Estus Flask is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Estus Flask

"The Undead treasure these dull green flasks. Fill with Estus at bonfires, and drink to restore HP. The journey of an Undead has always traced the bonfires, and no journey of import has been made without an Estus Flask."


Estus Flask Usage

  • Allows the player to refill some of his/her HP bar.
  • The player will gain more Estus Flasks through out the course of the game, allowing for more healing to be used between Bonfires.
  • The player can also assign how many Estus Flasks become Ashen Estus Flasks at Blacksmith Andre in Firelink Shrine.



Estus Flask Locations

  • Players start the game with 3 Estus Flasks and pick up 1 Ash Estus Flask in the initial area.
  • To obtain more flasks, you must turn in Estus Shard at Blacksmith Andre in the Firelink Shrine.




  • Amount of flasks the player carries can be increased using Estus Shard
  • The player can carry 15 Estus Flasks total.
  • Can be reinforced by burning Undead Bone Shard, at the Firelink Shrine bonfire, up to +10. This allows each swig from the flask to replenish more health.
  • The Estus Ring increases the amount of health regenerated by Estus Flask by 20%.
  •  It's also possible to refill estus flasks by killing enemies. There is a hidden gauge filled by souls of fallen enemies (player doesn't need to kill the monsters themselves).
    • You cannot recover more than your maximum number of uses (i.e., if you have 5 estus flasks, gaining souls will not give you a sixth).
    • Defeating an invader as the host gives you two of each Estus type. Defeating another player as any type of phantom gives you one of each Estus type.
    • (I have done some tests, and the refill mechanics seems very random. Sometimes the same guy can drop 2 refills back to back, and other times I get none at all from several runs through the same area. It's almost like an estus refill is a luckbased drop, kind of like other drops from fallen enemies. Some enemies also have guaranteed estus refills.)
      (needs testing - possibly guaranteed estus refill from killing non-respawning enemies)
  • Every Estus flask upgrade yields less than the one before in recovery, and since the HP recovered grow, the relative improvement may seem even more marginal. This may be because it helps keep play somewhat balanced between a player who finds all the undead bone shards and one who only finds half of them, since the first half of the upgrades is a much more substantial boost than the latter half.


Flask Level HP Recovery HP Recovery with Estus Ring Increase in recovery from last level
+0 250 300 -
+1 335 402 85
+2 410 492 75
+3 470 564 60
+4 515 618 45
+5 535 642 20
+6 550 660 15
+7 565 678 15
+8 580 696 10
+9 590 708 10
+10  600 720 10



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    • 20 Feb 2017 19:48  

      Guys. Whenever you kill someone who invades you. You get +2 estus drinks. It's not random. You earn it for crushing someone. Also is it normal to have bonfire lvl 8 but estus +7 drinks? I think my game ate itself.

      • 19 Feb 2017 00:32  

        Hey I have 15 Estus Flasks already, what happens if I reinforce it again... do I get extra uses for my alternate flask? or does it just do nothing?
        If I give him a total of 17 Shards could I have 15 Norm Estus and 2 Ashen?

        • 09 Feb 2017 13:28  

          for some reason i get estus more frequently during invasions after you kill another player. i guess that boosts your chances of getting more estus flasks

          • 23 Dec 2016 23:20  

            What if you just get a "random" refill when someone in the same general area as you dies in their own world. Since we can see phantoms from other peoples games, and you get refills when a phantom in the same world as you dies, it might at least be worth testing.

            • 16 Nov 2016 10:09  

              Estus is Latin for 'heat'. We know the flame of bonfires heals the undead- I think this might be a poke towards the same fact. Undead carrying bits of heat around with themselves, to be used whenever injured and far from fire...

              • 29 Oct 2016 09:55  

                So I have 15 Estus flasks, I have burnt all 10 undead boneshards but have not got my achievement for it. Is it because I did it offline? (I did it on Steam btw) Does anyone know how I get the achievment?

                • Refill on level25 Sep 2016 00:22  

                  I have noticed you are more prone to get estus in either flask if you have enough souls to level up; Also if you haven't beaten the area boss too. I play as a luck build cuz i am 1/4% irish...

                  • ***** not working yo30 Aug 2016 17:53  

                    hi,i have an annoying bug where i can't get new estus flasks even tho i have estus shards it always tells me that i don't have any I'm playing the game with 3 *****ing flasks and after a few weeks it gets anonying to die cause i can't heal myself

                    • Upgrading Estus Flask01 Jul 2016 04:34  

                      so according to this chart, it's only ever significant to get your flasks to +4 or +5 since healing is improved by nearly 300hp from unupgraded flask (nearly 350hp with the Estus ring) while +6 to +10 upgrades only get you a pitiful 75hp increased healing (<100hp with Estus ring)

                      • To be tested04 Jun 2016 19:20  

                        To be tested : I played several runs and never witnessed a random refill of an Estus Flask, ever. Then, I started a luck based build, and that's when I witnessed random refills, like, quite often. I have 30 luck right now with this character.

                        • Estus flask refills without killing too.08 May 2016 09:04  

                          I'm currently on a pure faith character and I've gotten at least one extra flask just from standing around. I feel like I've gotten more without killing but I can't say for sure.<br/>Moreover, I wonder if it's got anything to do with stats or levels, because I'm getting substantially more refills on my cleric than I got with my tank. I'm around level 30 now and I'm pretty sure I've gotten more refills now than my tank has ever gotten and he's 120 and farming covenant items before going into NG+.<br/><br/>It was especially noticeable during the deacons boss fight. I was somehow getting estus flasks faster than I could consume them.

                          • A theory on Estus refills06 May 2016 05:49  

                            I think it may be related to the amount of souls required to level up.<br/><br/>In my experience, if I need 2000 souls to level up, I will gain an Estus refill when I kill enough enemies to give me 2000 new souls. As I gain more and more levels, this requirement will increase from 2000 to 2500 and so on up to over 25000 souls or whatever in the endgame.<br/><br/>However, it seems to ignore soul-giving items and selling to NPCs, so it gets out of sync with your actual next level requirement as displayed in the stats.

                            • from current experiance.23 Apr 2016 04:57  

                              Frequency of refils seems to have randomness to it maybe the luck stat?<br/>Bigger enemies are more likely to give you a drop.<br/>Getting hit a lot seems to slow down rate of refils, like receiving damage to refill bar.<br/>Ashen estus recovers from casters only?

                              • Refill text doesn't seem right.22 Apr 2016 06:43  

                                The article states "It's possible to refill estus flasks by killing enemies. There is a hidden gauge filled by souls of fallen enemies (player doesn't need to kill the monsters themselves). For every +1000 souls you recieve, you recover one of your consumed estus flask uses. Side note: you cannot recover more than your maximum number of uses. i.e., if you have 5 estus flasks, gaining 1000 souls will not give you a sixth.." <br/><br/>Later in the game enemies drop thousands of souls. And I'm definitely not even getting one estus flask per enemy, let alone one for every 1000 souls.

                                • It's not '1000' - still not sure what triggers it though.19 Apr 2016 22:15  

                                  As I'm farming the little knight that infinitely respawns near Dragon-Kin Mausoleum, every 3 to 5 times I kill him, my estus gets refilled by 1 use.<br/>I can't replicate or guess exactly when the refill occurs, but it always happens. For each time I kill the knight, I get 7,920 souls on NG. (silver ring, mimic head, shield of want all equipped) so the '1000' souls idea is way off. There certainly IS a 'hidden mechanic' that triggers the refill, but I need more time to figure exactly what makes it happen.

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