Darkeater Midir

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
15,860 150 000 The Ringed City

Soul of Darkeater Midir

Spears of the Church

Weak Resistant Immune



Farron GS

Wolf Knight's GS

Pestilent Mercury

 Critical Strike

Dark Dark



Poison Poison/Toxic

Bleed Bleed

Frost Frost

Darkeater Midir Information

Darkeater Midir is a Boss in Dark Souls 3, available with the The Ringed City DLC

Midir, descendant of Archdragons, was raised by the gods, and owing to his immortality was given a duty to eternally battle the dark, a duty that he would never forget, even after the gods perished.


  • Darkeater Midir is found in The Ringed City: After opening the shortcut near the Ringed Inner Wall bonfire in The Ringed City, head down the lift and hop out the door to your left half way down the lift. Head left and open the illusory wall to the right of the ember laying here. Go down the ladder into the shrine area and drop down the hole behind the altar.
  • Must have fought him past the Swamp. You will need to cross the bridge that Midir torches continuously and make your way up the ruined stairwell (past the Moaning Knight). There will be another bonfire and Midir will be waiting for you on the other side of it. Simply drain his health and knock him off the side of the cliff and he will be waiting for you in his boss room. Knocking Midir off this bridge will not reward the player any souls, it is simply a pre-requisite that unlocks the boss fight. Video Example of location from the Shared Grave Bonfire.
  • When fighting Midir on the bridge: Use lightning if you can for extra damage. Aim for the head for extra damage. When he looks downwards he sprays fire on the ground near him then it fans out and follows with a dark laser beam. When you are close to him, he claws you with 2-3 hit combo. Avoid it by taking distance and coming back to attack his head. When you do enough damage he will stagger and allows you to finish him.



  • Souls: NG (150 000), NG+ (300 000), NG++ (330 000), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (337 500), NG+5 (367 500), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (382,500), NG+8 (??), NG+9 (382 500)
  • Co-Op Souls: NG (112,500), NG+ (225,000), NG++(247,500)
  • Other: Soul of Darkeater Midir
  • Spears of the Church covenant badge
  • After defeating Midir, meet Shira in order to receive Titanite Slab.


Combat Information

  • Health: NG (15,895), NG+ (??), NG++ (17,880), NG+3 (??), NG+4 (??), NG+5 (??), NG+6 (??), NG+7 (??)
  • Parriable: No
  • Midir attacks deals Physical (Standard?), Fire and Dark damage.
  • As long as Midir's health bar is not present, summoned phantoms can't fall to boss fight arena.
  • Plunging attack does not work on Midir.
  • Due to large health pool, Midir is extremely weak to Pestilent Mercury. His size makes him an easy target for this spell.
  • Weak to Lightning and Thrust.
  • Abyssal enemy, therefore weak to Farron Greatsword and Wolf Knight’s Greatsword
  • Medium resistance to Magic, Fire and Dark damage.
  • Immune to Poison/Toxic, Bleed and Frost damage.
  • Can be staggered and riposted for the massive damage by the end of the fight if player has been consistently hitting Midir's head. Riposte deals very high damage. Player should bear in mind, that rarely Midir can survive critical strike, but stagger after that attack gives enough time to finish him off.
  • There are no areas on the boss that result in less damage being done, although hitting Midir in the head multiplies damage dealt by two.
  • This boss fight is optional. However, Midir must be defeated at least once, if player wants to join Spears of The Church covenant.

NPC Summon

  • Shira, Knight of Filianore - Summon sign is in the preparation room, near the furthest left statue. Shira is available as long as the church is in good favour, such as running Midir before waking up princess Filianore. She uses the same build as in her duel invasion.
    • Due to bug - probably - connected with fog before boss room with Midir (visible only for phantoms), Shira may "pass" it before fight begins. After that, she will either fall to death or will try to enter boss room from the wrong side. In both cases, she will become useless. Rarely, after entering boss room in proper way, it can be difficult for her to spot Midir.



Video Strategy

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Try to hit the tail when possible, and run/roll through this melee combos and get to his tail. Dodge his tail whip when he turns around and hit him in the head if you can before repeating. Use a weapon with 500+ AR as his defenses are insane. Respec if you have to.


