Please see Boreal Outrider Knight instead.

    • Outrider Knight vs Darkwraith27 Apr 2016 02:50  

      I keep seeing videos showing the outsider miniboss in the same location as the darkwraith. Also directions for finding dungeon key vs lift key. It seems as though pre-release they had a different name for the key, and they had the frost knight mini boss where the darkwraith is now. Unless doing story missions changes this, that's all I can come up with.

      • Three strats for beating Frosty the Knight Man including the elevator instakill16 Apr 2016 13:23  

        Here's a video showing a few strats for beating the Frost Knight<br/><br/>

        • This is my Whip strategy. He killed me one too many times, so I found an easy way.14 Apr 2016 21:46  

          Get the whip which drops in the same are, lure him to the door, and him him from behind the wall, here is the video:<br/><br/>

          • This mob is bull*****.12 Apr 2016 21:03  

            Overly agressive doens't begin to describe how stupidly hard this AI is, Forget most weapons & most builds against this guy as he is, Stunlocking with enchantments based on stunlocking you more and then you give it a greatsword at scimitar speeds? Come on Miyazaki.. #WorseThanVordt

            • Frost Knight info is wrong12 Apr 2016 19:04  

              The video does not match up with the correct knight. The instructions are to lead you to the Darkwraith that is at the bottom of the tower in High Wall of Lothric. The knight in the video is in the Cathedral at the Cliff Underside.

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