Deprived is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

Naked and of unknown origin. Either an unimaginable fool in life, or was stripped of possessions upon burial.



Deprived Starting Equipment




Notes About This Class

  • Balanced stat and starts with Soul Level 1.
  • While weak at first, you can eventually develop your desired stat pretty easily.
  • For early weapon and armor, you may go for Master's Attire and Uchigatana.
  • Good balaced class for trying builds but is rarely optimal for min / maxing.
    • Having every stat start at 10 means other classes with more focused distribution will often times lead to better optimization depending on builds.
    • This is a similar issue with the deprived class in previous DS games.



Builds That Use This Class

  • SL1 run
  • ??
  • ??

    • 06 Jun 2017 09:16  

      Pretty much the staple class for a SL 30 Twink Invader build, should you wish to troll. Really it's either Deprived or Warrior for SL 30 builds. Deprived has the Warrior beat with base access to Power Within, Greater Combustion, and most importantly: Carthus Flame Arc...

      ...But if you're rolling for pure strength, then you can't go wrong with the Warrior. Will always out scale Deprived at SL 30, while also boasting higher base VIT, VIG, and END stats. Meaning for focused physical investment, (Say you want 40 STR at SL 30) Warrior trumps Deprived:

      Faith focused builds should stay with Deprived, for obvious reasons.

      So ultimately, it's your choice: Run SL 30 Deprived with the Carthus Flame Arc buffed Raw Mace, or SL 30 Warrior with the Twin Knight Greatswords?

      ...Or you could go 40 FTH, 13 STR Deprived. You know, for the Dark Blade buffed Mad King's Crucifix? Totally possible at SL 30, and much more PVP feasible than the Ringed Knight Twin Greatswords. Can you say, 1-shot, 1 kill? Well, I can:

      • 13 Apr 2017 09:34  

        my strategy on Gundyr was to stay close to him, mashing attack as much as possible.
        I got him down to his knees in both forms. Just mash the RB button and roll away from certain attacks.

        • 03 Apr 2017 06:34  

          does respecing a sl1 character at rosaria defeat the purpose/violate the "rules" of a sl1 run? it seems cheap, but technically you still aren't upgrading, right? i haven't done this on my sl1 run (at soul of cinder now) but curious what other "onebros" do.

          • 28 Mar 2017 15:56  

            imo smartest choice for experienced players.
            get broadsword reqs: 10str, 10dex. infuse it with raw.
            buy heal aid reqs: 8fth, buy talisman reqs: 10fth. extra medicine for early.
            buy magic weapon reqs: 10int, buy sorcerer's staff reqs: 10int. buff with magic.
            get pyromancy hand, buy flame weapon reqs: 10int 10fth. buff with flame.

            • Level up cost?06 Sep 2016 17:35  

              My question is: let's say your starting class is one at LVL 9 and supose the price to level up is 900 souls for the first level, so if i pick a class that's LVL 11 it would cost me 1100 souls to level up? or is the first level always the same price for everyone? If not then the deprived (LVL 1) is really good for a 2nd run.

              • Best starting class?26 Jul 2016 14:19  

                As surprising as it sounds, doesn't it make sense for this class to be the best starting class? You have 10 in all stats, meaning that choosing which stats to up is much easier, in opposition to the warrior who's stats range from 16 to 7. The starting areas will be difficult, but if you choose the rusted coin as your starting gift you can easily farm from hollows and have a reliable full set of armour before the undead settlement. After saving Greirat you will have access to all of the starting weapons for all of the starting classes, and before the undead settlement you will have 2 estus shards, the covetous silver serpent ring, the Lucerne, The silver eagle kite shield, the Astora straight sword, Lothric knight gear/weapons, a bow, and the ability to spec 124 levels to reach the pvp cap, which is more than any other starting class. <br/><br/>So by the time your out of Lothric Castle and into the real world, your bonuses will be:<br/>The most OP level balancing ever<br/>an extra challenge<br/>early-game Loincloth<br/>encouraged Co-op

                • Pro vs Con15 Jul 2016 03:58  

                  Best class for vets, necessity for lvl 1 playthroughs, best class for respec to different build archetypes. The biggest con is the wasted stats for min maxing players. Specific builds, esp. Low lvl ones, will need to do math at the character selection screen, optimally checking desired gear and spells on this site... Deprived COULD be the correct choice, as I found with my lvl 10 build, but more often than not, many wasted stats. Although... It almost always beats anything with 14 fkn luck. Just thinking about its gunna send me over the edge.

                  • deprived dex11 Jun 2016 06:28  

                    It solemely matters on what your after I didn't consider this build till I ran through the game with a sorcerer, and a strength build. Point is I'm needing almost every stat to be 10 exactly for what I'm going after anyways

                    • Want a REAL challenge try Depraved CLass.29 Apr 2016 16:37  

                      Keep in mind research and choose/use your points wisely for optimization, I personally made my depraved peasant a rich man by focusing on luck:)

                      • For all the hardcore minmaxers out there23 Apr 2016 06:14  

                        Deprived has always been there for people to maximize their total stats at the expense of a harder early game, but with the first zone being somewhat less brutal than prior games and the player getting rather quick access to decent armor through the chain set and a weapon in the uchigatana, this may very well be an entirely valid class choice if you want to spread your stats around efficiently.

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