Strategy 2 (Melee, staying by the head)

Going behind, under or side of Midir triggers moves that are difficult to avoid and usually one shots low-mid level players. However staying near the head often triggers easy-to-read melee moves that are highly punishable with charged heavy attacks. Attempt to stay by his neck, roll when needed to dodge his claw swipes and charges, inbetween his attacks hit his head with the weapon of your choice, make sure it has high physical damage, his defenses are very high, and his resistances are even worse.

Bite+bite+flamethrower -combo has a very good opening after the second bite. Dodge it towards the boss and run next to the left front leg (your right). You are safe there. When he attempts to do his area of effect fire blast, run far out in front of him (NOT BEHIND!!) and you will not take damage, run back to your spot by his neck and repeat. When he flies off into the air and doubles back breathing fire on the ground, simply run far to the left, the fire will miss you if done correctly.

When he begins his second phase he will begin to channel dark energy which will promptly explode in a large AOE around him doing tons of damage, do the same as you would do with the fire AOE, but roll a few times to make sure you are not hit, this move can instantly kill people in NG if they have 30 or less VIG. When he breathes fire in front of him, now is your time to attack! Hit his head while he is breathing fire and you get some free damage! Watch out for the dark explosive beam he will do afterwards, he does it right in front of him and it's easy to get caught. When he summons the dark orbs from the ground, try to get a few hits in and dodge them, this move isn't too bad and can usually land you a few free hits if dealt with correctly. Hopefully following this strategy you will fell the beast, and be victorious. 


Strategy 3 (Magic/Pyromancy)

A strategy is to be provided here, be sure to add any equipment / build requirements and tips and tricks.

First Encounter (on the bridge)

If you play as a sorcerer don't bother with crystal or dark magic. He is extremely resistant (300+ damage per crystal soul spear with 5 items boosting magic damage). 

Use Pestilent Mercury instead. The boss is stationary  and this spell does wonders. Stay  under him and cast the spell at his right arm. so that you won't get hit by Mercury when you'l have to move closer to the bridge (his left arm) to avoid his fire attack. When he does his dark magic attack it won't touch you if you stay close to his left arm (there is a  more or less safe spot). However sometimes fire can hit you.

Second Encounter (Midir’s Boss Room)

This fight has two stages and each stage can be overcome with the same strategy though more caution is certainly needed for phase 2.

In both phases Midir’s move set is highly predictable and leaves him immobile for an extended length of time.  This combination leaves him open to massive damage accumulation from Pestilent Mercury. To use Pestilent Mercury you will need 30 INT. The spell does not scale with INT and is not effected by stat boosting rings. Pestilent Mercury deals damaged based on the Midir's max health.

Dodge Midir’s attacks and deploy the cloud around his head, feet, or tail. The most ideal time to hit Midir with a cloud in phase 1 is when he does his forward fire breath combined with the vertical/horizontal dark beam attach. The best time to hit him in phase 2 is when he does his strobe beam.

It is recommended that you summon one other phantom who is also equipped with Pestilent Mercury and take turns deploying the clouds.  This makes Midir very manageable for two players.

Strategy 4 (Solo Melee)


Midir has a lot of health, high defense and high damage, but he is extremely predictable. This is a strategy for fighting him solo by attempting to manipulate his attacks, and does not work effectively with summons because they make Midir more unpredictable. 


You'll be doing a lot of sprinting during this fight, so Ring of Favor +3 and Chloranthy Ring +3 are recommended. As for the other rings, choose rings that increase your survivability (e.g. Estus Ring, Life Ring +3, maybe Ring of Steel Protection +3). If they don't make a difference with your setup, use whatever 2 rings you want.


Midir, like most dragons, is weak to lightning, so using lightning buffs or weapons with innate lightning damage is recommended. Weapons with reach are also advised, as Midir's tail can often be hard to hit. The Dragonslayer Swordspear and Dragonslayer Greataxe are examples of good weapons to use, however when using heavy weapons be sure that you have leveled Endurance to 20 at the very minimum. 


