Frostbite is a Status Effect in Dark Souls 3.

Frostbite Information

Inflicting frostbite on an entity will cause them to take a small amount of damage and reduce their defense and stamina regeneration.



Frostbite Sources

Frostbite Weaponry



  • Effective against most foes that still have flesh, and particularly effective against a selected few bosses, most notably the Dragonslayer Armour.

    • 29 Mar 2017 16:12  

      is there a way to tell if an enemy is frostbitten? i think i see when it happens. like their torso has steam come out for a second or 2. but is there a way to know how long it lasts or any other indication. i guess if i knew how long it last i could guesstimate when it would go away IF i saw when it actually set in.

      • 17 Mar 2017 06:05  

        Here's an idea: make frost weaponry deal bonus damage to frostbitten opponents. Perhaps increase the damage dealt by a percentage equal to the frost aux effect on the weapon. Because right now there's no reason to keep using frostbite once your opponent is frostbitten. Although it would make the outrider knights a bit more frightening.

        • 03 Feb 2017 08:38  

          Make it a two-stage effect. Once frostbite triggers once, you take the normal effects, if it triggers again, freeze the enemy for like a second, or something punishing along those lines.

          • 07 Nov 2016 18:43  

            Can anyone confirm that Luck affects the frostbite buildup? I'm planning on doing a Frost build with 40 luck but i need to know if it's worth the investment

            • Another idea24 Sep 2016 08:49  

              Make it so that you can only have 2 stacks of frostbite, frostbite and frozen, when frost bitten you become overencumbered and fat role, when frozen you can't move and can only swing your sword and use your shield.

              • Idea24 Sep 2016 08:45  

                Been reading through the comments, and I have an idea. Frost should have 2 available infusions, cold and ice. Cold infusions give 30 frost in exchange for slight physical damage reduction. Ice infusions give 65 frost in exchange for twice as much damage mitigation. This along with a post saying frost should stack would be a very fun and viable build.

                • The only way to fix it without changing it too much...24 Sep 2016 08:35  

                  Make frostbite stack. If you can get 5 full bars of frostbite that would be great, and give frost weapons 100 frost so they can build up a little faster.

                  • Tears of Denial08 Sep 2016 16:45  

                    After running into the Outrider Knight in Lothric Castle a few times, I'm fairly certain that the small burst of damage is delayed enough/acts as a dot such that it goes right through ToD. This is actually useful to know, imo.

                    • Some tests results31 Jul 2016 08:10  

                      As said by someone below, the stamina regen debuff is pretty ignorable. Also, being frostbitten lower absorbtion by ~5%. The tiny dmg burst seems to be max hp% based, but as mentionned, it's really low.<br/><br/>Frostbite weapons cannot be infused or buffed, and the frostbite effect sux atm, both PvE and PvP. But hey, it's a "cool" effect.<br/>Still expecting cooler.<br/><br/>Tested with the Pontiff Knight Great Scythe. Btw, its weapon art builds up around 60 frostbite (I'm talking of the freezy-wavy animation, which is god***** too long), and the buff makes each hit building up around 30/35 frostbite.

                      • What does frost scale on?23 Jun 2016 04:31  

                        I'd like to know as Brody's has 50, and the irythrill straight sword has 35, from what I've seen from PVP against these weapons, frost pretty much can't be inflicted in PVP and I'm unsure of its nature. I was hoping for frost weapons. But not like this

                        • Boreal Frostbite Funtime09 Jun 2016 05:54  

                          Eeeverything is frozeeeen<br/>Everything's as cold as a prisoner's meal<br/>Eeeverything is frozeeeen<br/>When you're from Irithyll

                          • No Frostbite Ring?25 May 2016 13:40  

                            It's weird that the Fleshbite Ring covers Poison, Bleed, Frost, and Curse, and that there are Poisonbite, Bloodbite and Cursebite Rings, but no Frostbite Ring. Especially considering that all four of the types covered by the Speckled Plate Ring have their own individual rings. <br/><br/>But I guess this mechanic is such trash you'd never wear a Frostbite Ring, anyway

                            • Frostbite is useless07 May 2016 12:39  

                              With no Chloranthy Ring it takes about seven seconds to regain all my stamina at endurance 20 while frostbitten. With the Chloranthy Ring it takes about 6 seconds. With about 4 seconds with 20 endurance, the Chloranthy Ring, and no forstbitten. It does not matter what your frost resistance is frost will only do 137 damage. Frostbite need a lot more work on it to be viable to be useful in pve or pvp. I did not take into account the second or two it takes to begin your stamina regen if you over draw your stamina.

                              • Possible Sorcery?27 Apr 2016 23:44  

                                It'd be nice to see a sorcery that causes frostbite. It could be similar to Toxic Mist, except having it disperse around you instead of at the enemy. Just an idea.

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