Dragonslayer Armour

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
4,581 48,000 Lothric Castle
Drops Soul of Dragonslayer Armour
Weak Resistant Immune
Frost Frost Dark Dark
Lightning Lightning
PoisonPoison & Toxic
Bleed Bleed

Dragonslayer Armour Information

Dragonslayer Armour is a boss in Dark Souls 3. This autonomous suit of armor is guarding the entrance to the Grand Archives, and is assisted by Pilgrim Butterflies.

  • Not Optional: Must be defeated to progress to the Grand Archives.
  • You can summon Eygon of Carim to help you fight this enemy. Sign can be found in the building to the right of the stairway leading to the boss fog on the right side just beyond the doorway.
  • You can summon Sirris of the Sunless Realms to help you fight this enemy. Sign can be found at the left side of the stairs leading up to boss.





  • Souls: NG (48,000), NG+ (128,000), NG++ (105,600), NG+3 (144,000), NG+4 (153,600), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (163,200)
  • Co-Op Souls: 32,000
  • Soul of Dragonslayer Armour


Combat Information

  • Health: NG (4581), NG+ (5456), NG++ (6002), NG+3 (6275), NG+4 (6548), NG+5 (7093), NG+6 (7366), NG+7 (7639)
  • Weak to Frost. Takes 3-4 consecutive hits with a frost weapon to deal the burst damage.
  • Weak to Farron GreatswordWolf Knight’s Greatsword or dagger. Strike is also effective.
  • Strong against Lightning and Dark damage.
  • Attacks with Lightning damage and physical damage.
  • Enemies in vicinity attack with Dark and Fire damage.
  • His attacks destroy railings, allowing his subsequent attacks to knock players off the side of the bridge. Beware, he can also knock you through railings to your death.
  • Go for his back and aim to roll behind him.



Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

Dragonslayer Armour is a tough, but manageable boss fight. This boss is more intimidating than anything and his shield is actually more dangerous than his axe.

When you first walk in approach the boss and roll thorough his jumping attack getting in an attack if you can. Next you will want to bait him into a 2/3 hit combo with two swings of his axe, and then hit him if he doesn't try to bash you with his shield after the second swing. Split second decisions are a big part of this fight, but won't generally get you killed if you react incorrectly.

Keep trying to get that 2/3 hit combo getting in hits where you can. Sometimes he will do a 2 hit shield combo and you can dodge this as well and sneak in a hit or two. Sometimes he will hold up his axe and do a long sweeping attack. You can generally hit him a couple of times here before dodging at the last second, since the tracking on this attack is really bad and tends to miss a lot.

His slam attack that lets out a ton of lightning only hits in front of him, so if you roll behind and wait for it to finish you can usually get two attacks in.

His sweep attack (always does it at the start of phase 2) takes a long time to charge, and is easily dodged by rolling to his left.

When you get to phase 2, projectiles will start raining down from either side of the bridge. While this might sound terrifying, it's really not that bad, and since you are rolling frequently you will generally avoid most projectiles unintentionally. Just keep your eyes open and if you start seeing them land, roll away from the boss until they stop.

One last note. Sometimes you will kill the boss and the projectiles are on their way down. They still keep coming and might kill you if you just stand there or are at low health, so be sure to roll or heal immediately after killing the boss.

Strategy 2 (Sorcery)

The Dragon Slayer Armour can be a really tough enemy for a Sorcerer. Of course, it all depends on your build. Since you're this far into the game I'd recommend using the best staff you got. I also recommend using Great Heavy Soul Arrow since it will inflict some pretty good damage and has a fast casting time. You can also use Great Magic Shield if you prefer blocking over rolling. When the fight starts, run against him; roll away from his first attack and go behind the fountain. Start to circle around it, try and bait his attacks, roll to dodge, and cast a spell while he is trying to hit you; try to not cast any spell when he lifts the shield. Be careful with the two-handed attacks, they can kill you in a single hit. When the Butterflies start to throw fireballs at you, roll away. Keep doing that and you will eventually get the kill. Good Luck.