At the start of the fight, Midir will roar and begin charging you. You can run backwards, left, or right, but be aware that at the end of the charge, Midir will turn 180 degrees and his tail will swipe along his left side. If you are far away from him when his charge ends, sprint toward him. Be careful of his claw swipes, which can come after an extreme delay, and he will sometimes back up during the middle of a combo. Your goal is to get behind him where you can start trying to manipulate his behavior.

When you get behind him, wait for him to attack. He will almost always either turn to face you (which takes a few seconds) or lift his tail up and to his right and sweep it behind him, turning 180 degrees in the process.

If he turns to face you, run at his face an do a running R1 for double the normal damage, then sprint below him again and try to get to his tail.

If he swipes with his tail, roll at about the time he stops raising it and then start sprinting toward his head. While you're running at him, pay attention to his head movements. If he doesn't move much, you can most likely get a running R1 attack on his head, where he takes double damage, and then sprint to his tail. If his head starts moving before you get there, he'll likely do a move, which is usually either breathing fire below him, rearing up and roaring and then lunging forward and biting, or a claw swipe combo. If he breathes fire, run backwards, left, or right until he's finished and then dash underneath him to get to his tail. If he roars, run either left or right and roll as soon as he lunges and then head for his tail. If he swipes, roll his first swipe and then keep sprinting underneath him. He can finish his combo by breathing fire underneath him.

If you get behind him and he's not preoccupied with breathing fire, wait for his next move like you did earlier. If you're feeling confident, you can hit one of his hind legs (which, incidentally, seems to make the tail swipe more likely). If he breathes fire, run until you're more than half his tail's length away from him, as the fire has a long reach under him. While he's breathing, wait for some stamina and try to hit his tail. 

You can repeat these steps (waiting for a move behind him, dodging it when necessary, running up to his head and using a running R1, sprinting to attack his tail when he breathes fire) and he will likely not use other moves frequently, and this manipulation works on phase 2 as well. Most of the time, the muanities he summons in phase 2 can be dodged by sprinting left or right, but watch out for his tail if you're behind him at that point. This strategy is by no means the fastest, but it is relatively safe and consistent. One of the few inconsistencies is when Midir flies away and then immediately shoots a lazer from his mouth. You'll have to dodge that normally, and it will often kill in one hit, but it's an infrequent move.

Strategy 5 (Faith)

Use lightning arrow spell to his head and get 300-350 damage per hit at 19 FP cost. This has very good range and slight tracking. Use this over sunlight spear. Very easy to hit from far away and you get hits very very frequently.Around 4-5 Ashen estus should do the Job.


Darkeater Midir has 2 attack phases. In the first phase, he can breathe fire, expel a dark beam from his mouth, as well as use an assortment of melee attacks, in the second phase he begins to use dark magic more often, being able to summon Affinity-esque projectiles, and also having the ability to unleash a large AOE.

