Please see Londor Pale Shade instead.

    • Can I kill him in reverse?31 Aug 2016 01:56  

      Killed him in Irityhll - he hasn't shown up at Farron Keep swamp near the basilisks yet. Maybe I need to die and reset the world?

      • Also30 May 2016 21:17  

        I can confirm you needn't be invaded by Creighton to be invaded by the Pale Shade of Londor (who's now a Dark Shade). I went past the silver knights, never once encountering Creighton besides Sirris' summoning sign for help, and bam! This little OP peice of crap appears.<br/><br/>For some reason, he just stopped spawning once I reached Pontiff's fog gate. Even after I sent Anri and Gotthand home, he just vanished.

        • This guy is the same.30 May 2016 21:15  

          As the Pale Shade of Londor.<br/><br/>Their name only differs by their role: White = Pale Shade, Red = Dark Shade.<br/><br/>Seriously, he uses the same spells and weapons.

          • Confirmations10 May 2016 20:38  

            You don't need to put "tested" or "confirmed" in a wiki entry or to explain how/why you tested it; by virtue of being in the wiki, something is already assumed to be confirmed. This of course also means that unconfirmed or untested rumors ought to be removed pronto.<br/><br/>Information regarding tests done should go in the comments section where they aren't cluttering up the wiki entry, and so other users can double-check it.

            • Spawning Londor Pale Shade (early game)30 Apr 2016 17:51  

              I managed to spawn Londor Pale Shade in the following way:<br/><br/>>Get the dark sigil and level up 5 times so that Yuria spawns.<br/>>Attack Yuria until she gets angry (you do NOT have to kill her. Just make her hostile and run away!)<br/>>Go to the Farron Keep bonfire and go to the right side along the wall towards the basilisks. Just before the stairs (the "backside of the mountain") in the deep swamp, you should be invaded by Londor Pale Shade*.<br/>>You can request absolution at the statue near the giant rat in the sewer. I forgot the name of the waypoint. Dilisomething Bridge.<br/>>Yuria will return to her normal self if you have done so!<br/><br/>*If you are not invaded, move up a bit to the "island" right before the stairs. You will be invaded by Yellowfinger. Kill him first and then retry.<br/>

              • Attacking Yuria29 Apr 2016 22:37  

                Just attacking her doesn't make the Pale Shade invade you, actually aggroing her might though. (unable to test this because I'm going for the ending)

                • Could summon this as a phantom for the final boss20 Apr 2016 20:38  

                  Found this in a summon sign while running up the steps for the kiln along with being able to summon Yuria for Soul of Cinders.

                  • Requires Yuria to be in the playthrough20 Apr 2016 04:52  

                    If Yuria never showed up neither will this Phantom, even killing the pilgrim from Anri's questline will still cause this phantom not to spawn, you must at least have Yuria show up in your game.

                    • Also shows up as early as Farron Keep15 Apr 2016 08:45  

                      Was attacked by this spirit while exploring the swamps of Farron Keep. I'd already found and killed Yuria, which may explain its appearance.

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