Carthus Sandworm

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Carthus Sandworm is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

 Should be merged with Giant Sandworm

Enemy Description

  • A visually impressive mini-boss that guards the entrance to the Old Demon King.
  • Erupts from the ground if you turn left upon entering the Smouldering Lake.
  • Will damage you if you stand too close to its moving body, or if you get caught by its lightning breath.


Combat Information

  • It is advised to NOT shut down the Giant Avelyn before starting the fight.
  • You can easily bait the Avelyn to shoot Sandworm from a safe area behind any rock killing it with ease. Video Example
  • The Sandworm is unable to attack if you stay on the solid rock behind it.
  • It is advised to snipe at the worm with a bow of choice.
  • There are openings in its attack patterns for melee attacks. The worm has to stop moving or you'll be knocked back.
  • Can not be lured.
  • Can be Rapported?
  • If the Avelyn is taken out the Sandworm is easily baited into melee, just wait for it to use its lightning attack and run up to hit it until it starts to move again and back away. Repeat as necessary.


Notes & Trivia

  • Drops Lightning Stake and Undead Bone Shard
  • Drops 6,000 Souls. NG+ (18,000) NG++ (19,801) NG+5 (22,501)
  • The description on Lightning Stake and the nature of the worm suggest that it is not a dragon or demon, but a transformed dragonslayer.
  • Is the same Worm that is mentioned in the description of the Yellow Bug Pellet.
  • Also might be a reference to the Shai-Hulud (or Shaitan later in the books) which are giant sandworms from the Dune saga writen by Frank Herbert.






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Variation Name

Location Drops

Variation Name

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    • 21 Feb 2017 22:54  

      It actually IS possible for the sandworm to turn around, ofcourse this was a glitch, me and a friend of mine got to witness this firsthand. Unfortunently I have no living I guess I hope you take my word for it?

      • Why04 Oct 2016 10:16  

        Why do some people out there believe that this random ass sand worm in the smoldering lake is everyone's favorite sun bro Solarie. Is it because its shoots lightning from its "mouth" and that it drops lightning stake when you kill it or let the giant cross bow kill it.

        • Weaknesses and Resistances13 Aug 2016 09:41  

          Weak to Dark. Can bleed. Can also be poisoned and intoxicated. Melee is the worst option; just use a bow and poison arrows. Pyromancers and miracle casters with Gnaw will have an easy time with this fight. Not sure about sorcery, haven't tried it.

          • Inspired...06 Jul 2016 06:23  

            Because you would need inspiration from elsewhere, to create a giant worm... Jfc, not everything in this game is taken from elsewhere. If I read one more comment about nameless King being goku, I'm done.

            • Beating it easy02 Jul 2016 08:40  

              Just run left where the fog door is. The snake won't be able to reach you but the ballista will keep firing. The arrows will pierce the snake on the way, but they will still reach the ground so dodge rolling is needed. But i found a small elevation in the ground, so staying behind it will prvent any arrows from reaching you.<br/><br/>A few arrows more, and the snake will die

              • connection to cthulu myth23 Jun 2016 21:31  

                chartus sandworm description almost same as Lovecraft creatures :<br/><br/>Dholes, also called bholes, are fictitious creatures described in the Cthulhu Mythos of H. P. Lovecraft.<br/><br/> Below him the ground was festering with gigantic Dholes, and even as he looked, one reared up several hundred feet and leveled a bleached, viscous end at him<br/><br/>Dholes are huge, slimy worm-like creatures, at least several hundred feet long. Because they avoid daylight and are covered in viscous goo, their features are nearly impossible to discern. Similar creatures called bholes exist in the Vale of Pnath in the Dreamlands.<br/><br/> Now Carter knew from a certain source that he was in the vale of Pnath, where crawl and burrow the enormous dholes; but he did not know what to expect, because no one has ever seen a dhole, or even guessed what such a thing may be like. Dholes are known only by dim rumour from the rustling they make amongst mountains of bones and the slimy touch they have when they wriggle past one. They cannot be seen because they creep only in the dark.<br/> —H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.<br/>

                • Just use melee23 May 2016 01:44  

                  I don't understand how its hard to kill this thing with melee... takes like 30 seconds, just wait for it to do its lightning attack and run up and hit it twice and repeat. Also, don't listen to the dumbass who says don't take out the ballista. It only puts a hinderance on killing it.

                  • Safe spot15 May 2016 02:42  

                    Ther is a safe spot for easy ranged kill.When you first enter the area stay close to the left,get to the point where the worm spawn and stay back to the rocks before a sligtly sticking out rocks and simply keep shuting with whatever you got.

                    • Worm leaving?03 May 2016 09:41  

                      I postposed the worm kill till I was done with this area, so I came back after clearing the area and shutting down the giant ballista. I am _almost_ sure I also defeated Old Demon King before attempting to actually kill the worm, so, when I wanted to, the worm was not there anymore. I haven't found any info about the worm leaving the place, I assume killing the boss makes the creature go away?

                      • Mini-boss?25 Apr 2016 00:38  

                        Felt like more of an obstacle than an actual enemy. I just sat slightly behind him and shot him to death with arrows and fireballs while it did nothing of interest.

                        • Plz Fix23 Apr 2016 11:07  

                          From soft Has To Double His HP<br/>And Make His Resistant To Lightning and Fire <br/>He Is So Easy To Bait, But Youu Should Avoid Him At Low Levels

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