  First Phase
Claw Swipes If the player finds themselves close to Midir's head (or close in front of him), he may use his front claws in a quick series of two swipes. Can be avoided with rolls, or simply walking out of range.
Tail Whip If the player finds themselves behind Midir, he will sometimes swivel around to face you, if the player is too close, they may collide with his tail, dealing high physical damage and most of the time knocking them down (depending on poise). Can be avoided with a well timed roll.
Fire Breath - Front If the player should find themselves in front of Midir, he will begin to channel flames from within, before unleashing a fire torrent in an attempt to burn the player asunder. This move can be avoided with relative ease, and is a good opportunity to hit his head for some free damage.
Fire Breath - Under Throughout the first phase, Midir will intermittently unleash a long lasting torrent of flames under his body. This move can be avoided by running a decent distance in front of Midir (Running behind him will cause you to be hit more often) and waiting for the flames to die out.
Fire Breath + Dark Beam Combo Midir breathes fires a torrent of flame under himself, followed by two quick beams of dark magic (in succession) dealing high damage, these beams leave delayed AOE explosion in their wake. The orientation of the beams is as follows: The first beam will be fired in a straight line at the ground in front of Midir, the second loops around to the side relative to his target. Can be avoided with ease, although it should be noted that this move is unblockable. Midir will refrain from using this attack if the player is close to him.
Air Assault Midir takes to the skies flying away from the player, before doubling back to send down a large torrent of flames to his left. This fire can be easily avoided by simply running in the opposing direction (E.G. If the fire is to your right, run left). 
Savage Rush If the player should find themselves far away from Midir (or sometimes under/behind him), he will breathe flame before abruptly bursting into a sprint, he will stop a number of times during this rush to swing his front claws and breathe more fire. Can be completely avoided if the player stays behind him.
Dash If the player finds themselves close in front of Midir (often after a Savage Rush or Fire Breath - Front), he may let out a thundering roar which creates visible sound waves from his jaws, before bounding forward in an intense leap. Can be avoided with a well timed roll.
Critical Strike If the player should find themselves close to Midir's head, he may attempt to grab them using his jaws, if he succeeds you will be unable to help but watch your character be chewed up and thrown accross the arena, dealing critical damage. Can be avoided with ease, is also unblockable.
  Second Phase
AoE Strike Upon reaching the second phase, and intermittently throughout it, Midir channels dark energy for a few seconds, and releases it all at once to cause very high damage to anything within range. This attack is heavily telegraphed, so the player can easily avoid it with a well timed roll.
Mass Affinity Midir summons many Affinity projectiles which rise a few feet from the ground before pursuing the player, these can be eradicated by leading them to hit walls, the floor, or Midir himself (However, they do not damage him). These can be avoided with well timed rolls.
Focused Dark Beam Midir will charge his dark beam attack for a few seconds and then release it firing it wildly for a short time in front of him, dealing massive damage to the player, however after the attack ends Midir will be exhausted for a few seconds, giving the player a chance to land multiple hits to his head.


Lore Theories

Share your lore theories here

 Midir was raised by the gods as a last line of defense against the dark, since as a descendant of the archdragons he would be almost immortal. Old Moonlight description states, that he may even be a one of archdragons.

The toll that the centuries if not millenia of consuming Dark and Deep have taken on Midir is evidenced by some of his attacks which seem to drain him or set him off balance.

Notes & Trivia

  • Midir bears some similarities to Malassa - a dragon from Heroes series.
  • Few of Midir abilities mirror Black Dragon Kalameet, a boss from Dark Souls I.
  • Midir is also a name of one of the characters from Irish mythology.
  • Midir is believed by some to be a reference to Guyra from King's Field.
  • Midir's "Fire Breath + Dark Beam combo" attack is believed by some to be a tribute to Godzilla's atomic breath from Shin Godzilla Resurrection.
  • Boss fight arena is believed by some to be the same arena, which can be spot during words about "humanity" from Dark Souls I introduction.
  • At the boss fight arena there is a large number of corpses. This bear some similarities to what player may seen during Aldrich, Devourer of Gods boss battle.
  • On NG+7 game cycle, with proper equipment, killing Midir may grant player with 1,115,370 souls, making it the largest amount of souls in Dark Souls III, that can be granted by killing one creature.
  • Using Chameleon spell or Young White Branch at the boss fight arena will transform character into humanity phantom from Chasm of the Abyss (Dark Souls I, Artorias of the Abyss DLC).
  • There is a theory suggesting, that high damage inflicted by Midir's attack is caused by a permanent "Calamity" effect, with his head as a source of it. If true, then this is a reference to Black Dragon Kalameet and one of his attacks, which inflicts identical effect, but temporary. Also might be an explanation, why Midir takes double damage to the head.
  • Set references
  • Relevant items
  • Historical references
  • Etc




    • 19 Aug 2017 20:41  

      The best non-solo strat against him is to use 2 players - a Melee (preferably Dex builds since they are faster) + a FTH build who spams Lightning Arrow (the only way to drive up its damage to 350 and above is 60 FTH+ which can be achieved by the two rings with a +10 Catalyst alongwith Lightning Clutch Ring) or a Sorcerer build with 60INT who casts Crystal Soul Spear. 2 Melee makes for a very hard battle as he'll target 1 character, which makes it hard for the 2nd player to hit him as his positions becomes difficult to manoeuvre around. Pestilent Mercury is not a good strategy for solo players, but it works very well when co-oping with 1 other player as one can be the bait while the other casts Pestilent Mercury.

