Equipment Load is a gameplay mechanic that determines your mobility based on the weight of the armor, weapons and rings you have equipped.

Each weapon, armor, and ring you have equipped, even if it not currently held in your hands, contributes to your current Equipment Load. The weights are simply added together. Tools, arrows, and bolts do not weight anything, and do not contribute to Equipment Load.

Your character's current and maximum equipment load is shown as a fraction on many screens, and then also as a percentage called Weight Ratio. Depending on your current weight ratio, your character's mobility changes:

 Please see the Stamina page for stamina regeneration information.


Equip Load % Effect
30.0% or less Fastest state: very fast rolls that go the farthest, with 13 iframes. Fast backsteps.
30.1% – 70.0% Regular state: medium rolls with 13 iframes. Fast backsteps.
70.1% – 100.0% Slow state: "fat" slow and short rolls with 12 iframes. Slow backsteps. Stamina regenerates about 20% slower. 
100.1% or higher Overburdened: cannot roll, backstep or run.

You can increase your maximum equip load by:



  • Note that equipping either ring can worsen your equip load percentage at low weights due to their own weight.
  • Unlike Dark Souls 1, Equipment Load has no impact on run speed or sprint speed when it is under 100%.
  • Roll speed and distance are both greater when the equipment load is <30%. However, the animations for the fast and medium roll take the same amount of time to complete.
  • There seems to be some confusion in the community regarding the terms fast and quick. These terms describes the actual velocity of the player character, and not the duration of the roll itself. i.e. Having <30% equipment load covers more distance in the same amount of time.


    • Anonymous

      16 Jul 2017 03:47  

      none of the rings will actually make you have less weight since if you have 0 in the stat, you have a base equip load of 40, even the base ring of favor would increase your equip load by .5 assuming you have 0 in the stat which is impossible

      • Anonymous

        18 May 2017 18:38  

        Quick note you can be at 70.1-70.4% and it will be rounded down to 70% when displayed but because you're technically over the limit you'll be fat rolling

        • Anonymous

          08 Apr 2017 00:18  

          I'm not quite sure: Does the covered Distance of the roll scales gradually with the equip ratio or is the covered distance the same for each state?
          In other words: Is there any difference in mobility if I got 30,1% oder 69,9% equip ratio?

          • Anonymous

            05 Apr 2017 02:36  

            One more thing that nobody seems to notice: if you have 30% or less equipment load, your jumping attacks make you jump MUCH further. You can test it for yourself, the difference is very evident :D

            • Anonymous

              Distance rolled03 Oct 2016 14:36  

              you roll the same distance from 0% to 70% the difference is the speed as which you roll. Rolling with 30% or less makes the animation complete faster. That is all.<br/><br/>The I frames are the same with both and the bloodring adds the same amount of I frames to both. That being said 13 I frames over less time makes it even easier to dodge because you have the same frames over less time. This really goes up when you have bloodring and it raises your I frames from 13 to 17.

              • Anonymous

                70.0% exact16 Sep 2016 12:35  

                The mechanics Mist be based on the value before rounding to three figures - I just hit exactly 70.0% and it switched over to slower rolls etc as compared to a hair below... which does not match this table.

                • Anonymous

                  Inconsistency10 Aug 2016 08:36  

                  The table above says <30% says fast rolls that reach far, <70% gives mediums rolls with good distance, etc... but then one of the notes say equipment load doesn't affect roll distance.

                  • Anonymous

                    Lol04 Jul 2016 02:54  

                    This is wrong as hell. You only start to fast roll if you get too close (within 15 or so) of your maximum equip load. The idea that you fat roll within 70-100 load is nonsense.

                    • Anonymous

                      Maximum Equipment Load17 Jun 2016 18:50  

                      Would anyone mind testing for max values? So 99vit, Havels, Favor and Chain rings? Think that should be added somewhere, since it is technically the limit...

                      • Anonymous

                        Run fasrer13 Jun 2016 19:15  

                        1 idea i like about ds1. Run faster with less weight. More realistic. More to change and adapt to when strategizing how you play. Makes you think more which is fun to me.

                        • Anonymous

                          Glowerworm14 May 2016 04:06  

                          So what if the equip load is 69.8%? Does that automatically round up to 70%?<br/><br/>I suppose what I am asking is: to what term does the number round to?<br/>Nearest whole number? Nearest tenth?

                          • Anonymous

                            "30.0% or less"28 Apr 2016 02:18  

                            I don't seem to be getting fast rolls at exactly 30.0%, but I do at anything less. Could anyone please retest this to make sure it didn't change during a patch?

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