Strategy 3 (Pyromancy)

This boss won't be too tricky for pyromancers. Since the boss is resistant to dark, use your fire spells. Chaos Bed Vestiges will take good chunks out of his health. Keeping your distance is a good strategy, and since the boss's attacks aren't too fast, you shouldn't have much difficulty in dodging once he eventually closes the distance. A dodged attack will also give you time to cast a spell, since he doesn't recover all that fast. During the phase transition, you'll have ample chance to lob spells at him, and as long as you're not in melee range, you won't have to worry about being hit. Don't waste your spells when he is blocking, and try to bait an attack or wait for him to lower his guard. 




First Phase - The Dragonslayer Armour attacks with a greataxe and greatshield with some variety and high mobility.
Attack Name Attack Description
Smash A strong vertical hit that punishes any one infront of him
Horizontal Blade Swings A horizontal slash with a lot of reach, You can block or roll under it. He can combo it twice followed by a third slash. He is open as the third is noticably slower than the first two. Third blow is diagonal.
Horizontal Shield Swings A horizontal slash with less reach, but packs a punch. He can combo it twice, and he can finish with a shield smash, which makes him pause for a short opening.
Charge Smash Just like the weapon's art, he stands straight, charges it and slams it down with a vertical hit, creating an AOE blast on impact. This move deals high damage, roll recommended.
Leaping Attack Quite like the player, he can jump and attack with his weapon.
Shield Smash He smashes down with his shield.
Shield Block A defense that gives him great protection. A counter like Shield bash may follow if you persist. His stamina is not infinite, but he has a lot of it.
Slice Slices and spins
Shield Bash  Introduces his shield to your face.
Second Phase - Dragonslayer Armour begins to use weapon arts. Butterflies attack
Attack Name Attack Description
Charge Attack He changes his stance and readies his blade. His movement is slowed, but soon a devastating AOE slash will come.
Shield Leaping Attack A run followed by a leaping blow, but its a shield smash that connects.
Heavy Leaping Attack A run followed by a leaping blow, he holds his weapon differently, using handles on both ends.
Shockwave hit. He prepares it by holding the weapon handles on both ends. He slams it down then he raises his weapon up using one hand on the regular handle resulting in a strong attack that has a wind shockwave.
Butterfly Attack The strange winged observers will rain fire on the battlefield, Its not accurate, but there are many bombing projectiles
Stagger trap It looks like you've staggered him, and you can get free hits on him. But he is also preparing a strong AOE slash against those infront of him, sides wont be safe, but behind is safe.


Lore Theories

  • The armor is presumably hollow on the inside, as it is controlled by a Butterfly.
  • The armour itself loosely resembles - or is based on - Ornstein's set (layered armour pieces, long decorative head piece, plume etc.)
  • It is speculated that the Pilgrim Butterflies are something that the Pilgrims of Londor, such as Yoel, can become.


Notes & Trivia

  • You can shoot the Pilgrim Butterflies with a greatbow or any long range bows, particularly in phase two, though damage to them does not affect the boss health bar.
  • It is possible to cancel his phase change (so that he spends the whole fight without using his unique 2 handed stance moves) if you manage to stagger him during his phase change animation (where he seems to stagger and creates a shockwave as he gets back up). While not extensively tested it is certainly possible if three characters savagely beat on him in unison with weapon arts as soon as he begins the transistion into phase two. The Charge weapon art from the Pike and the Astora Greatsword seem particualarly effective. The Pilgrim Butterflies will still fire upon you if you manage this.
  • There is an unused, alternate version of the Dragonslasyer Armour's fight theme that can still be found in the game's files. The first phase remains mostly the same (the chrous' singing is slightly different however); the second phase is drastically different, being twice as long and has a completely different arragement than the one in-game. 

Dragonslayer ArmourDragonslayer Armour and Pilgrim ButterfliesDragonslayer ArmourPilgrim Butterfly





    • 29 Dec 2016 02:42

      Pure faith build strat:
      There aren't many options for miracles if you are a pure faith caster, but I found a combo that may help someone. He is highly resistant to lightning and dark, so no lighting spears, stakes, or otherwise. Gnaw and the more powerful version do not much either.
      So, I used Deep Protection for a bit of a defense buff at the beginning, emit force, and WOTG. I summoned Eygon because he is a great tank for this fight. Emit Force can cause a stagger on this boss if timed well, and does 200+ dmg on my character (Lvl 65, cleric chime at +7, faith at 38). This is just for ranged, safe damage. When the boss was focused on Eygon I would cautiously approach the boss (shield up) from behind and cast a WOTG (shorten cast time ring on). Do about 800+ damage. If you can time this at the same time as Eygon doing his WOTG (wep skill) then the stagger is great. Once the aggro was back on me I just backed off, kited him around a bit, maybe throw an emit force, and don't get greedy. I also had hidden body so I could sneak to boss easier, may be useful to try and confuse boss as to where you are. Not essential and I know not every pure faith build has access to it.
      TL;DR: Pure faith build: WOTG, Emit Force, Deep Protection, Eygon summoned. Kite and be patient.

