Faith is a character attribute in Dark Souls 3. This attribute is required to cast miracles and pyromancies and also boosts Dark Defense.

"Faith Dark Souls 3 Attribute required to cast miracles and pyromancies. Increases spell potency.
(Pyromancy is affected by both faith and intelligence.) Dark defense is also calculated from this attribute. "


  • For Faith scaling weapons, damage has a soft cap at 40 Faith, a sharper cap at 60, and a hard cap at 99 Faith.
  • Standard Miracle effectiveness is governed by Faith. Dark Miracle effectiveness is governed by both Faith and Intelligence.
  • Pyromancy effectiveness is governed by Faith and Intelligence.
  • Softcaps:
    • Miracle: 60
    • Pyromancy: 30
    • Dark (miracles, pyromancy and sorceries); 30. Do note that if given spell is cast from a weapon having both faith and inteligence scaling it will use them both.
  • For each point of Faith you receive 1.1 Dark Defense, 0.4 in other defenses, and 0.2 in all resistances.
  • A character requires 45 Faith to cast every Miracle in the game.

    • 14 Nov 2016 12:24  

      is it worth going over 40 faith? i want to have 60 faith but i want to stay at SL 125 so that means if i stay at 40 faith i can spend 20 more points on other stats

      • faith build response06 Sep 2016 04:08  

        a pure faith build is very devistating however unlike a mage build there is no weapon that scales well with faith so a playthrough is difficalt at the start, but by the end it will be well worth it. eather use the dragonslayer axe or a weapon that can be infused with a lightning gem for melee perpouses this will let the weapon scaile s in faith.<br/>

        • Faith Sclaing + 6005 Jul 2016 20:50  

          So i have read a big reddit post about faith scaling etc, and i want to know if its worth to go even more faith like a pure faith build<br/><br/>For example 28 Vig (decent hp), 30 attunement ( enough mana and spell slots imo) and 75 faith for maximum damage<br/><br/>its kinda pure damage miracle caster, but i think it could be very scary if the scaling is that good!<br/>

          • I dont understand29 Jun 2016 06:54  

            Almost everyone is sayin that faith build is waste of time. I really dont agree. <br/><br/>Faith is support. Intelligens and pyromancy is for atacking.<br/><br/>I play faith build and I keep all alive and buffet. And my opinion is that lightning scale weapons and lightning sword (buff) are really good. With 60 faith+hornet ring+lightning cluth ring+lightning lothrit straitght sword I one shot many invaders. Also doing over 300 dmg early game with lightning spear if I am near. So its not so bad.<br/><br/>I dont understand why you want to get everything: super damage, amazin buff and best healing. If that is the case, faith build would be OP.<br/><br/>Isnt it enough when you get best healin+buff and good dmg?<br/><br/>Sorry my bad english. I am just an old viking from Finland.

            • If you're doing a sunlight spear build, go above 40 Faith.08 May 2016 10:42  

              Scaling from 1~40 faith is absolutely dreadful. I can just say that, when it comes to 40~60 faith, it becomes a very good build.<br/><br/>With Sunlight spear (using the sun's first born ring -- but if you don't use it, the damage between the 5 faith is still over 60 for ranged strike):<br/>43 Faith ranged: 515 -- Melee: 861<br/>I equip the priest ring for +5 faith and the results were:<br/>48 Faith ranged: 586 (+73 dmg) -- Melee: 973 (+112 dmg)<br/>The damage increased quite drastically for just 5 faith... imagine how strong it would be at 60 faith :)<br/><br/>With Lightning Stake (took a few tries to actually get this accurate since the perfect hit is SO HARD to land)<br/>43 faith perfect: 613<br/>48 faith perfect: 701 -- +88 dmg<br/><br/>It should also be mentioned that faith's scaling to the Dragonslayer's swordspear affects the lightning bolt and the overall lightning weapon effect (it is known that the normal damage from the spear is also slightly affected by faith):<br/>Lightning bolt: <br/> 43 faith: 837 <br/> 48 faith: 846 (+9 dmg, which isn't much, but noticable nonetheless)<br/>Buffed Normal: <br/> 43 faith: 511 normally<br/> 48 faith: 512 normally (+1 dmg) -- lame!<br/>Buffed strong: <br/> 43 faith: 1021 normally<br/> 48 faith: 1023 normally (+2 dmg) -- lame!<br/>So while you're weapons may not receive much of a boost, your damaging miracles receive a lot. Just make sure that you are scaling above 40 faith or else the damage will be very low.<br/><br/>I use a Saint's Talisman +10 btw. I hope I helped people who are wanting to do a miracle build!

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