Dreamchaser's Ashes is an Ash in Dark Souls 3.

Dreamchaser's Ashes

Umbral ash of one who dreamt of joining the Undead Legion.

With this, the shrine handmaid will prepare new items.In the end, the dream chasers who wandered aimlessly in the rotted forest found a sense of fulfillment.


Dreamchaser's Ashes Usage



Dreamchaser's Locations




  • Turning this in will evoke new dialogue from Sirris, if she is still your ally.  This is the fastest way to gain her gesture.




It is highly likely that these are the ashes of Sirris's Grandfather as he wears tatty Farron Armour that looks similar to the Abyss Watchers and Hawkwood. The Shrine Handmaid is Sirri's Grandmother as hinted at by the Budding Green Blossom. This is further supported by the fact that the Shrine Handmaid doesn't have very nice things to say about this Ash, possibly because she's mad as her husband for leaving her to chase his dreams and join Farron's Legion and also why she wishes to know where you happened upon them and further supported by the fact that Sirri believes you're a kind person after telling the Shrine Handmaid where you found them.

The Ashes appear to be holding the Watchdogs of Farron pendant. Although it's possible that the Ashes are holding the Pendant, a starting gift in Dark Souls I.

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