Durability is a game mechanic in Dark Souls 3. Weapons, shields and armor will eventually break, if the player tries really really hard to do so, and will lose some of their efficiency. Broken items will not have their durability restored by resting at a bonfire, but must be repaired at the Blacksmith in Firelink Shrine or by casting the Repair sorcery.


Durability information

  • At below 30% durability an item will be "at risk", and lose 30% of its attack power and damage reduction.
  • At 0 durability an item will be "broken", and lose 50% of its attack power and damage reduction.
  • Rings do not have durability, and cannot be broken.
  • Spell Buff and Stability are not affected, even if the weapon is broken, but skills can not be used effectively, if at all.
  • Equipping a broken item will be accompagnied by a shattered glass sound. Weapons and armor even have a unique texture, or shader, for their broken state.
  • Each connecting swing with a weapon will deplete 0.1 durability, meaning 10 hits reduces durability with 1 point. If your weapon rebounds off a shield it will lose 0.2 durability. For bows it's 0.1 durability lost with each shot.
  • Durability is not directly affected when hitting walls and such, but all breakable objects, like barrels and boxes, will reduce durability. Some static objects will also deplete durability if your weapon rebounds upon hitting it.
  • Broken items must be repaired at the Blacksmith or with the Repair sorcery. All other durability states (>0) can be repaired by resting at a bonfire or by using Repair Powder.
  • The Blacksmith's repair cost for broken items are (durability x 10) souls for weapons, and (durability x 5) souls for armor.
  • The Wood Grain Ring slows equipment degradation.



  • Unlike HP, FP and Estus uses, your weapon and armour durability carry over from your own world and degrade at the usual rate. Upon returning to your own world through whatever means, your items will have received more durability damage depending on whether or not you attack and take damage and will not return to the same value or be fully repaired, as with HP, FP and Estus.


Tips for breaking equipment

  • Run through several areas and clear out all enemies, also hit all breakable objects on the way.
  • If you are trying to break armor then let enemies hit you repeatedly.
  • The wretches, imprisoned in the room you can find the Profaned Coal in Irithyll Dungeon, have an acid surge attack that will relatively quickly break your gear. Hide behind a big shield to negate most of the damage from their attacks, and swap the shield for a fresh one if needed.
  • Summoning an opponent equipped with Acid Surge is also a fast way to go about it.
  • If you must replenish your Estus before you have completely broken your equipment, take care not to sit down at the bonfire without preparations, as it will also restore durability for all equipment. Instead unequip all relevant items and drop them next to the bonfire before you rest, then pick them back up and re-equip them after you have rested.




  • From Software actually put some work and thought into the durability system, but with the amount of bonfires and their ability to replenish durability, along with the relative high durability for most equipmnet, very few will actually experience the effects. But I guess we're all glad that the durability system is not as fragile as it was in Dark Souls 2.

    • Anonymous

      20 Oct 2017 22:17  

      I think we can all agree that this mechanic is really fuccin worthless. Seriously, it should be called weapon fragility, not durability.

      • Anonymous

        23 Apr 2017 17:51  

        There should be a ring that increase the speed for durability because its a little to easy when you don't need worry about weapons or armor

        • Anonymous

          15 Feb 2017 00:00  

          lol at that note. "Work and thought". Literally brainlessly copy pasted and turned into a massive waste of time shading the models instead of giving us Blue Lothric or Black Cathedral. Removing it outright would've been a smarter use of time.

          Durability in 2 was fine after patch, don't hit walls or use a back-up weapon/repair powder. God forbid you have to think about the mechanic, or that the game includes interesting durability traps like the basilisk pitfall.

          • Anonymous

            11 Dec 2016 06:29  


            There you go bois, just for those that want an easy way to break their armour; perhaps for aesthetic :')

            • Anonymous

              NG+02 Oct 2016 19:20  

              they should have made it so that enemy damage to weapons and armor scales with each ng+, so not only do you have to worry about higher enemy damage but also things breaking more often.

              • Anonymous

                Dark soul duribility14 Aug 2016 22:56  

                dark souls 1: only really had to worry about it if you forgot to repair it after a boss or towdark souls 2: durability is more fragile and repair powder and the repair sorcery became usefuldark souls 3: nothing ever breaks even the weapons take forever to break making all repair tools and the blacksmith worthless

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