Divine Pillars of Light is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Divine Pillars of Light

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 3 per pillar
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 30 Faith
Type AOE



Miracle of Gertrude, the Heavenly Daughter.

Brings down multiple pillars of light in vicinity.

The Queen's holy maiden Gertrude was visited by an angel, who revealed this tale to her.

Despite losing both her sight and voice, she was determined to record the tale. Ordinary men cannot decipher her fragmentary scrawl, nor comprehend how it became the foundation of the Angelic faith of Lothric.


Acquired From

  • Start from the Grand Archives bonfire. Take the lift up, turn right and go outside. Look to the left and use the steps to circle upwards. You'll be able to walk from the roof to another roof shaped like a dome. At the center of the dome there's a staircase going up and a door leading to a drop. The staircase leads to the Hunter's Ring, for Pillars of Light you need to use the drop. Be careful as the center of the dome is defended by 3 Ascended Angel Knights. Drop down onto a wooden beam, then drop again onto the massive bird cage. The only way forward from here is an opening in the cage which will put you inside the cage. The miracle is found upon the corpse surrounded by feathers (video location).



  • The Dusk Crown Ring does NOT reduce FP cost for this miracle AT ALL. This due to the per-pillar FP cost of 3. The ring deducts 25% of a spell's FP from the total, and when 25% is less than 1 FP, it automatically rounds down to 0.
  • This miracle inflicts physical damage.


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    • Why the hate?25 Sep 2016 15:36  

      Sure, it has long windup and you're immobilized, but this spell Can do ridiculous damage in pve... 40 FTH and a +6 canvas talisman and I can do 900-1500 on most large enemies. It's like a less reliable, but sometimes MUCH stronger WoTG for one less slot.

      • Pity22 Sep 2016 06:42  

        It's a pity this spell sucks as hardly as it does, considering its beauty and the atmospheric location. Seriously, discovering the spell in this huge cage right below the ceiling of the huge archives, above even the ceiling beams, was so impressive I immediately developed a desire to try out a miracle-build, which I had never even considered at that point.<br/><br/>Turned out as a huge disappointment. Both range and damage should be buffed, otherwise this is but a poor alternat

        • On Wakeup21 Sep 2016 11:12  

          Spells like this can sometimes be useful on your opponents wakeup. If you can get the cast off just as their getting up, they might just panic roll right into a pillar, or they might try to hit you only to be hit by a pillar... and since the pillars knock down, you can try to go for a loop. Of course, you have to figure out how to get them knocked down in the first place. I used to do a similar thing in DS2 with the scraps of life hex.<br/><br/>Not really the most effective thing to be doing in general, but pulling out weird stuff like this can sometimes throw people off guard and cause them to make a mistake.

          • More range and bigger pillars08 Aug 2016 07:18  

            Should be more like the winged knight pillars in the area of effect department to be really useful. It's nice looking though.

            • Damaging allies24 Jul 2016 02:07  

              If you cast this spell right before you leave your friends world (after beating boss, etc), you can damage them. Has to go off just as you leave. Has worked every time for me so far.

              • Damage18 Jun 2016 07:38  

                Ok I got summoned as a darkmoon and it was a team fight sort of scenario so I decided to try it. I didnt really see what happened but when I used it someone got one shot and im pretty sure it was because of the spell

                • PvP25 May 2016 22:15  

                  This spell ain't that bad in PvP. I use Saint's Talisman for unfaltering prayer so I can tank hits if the pillars miss (a person can run straight through the spell without getting hit by a single pillar. Unfaltering Prayer lets you tank a hit or two so they MIGHT get hit). With both miracle rings (Morne and Firstborn) each pillar does ~200-300. If in a duel, use as a final hit or if the person is really aggressive. Only use this spell if you want more fashion over function. Spell looks immaculate and beautiful. It sucks ass with damage and luck (pillars can just miss). Still viable though.

                  • Shame26 Apr 2016 08:22  

                    What the hell does From have against Miracles!? This spell is suicide; not to mention you're practically immobilized throughout the entirety of the spell's animation. Shame, since it looks pretty awesome. From seriously needs to buff miracles ASAP.

                    • Formatting23 Apr 2016 17:41  

                      Who the heck<br/><br/>Types like<br/><br/>This?<br/><br/>Use paragraphs and elementary writing skills, ***** it. Otherwise it just looks sloppy.

                      • Pretty bad.17 Apr 2016 14:04  

                        Don't use this spell expecting it to he Heavenly Thunder from DS2. It has a very slow cast time (even with Sage's Ring I'd call it slow), and totally immobilises you during the entire duration of the spell (several seconds). The pillars themselves deal very low damage unless you've invested in massively high FTH and Miracle-boosting rings. The upside of the spell is that the pillars knock targets into the air, forcing them to recover.

                        • this spell seems awful :(17 Apr 2016 00:24  

                          it is like firestorm from demons soul's but with thin pillars & less damage, you would have to be in the middle of a group of enemies for this spell to be effective which would be suicide

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