      • 28 Nov 2016 16:53

        Woooo, lets ruin an already amazing *****ing boss fight by adding irrelevant butterflies that shoot you and drop your frames!
        Seriously, why? Armour itself is already a fantastic boss. Why ruin it with annoying ass butterflies?

        • 12 Nov 2016 11:30

          Curiously, you have to give at least one Holy Divine Braille Tome to Irina to summon Eygon of Carim for Dragonslayer Armour Boss Fight. I hadn't given any tomes to Irina and I didn't see the summon sign near the boss area. I was able to summon Eygon of Carim for Crystal Sage though (without giving any tomes to Irina).

          • 01 Nov 2016 10:58

            i think he should have weakness to magic. I used Moonlight Greatsword +5 with 45 int (my sl was 69) and it ABSOLUTELY OBLITERETED him. Each hit takes 1/8 of his health. It did so much damage that i didnt even need to drink estus lol.

            • when am I supposed to hit him05 Oct 2016 04:48

              so far on this character this boss has given me more trouble than any other. I cant figure out when im actually supposed to attack him. He doesnt have, lyke, any openings, so I spend all of phase two just hopping around avoiding him. Any time I actually try to attack he immediately hits me. Every. Time.

              • other pilgrim butterfly theory03 Oct 2016 10:23

                i think the PILGRIM butterflys are really the pilgrims of londor. why? the dragonslayer armor acts as a guard to prevent people to reach prince lothric so they CANT get his cinder and link the first FLAME. whos controlling the dragonslayer armor? pilgrim butterfly! the pilgrims of londor serve (who have thought xd) londor, which is a land of hollows who all serve darkstalker kaathe who wants the age of DARK. (see yuria of londor)<br/>the 2 dragons in lothric castle are blocking the way to the prince too. and they are controlled by that dark mass wich seem to have a connection to the darkness and so to kaathe.<br/><br/>tell me if you see a lack in my theory

                • RAILING TO ADVANTAGE?24 Sep 2016 16:33

                  So you know he hits the railing right to break them? Couldn't you be in front of them and when he goes to hit you roll out of the way and he flys off?

                  • Pilgrim Butterflies theory23 Sep 2016 00:50

                    I was reading through the comments, and someone mentioned the Pilgrim Butterflies looked like the stretched out Giger-esque hollow-trees in the High Wall. This gave me Insight (in the Bloodborne sense).<br/><br/>They're PILGRIM Butterflies. The Pilgrims of Londor cannot reach the High Wall, so their bodies cluster at the Settlement, where they die (Yoel's initial dialogue -- he's supposed to die there). They carry some strange lump on their back, the purpose of which is never explained, and the existence of which is wholly glossed over.<br/><br/>THEORY: The lumps are eggs. They don't /die/, not exactly. The lumps are parasitoids, they feed on the hollow they're attached to when the time is right, probably siphoning their very essence away. Then they hatch out into Pilgrim Butterflies so they can fly to Lothric. When they reach a good location, they "plant" themselves -- becoming our stretchy tree hollows.<br/><br/>Three unexplained things tied together by a shared mention of "pilgrims" and shared hollow+roots attributes, explained by this theory. Also linked (mostly) by proximity. Thoughts?

                    • Interesting...17 Sep 2016 19:50

                      Why does it have lightning resist? Isn't that what dragonslayer a use to kill dragons? If so why does it have resistance to an element that fellow dragonslayer a use? Was it against the dragonslayers? Just like the nameless King went against killing the dragons?

                      • Seventh bullet point In combat Information appears to be wrong11 Sep 2016 23:56

                        So far I have tested this three times and without attacking the Armour once he can destroy the guard rails with his attacks

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