Dark Blade is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast miracles.

Dark Blade

Spell Type


FP Cost Focus Cost 35
Slots Used Slots Used 1
Requirments 25 Faith
Duration 60 Seconds



Miracle of the Sable Church of Londor.

Reinforces right weapon with dark. 

The third daughter Liliane, one of the founders of the Sable Church, is said to recount tales that portray the suffering and conflict of Hollows.

Acquired From

  • Bought from Irina of Carim or Karla for 10,000 souls, after giving either the Londor Braille Divine Tome.



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    • Anonymous

      09 Jul 2017 23:48  

      This wiki is a *****ing mess. Does the damage of dark blade scale solely with spell buff? What the ***** does "scale only with faith portion of spell buff" mean? You can't say that dark blade scales with both "spell buff" and "faith portion of spell buff". Are these statistics actually being tested and proven, or can any dumbass just type whatever they want?

      • 22 May 2017 03:23  

        At 40 faith, 60 str using heavy exile 10 as tester. It went from 639 to 790. The Dark Clutch ring only added 23 making it 813, which isnt worth it to me. And the Lingering Dragoncrest +1 ring added 20 seconds to the already 60 secs which for PvP is worth it imo. However the Dark Clutch added 49 to the Crucifix Mad King. It went from base 579 to 730 buffed to 779 with ring.

        • Anonymous

          22 Apr 2017 02:25  

          So, according to this, since my Yorshka Chime is 247 spellbuff at 60 Faith, Dark Blade should add around 210?

          • Anonymous

            09 Mar 2017 00:07  

            The Faith equivilent in damage to Great Magic Weapon in almost every way, except for costing 10 more points... From really knows how to balance...

            • Anonymous

              01 Mar 2017 19:34  

              What the hell is the point of this weapon buff if it doesn't benefit from int scaling miracle catalysts? It makes no sense, especially considering it is a DARK miracle, the thing caitha's chime and other similar catalysts are supposed to enhance. Thanks fromsoft!

              • Anonymous

                Change of damage buff???25 Aug 2016 02:55  

                While testing different chimes with my hex build, 40/40 int and faith with 12 in strength and dex, I came across numbers that do not add up to the formula that the wiki has.On both the Raw Astora Straight Sword +10 (322) and a Longsword +0 (123), my damage with Dark Blade should be at 513 and 314 respectfully while using Caitha's Chime +5 and about 3 less using Sunless Talisman +5. This is not the case. Instead, I get 463 and 264 for the two swords using Caitha's.What is going on with these numbers? Is the formula on the wiki wrong? If so, can somebody please change it so that it is correct. Did FROM secretly tone down the dark damage increase or something, because my melee options become pretty slim if this is the case.

                • Anonymous

                  Catalyst does not matter?25 May 2016 22:10  

                  Just want some clarification. So if I cast this with Yorshka's chime, the effect will be no different than if I cast it with Catha's chime?

                  • Anonymous

                    Confussed22 Apr 2016 11:27  

                    Has anyone figured out yet if this is bugged or not? Looking at the specs of the Canvas Talisman compared to Caithas Chime everything points to Caithas having a much better buff and scaling. Yet casting it with the Canvas results in a higher damage output...As of now, reinforcing with lightning is better than with dark, almost regardless of what enemy out hit it with. Seems very odd to me.

                    • Anonymous

                      Odd...20 Apr 2016 11:55  

                      Strange, miracle hexes were tied to the suffering of souls were sorcery hexes were based on pure emotion.They did away with one and kept the other.

                      • Anonymous

                        No seriously, how are buffs calculated20 Apr 2016 07:12  

                        False, this miracle does not scale with intelligence, nor does it receive a bonus from chimes that assist in dark miracles. In fact, casting this with caithas chime +5 added less than casting with a canvas talisman + 5.

                        • Anonymous

                          How can I cast it??19 Apr 2016 07:03  

                          I have learnt this miracle. But I cant cast it on my sword. Why???????? I have all requeriments of faith (I have more than 25 faith) and I tried casting it on a not imbued weapon but I cant. The icon appears in grey color. How can i cast this f****ng spell????Please help

                          • Anonymous

                            Limitations16 Apr 2016 13:59  

                            You can't use these buffs on special weapons. In DS 3 this seems to include hemmed weapons as well to my regret.Tried to use the fire version of this on my dark axe but no no.

                            • Anonymous

                              Flat bonus?16 Apr 2016 11:59  

                              How does the damage bonus work with weapon buffs? Is it a flat bonus like dks1 or a mix or flat and percentage like dks2?

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