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2017 12:54  

        Yo. :) I beat Darkeater Midir solo and in 1 try during my 1st playthrough. And that was only because of Fextralife's info, and Kamies' and Fextralife's vids on YT. Kamies beat Midir without taking damage = excellent video. Just beat Midir on NG+/ 2nd playthrough, but this time it took 2 tries. My crucial mistake for NG+: I summoned Shira this time. Please don't summon her. She just boosts Midir's HP. XD | I then beat Midir during my 2nd attempt solo. Trust me, watch Kamies' and Fextralife's Midir vids, and you'll realize that soloing Midir feels more natural and adrenaline-inducing. Have fun! :D -Mikko

        • Anonymous

          17 Aug 2017 21:36  

          Definitely a tough fight, but I got him on my 5th try with the help of a player phantom.

          I had way more trouble trying to defeat the Demon Prince, whom I bested with the help of 2 player phantoms on the 31st try.

          • 14 Aug 2017 15:34  

            This is the most incomplete page on the wiki. There's no info whatsoever on dodging his beams during the 2nd phase. Extremely unhelpful.

            The only beams you have to worry about from his attack are the first, third and sixth beams as they'll come straight at you and must be dodged to the side. The other beams are circular in nature so you need to walk forward or backward. Easiest way to dodge them are to walk/roll side -> backward -> side -> backward -> side -> backward. With proper timing it'll not hit you even once. Instead of backward, forward works too. That'll also allow you to get in a hit or two as this attack will exhaust him. His Affinity attack can also be dodged by side stepping to either side.

            The first time one encounters him, they'll have enough time to get a hit or two by running up to him as he'll take time to get up. But on subsequent tries, he'll already be up and he'll open with breathe -> combo dash. Easiest way to dodge this is to walk to the side as he breathes and once he walks towards you roll towards him and get under him.

            • Anonymous

              07 Aug 2017 20:34  

              For anyone who is having trouble with the pestilent mercury strategy, I would recommend using the witchtree branch because of its significantly faster casting speed.

              • Anonymous

                07 Aug 2017 09:51  

                Combat Information:
                'Phantom(s) can fall into boss fight area after waking up Midir by host'

                So like normal? Don't phantoms normally fall to reach the arena like the host? What does that mean...

                • Anonymous

                  06 Aug 2017 22:32  

                  To be honest Midir is not the problem, the camera and the attacks hitbox are
                  All the big enemies of this game should go semi-transparent every time they are between the camera and the player... it's so obnoxious
                  Having a tail swipe hit you while you are in front of it's rear legs is BS and then the charge... you can see it coming and start rolling, but even if you are quite far if you were right in straight line of it's head it'll get you no matter, so yeah, always try not to be on it's head line. The chest is "quite safe" (from one-shot attacks) except when phase 2 starts, if you are there at that moment you are dead

                  And then it has a staple of the series the "kangaroo jumping" (because Sif is not a wolf it's a kangaroo, you know the quote: "if looks like a wolf but jumps like kangaroo, it's a kangaroo"). So you manage to get close to the boss, you are going to hit it... nope, boss jumps/flies/charges away once... twice... thrice?? can I play...?

                  • Anonymous

                    06 Aug 2017 03:34  

                    Get the Fire Stoneplate Ring and the Dark Stoneplate ring, if you've got the stats for it, use the Wolf K***ht Greatsword or the Farron Greatsword, it's basically just turns it into the battle of the Obnoxious Damage Sponges, and you'll eventually win out of sheer luck if not because you learned to dodge his absurd phantom range attacks and learned where the lasers go when he does them.

                    I'm not kidding I've killed him about six times now and this is how I do it every time. He moves to much for Pestilent Mercury to be satisfactory to me so I just do this. He's cheap, Overpowered, Tanky, Yadda Yadda Yadda, you already know it all. But you can combat it by having an ear to it. It's just one more example of artificial difficulty (I'm not saying the WHOLE game has it, but parts of it certainly do).

