Fallen Knight Set

Physical Resitance 27.6 Bleed Resistance 97
Strike Defense 26.6 Poison Resistance 57
Slash Defense 21.8 Frost Resistance 88
Thrust Defense 24.4 Curse Resistance 47
Magic Defense 18.6 Poise 19.2
Fire Defense 28.1  
Lightning Defense 23.2 icon-durabilitiy.png ??
Dark Defense 19.3 icon_weight.png 22.2

Fallen Knight Set is an Armor in Dark Souls 3.

Armor of an order of fallen knights who disbanded and fled but met untimely deaths.

The drab, tattered cloth conceals tough, black metal which provides dependable protection from fire.
It is just possible to make out the majestic gold engravings on its surface.

Location/Where to Find

  • Found in the Road of Sacrifices, from the Halfway Fortress bonfire, go to the lake near two hostile NPCs, by a Great Crab, and all of the pieces can be looted from a corpse.
  • Video location (fextralife video starting at 52m 14s)

Notes and Tips

  • This is an excellent medium weight set all around.
  • Generally good fire resist, and excellent lightning and strike resist for a set of metal armor.
  • The worn appearance seems similar to Hawkwood's Shield, but this is purely speculation.
  • Close inspection (especially of the helm) reveals similarities to the Drakeblood Knights' armor.
  • Being a hooded armor set, it also carries a loose resemblance to the Yahar'gul Hunter Set from Bloodborne.
  • Reading The Lore Description of The Elite Knight Set as well as it's appearance strongly hints that the Fallen Knight Set is a battered Elite Knight Set.

Youtube Location Videos:

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  • ??
  • ??

Piece Information


Fallen Knight Helm

Physical Resitance 4.4 Bleed Resistance 21
Strike Defense 4.2 Poison Resistance 14
Slash Defense 3.6 Frost Resistance 19
Thrust Defense 4.0 Curse Resistance 12
Magic Defense 2.9 Poise 3.5
Fire Defense 4.2  
Lightning Defense 3.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 370
Dark Defense 2.6 icon_weight.png 4.6
Armor Type Helms

Fallen Knight Armor

Physical Resitance 12.6 Bleed Resistance 43
Strike Defense 12.2 Poison Resistance 28
Slash Defense 10.0 Frost Resistance 39
Thrust Defense 11.1 Curse Resistance 22
Magic Defense 8.3 Poise 8.7
Fire Defense 12.4  
Lightning Defense 10.4 icon-durabilitiy.png 360
Dark Defense 9 icon_weight.png 9.2
Armor Type Chest Armor

Fallen Knight Gauntlets

Physical Resitance 3.3 Bleed Resistance 11
Strike Defense 3.2 Poison Resistance 5
Slash Defense 2.6 Frost Resistance 10
Thrust Defense 2.9 Curse Resistance 4
Magic Defense 2.4 Poise 2.1
Fire Defense 3.7  
Lightning Defense 3.0 icon-durabilitiy.png 350
Dark Defense 2.2 icon_weight.png 3.1
Armor Type Gauntlets

Fallen Knight Trousers

Physical Resitance 7.3 Bleed Resistance 22
Strike Defense 7.0 Poison Resistance 10
Slash Defense 5.6 Frost Resistance 20
Thrust Defense 6.4 Curse Resistance 9
Magic Defense 5.0 Poise 4.9
Fire Defense 7.8  
Lightning Defense 6.3 icon-durabilitiy.png 350
Dark Defense 5.5 icon_weight.png 5.3
Armor Type Leggings




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    • 17 May 2017 02:11  

      Well tried to register to see if I could edit, but that didn't work.
      Under Notes and Tips you need to fix the link to the Drakeblood Set.
      Needs to be changed from to

      • 27 Apr 2017 20:40  

        nothing is more cringey than a fool who gets beat by an R1 spammer then takes to the wiki to complain about it a pretty cool looking armor set. I mean how dare someone wear armor they personally think looks cool and its a decent set all around

        • 22 Apr 2017 02:08  

          If you are going to wear this, make sure you don't wear the full set or the head piece/pants. They look super edgy and give off a vibe you probably watch some trash tier anime like naruto. I remember back in the day this was the to-go set for the Dork Sword spammers. The chest/arm piece is alright.

          • 04 Apr 2017 01:47  

            Typical Dark Souls elitists.
            If an armor set don't have all around prefect stats for whatever build you've been grinding so hard to create it gets hated on.
            You elitists give us Souls veterans a bad name with your superiority complex.
            New flash assholes, Dark Souls ain't the hardcore game you think it is, every game its gotten easier and easier.
            Hell this latest game almost got a *****ing easy mode.
            Also everything you think Dark Souls coined has already been done by Castlevainia and most of its gameplay is contrast to Symphony of The Night specifically, right down to the Metriodvainia exploration.

            • 13 Mar 2017 20:12  

              Oh, there it is, the Katana Wielding Cringelord Armor.
              I once invaded someones World and his name was ''Sasusake'' and i thought ''Hmm, this guy probably wears fallen Knight Set and has a Katana, that would be really cringe''. And guess *****ing what. Full Fallen Knight and TWO Katanas.

              And of course R1 R1 R1 R1 and then he even had some weaboo anime pic AND used point Down. It cant get more cringy.

              • 01 Mar 2017 20:58  

                Everyone complains about people wearing this. Out of all the problems you idiots wanna complain about sonething that was worn by a lot of people wheb the game first came out.

                • 29 Dec 2016 15:00  

                  The metal of the Helm is clearly mangled and the horizontal slit I previously thought was an eyehole is the result of that. There are clearly two smaller eyeholes right above that slit. While the pieces of the two sets are obviously not the same, the golden engravings and the whole color scheme are very similar to Vilhelm's set. Leads me to believe that the band of fallen knights were former knights of Londor. I really want the restored version of this set without the cloth.

                  • 26 Nov 2016 13:02  

                    Don't know how it resembles Yahar'Gul. The hoods doesn't even look alike. Also, it's like saying this resembles Mirrah Chan set because it has gauntlets.

                    • 24 Nov 2016 01:24  

                      elite knight helm with the rest of this set and shield of want with the twin princes greatsword
                      best looking combo in the game (excluding the berserker armour looking set I made)

                      • Fire resist22 Sep 2016 08:31  

                        Why does everyone use this set for fire resist, other sets have better fire resist than this one. Anyone know the set with the best fire resist?

                        • Fashion souls24 Aug 2016 16:48  

                          Run with the Fallen knight helm and chest, sellsword gauntlets and sorcerer boots , i don't really know what you would call it, but it looks ***** good

                          • Stop putting up false information01 Aug 2016 02:32  

                            Any tiny resemblance to the drakeblood set is purely coincidental.<br/><br/>It only has similar colour palette, that's it.<br/><br/>FALLKNGHT set has a full cuirass torsoplate, DRKBLOD has not.

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