Forked Pale Tongue is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Forked Pale Tongue


Proof that a red eye orb invader successfully fended off a blue spirit. Those who hunt dark spirits take the names of gods in ancient accord with the Way of Blue, a deception exemplified by their tongues. Use to acquire two Pale Tongues.


Forked Pale Tongue Usage



Forked Pale Tongue Locations




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    • Anonymous

      03 Apr 2017 00:17  

      Do you get these if a blue dies or if you deal the killing blow? I got one once when invading in Lothric Castle and just got one with the notification that a blue died. There didnt seem to be any other invaders though so perhaps the forked tongue is awarded to the invader if he's the only one.

      • Anonymous

        I'm a idoit12 Sep 2016 00:46  

        I didn't know you had to use them to get them I was going crazy trying find out how to get the tongues our of them... yeah

        • Anonymous

          Forked Pale vs Pale24 Apr 2016 02:35  

          Does one aquire anything special upon bestowing Rosaria with a certain number of Forked tongues?

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