  Only thing I wish I could see would what she looked like before the whole beast transformation or what she looks like with out the mask.
                  All in all this boss is in my top 5 of favorite bosses in ds3.

                  • 12 Apr 2017 04:11  

                    by far my favorite boss fight. tbh its not really a fight, just lethal ballroom dancing, at least with the second phase. as long as you stay behind and move with her you wont get hit, just be careful because her 3 hit combo has a similar wind up to her 2-hit and whenever she raises her weapon in the air hit her 1 or 2 times and get some distance. also her purple cyclone thing hits twice so don't run in immediately after it explodes

                    • 07 Apr 2017 02:29  

                      I swear to *****ing god that sometimes this game DOES NOT CARE what buttons you are pressing. You can be literally MASHING the dodge/roll button in the middle of a boss fight BEGGING for your character to GET THE ***** OUT OF THE WAY, yet that happy sword of yours just doesn't want to stop swinging. Or even better, when your just about to die and pushing the estus button THROUGH THE *****ING CONTROLLER, but no estus for you. No sir, not until the unavoidable death blow is on the way does your estus flask get raised. It's the little things that I love about this game.

                      • 06 Apr 2017 13:00  

                        The setting of this battle is reminiscent to that of Bloodborne's Vicar Amelia, which is fought in the Healing Church's Grand Cathedral. i,m a bloodborne fanatic and can tell you this trivia is total bullshit. dancer fights a grand deal diffe rent and is in my opinion much harder.

                        • 05 Apr 2017 17:10  

                          Useful tip; Her cyclone of doom hits only 180* infront of her (meaning her back is safe) SIX times, then does a complete 360* spin right after. Abuse this knowledge, good luck and god speed.

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