Jrawly's Fume Ultra Greatsword Overload
level_icon.jpg Vigor Attunement Endurance Vitality
 90  35  6  35  15
Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith Luck
 50  10  8  9  11


This is a player-created Build for Dark souls 3.

  • Build Name: Jrawly's Fume Ultra Greatsword Overload
  • Build Level: 90+
  • Build Focus: PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Strength
  • Link to Dark Souls 3 Calculator: Buggy build calculator link here.
  • Overload.jpg           Overload_w_rings.jpg


Build Equipment

NOTE: Gear doesn't matter too much, just stay below 70% equipment load.


Build Strategy

(Apparently I can't post a link to youtube, but search "Jrawly Dark Souls 3 pvp build" or something and a video showcasing this build should come up. It's stupid though. *SPACE JAM*)

The pace of the battle is controlled from three main elements: Weapon range, stamina availibility, and mix-ups.

  1. Weapon Range
    • The Fume Ultra GS has enormous range. It can be weilded with two hands for earth-quaking chops and combos, or with one hand for area coverage. Bait out attacks from your opponent and punish.
  2. Stamina Availability
    • Using both the Chloranthy Ring and the Green Blossom, stamina regain is ~35% faster. This, coupled with the Knight Slayer's Ring, allows for more attacks to break your opponents stamina and health reserves giving you the upper hand. You should have enough stamina for 4 swings, but only use 2 swings at a time. The left-over stamina is for blocking and rolling.
  3. Mix-Ups
    • No one wants to be hit by the Fume. Each swing will evoke a roll or block from your opponent. Let them figure out your attack patters then bait out a roll or attack and punish. Experiment with stomp for greater mind games.

To simplify, two different strategies can be implemented depending on opponent.

  • Shield and/or Heavy Armor
    • Use your weapon's range to apply pressure
      • NOTE: You (most likely) have the melee range advantage so keep opponent weapon's length away
    • Toss out two-handed attacks occasionally during the neutral stage of the fight
      1. If attack misses and opponent rolls away, step back and regain stamina
      2. If attack misses and opponent rolls toward you, roll away
        • NOTE: If opponent rolls in often switch to one-hand attacks. 
        • In one-hand mode, if attack misses and opponent rolls toward you, swing again
      3. If attack hits (shield or player) follow up attack once
        • NOTE: Two-handed second attack can combo from first hit, but the third can be dodged
  • Dual-Wield or Range
    • Wield your weapon with one hand, the wide swings can cover poorly-timed rolls
    • Wait out their attacks
      • For this build to work, you must controll the pace of the fight. Let them wear down their FP before you get too aggressive.
      • An easy way to mix up your move set is to use your Fume special: stomp. This can be used alone or followed up with an attack. Switch it up to confuse the opponent.

TL;DR - Throw out single attacks to keep opponent out. Use special (stomp) as a mixup. Watch your stamina--never throw out more than two attacks.

Fun Tip: In two-handed mode the second swing pulls up from the ground in front of you and lands behind you and both have hitboxes. Watch my video to see how this can save your life... or can be used for funny kills ;).

Happy smashing,



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    • Anonymous

      This thing is so strong >.<14 May 2016 21:34  

      On paper it looks like this weapon is heavy and too much of an investment to be worth it. But oh ***** it is so worth it. I did change a few things though. I'm on SL 120, because that's where most people stay for PvP and this weapon shines on 120 (IMO). I run with 45 str and the ring to get 50, and I have havel's ring, chloranthy ring, and ring of favor on +2 because I have cleared NG++. So i have a max equip load of 109.9 I can pretty much carry a grass crest shield, half of havel's set and FUGS and still be under 70%. My set is more fashion though. The point is that I don't have to use the "free" 15 levels ring for endurance vitality and vigor. Which leads to my resists ending up high enough to trade hits with ANY weapon in the game. BKGA? no problem I win the trades. DSGA? same with this damage cannon too, unless he does the weapon art 1 shot thing. But yeah by using your strategies and my own modification of the build, I have managed to create something strong enough to beat 4 gankers when invading, or destroy dark spirits in fight clubs faster than the host can summon them. <br/><br/><br/>Btw I don't see the point of the +5 end/vit/vig ring because the point of those stats is getting harder to kill, but the ring takes your damage reduction to like negative...

      • Anonymous

        Stats14 May 2016 01:36  

        So I've reached the 100 mark this build suggests, added a few points to vigor and some to vitality(to carry morions blade) and was wondering what others think about adding some points to attunement and faith in order to cast tears of denial, among other things. Thoughts?

        • Anonymous

          Mixing weapons22 Apr 2016 12:20  

          Hello,<br/><br/>is it possible to mix this build with the use of the Greatsword ??<br/><br/>Can you tell me what should i do if i play with the greatsword? I actually infused it in heavy and i'd like to put 50 Strenght into it.<br/><br/>What would you recommend?<br/><br/>Anyway thanks for your build really precise it looks fun and op i'll try this :)

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