                    Defend Specifically against his attacks (Physical, Fire, Dark) use what he's weak to (Abyss Weapons) and don't lock on unless he's super far away. Chaos infuse a Medium or Tower Shield to just soak up his Fire breath attacks that you have trouble dodgeing (What I did for my build that just uses a GreatAxe and has no Dex so no Wolf K***ht Greatsword)

                    Oh, and "Get Good" or whatever it is those Mindless Frat-boys say. You know the ones.

                    • Anonymous

                      04 Aug 2017 03:24  

                      My tips for this boss:
                      Don't bother attacking him anywhere but the head, it deals much less damage, i found if you stay near his head, to the side of it and not in front, he does the abusable downward flames more often, also watch out for the attack where he slams twice in phase two, if you dodge towards him he will do downward flames aswell.
                      Use lightning resin as he is a dragon and it increases your dmg greatly.
                      Overall very enjoyable fight, died about 15 times but had a blast despite those deaths, best of luck to you who still haven't slain this mighty dragon.

                      • 01 Aug 2017 19:53  

                        Does it seem like no matter how many times you hit the Dragon, it's health bar doesn't move? Are you tired getting one shot over and over again? Don't worry! For the low low price of 30 int, you too can do 1300 AR with a little help from our new product, Pestilent Mercury™! Melt the sorry scrub in no time! Order now while supplies last. Pestilent Mercury™ is not responsible for the player inability to git gud.

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Jul 2017 05:23  

                          Oh boy, this dragon. From Soft once again proves that while they can make bosses with wonderfully fluid attack animations, they still can't make a camera that can keep up with them. Which is what makes this battle so bad. What makes it worse is that as he swipes at you hes basically passing over your head as he swings. This makes two problems. One is that it causes the camera to FREQUENTLY break lock-on resulting in you getting smacked by a tail swipe or sudden dragon dash attack as you try to re-orient yourself. Two is that since hes passing over you it causes his swipes to hit you in the back, causing damage even if you are shielding. My advice is use that to your advantage, don't even bother trying to tank those swipes. Use Lock-on to go for the head first when you can, and when he starts swinging, roll under him, break lock-on and start attacking his legs. You can work his whole body over. After trying it a few times you'll get a feel for the timing and you can avoid the tail spin attack he'll sometimes use to stop you. The best time to charge in for head attacks is when he uses fire breath. He makes very predictable movements while doing so and you get plenty of time to get in position. As for the flame breath, a black iron greatshield+9 infused with a fire gem blocks 98.8% of the fire damage. As long as you've got the stamina, the flames are moot. Just make sure you don't get backed near a wall. He destroys you in corners.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Jul 2017 16:44  

                            Again, i can't believe players are saying this boss is unfair. Far from it actually. Beat it today on my...7th attempt maybe? NG+, first time fighting him. The only unfair attack is the ultra laser beam of doom in 2nd phase, the rest is a pretty similar fight to Ebrietas: stay in front of him, DON'T LOCK ON, control the camera manually, attack only the head, don't use a shield (learn to dodge), don't stay under him, bait his attacks so you can punish his head. You can skip 30% of phase 2 if you consistently attack the head since it will stagger when around 40% health and open for a critical hit.

                            • Anonymous

                              30 Jul 2017 07:37  

                              Once you learn his combos, it just becomes a game of chip damage and running away at ma, speed. I just beat him with the washing pole as a dex/luck build.

                              • Anonymous

                                28 Jul 2017 15:21  

                                Midir: the love child of Nashandra and the Ancient Dragon who got all their strengths and none of their weaknesses

                                • 25 Jul 2017 20:56  

                                  Soooo... I've just killed him. On like 8th try. With phantom., though. Both had quirky spells like Lightning Arrow and Pestilent Mercury. Soooo... If anyone need any help, lemme know (PC).

                                  • Anonymous

                                    23 Jul 2017 13:38  

                                    attention everybody...
                                    "artificial difficulty" is one of the dumbest excuses for sucking i've seen in years.
                                    thank you.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      22 Jul 2017 01:07  

                                      lol nice help for the strat just sayin
                                      "pyromancer: use sorcery" XDDDDDDDDD ????
                                      edqpokoepqwopkgrpokekfogkegvbek;qe wtf
                                      Ill beat him by myself with my pure pyro build

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