Grand Archives Key is a Key Item in Dark Souls 3.

Grand Archives Key

Key to the main entrance to the Grand Archives of Lothric.

With the fire fading, and the spreading pus of man tainting the castle, the Grand Archives closed its doors for good.

Today, only a few of its keys remain. This one likely belonged to Gotthard, one of king's Black Hand, who fled the castle.


Grand Archives Key Usage



Grand Archives Key Locations




  • You have to defeat 3 Lords of Cinder and initiate the cutscene.




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    • Anonymous

      10 Dec 2017 20:09  

      Great. First playthrough Orbeck took off so i went ng+ so I can get crystal magic AND be invaded again at pontiffs. Now I'll need to be in Ng+2 just for pontiffs because of this wack lil ring, what a drag. They should have made you unable to enter the prince fight early, NOT the archive

      • Anonymous

        18 Sep 2017 07:21  

        urgh that's annoying, i was trying to get early crystal magic on my twink, took forever to kill dragon armor, just to get screwed over by this little key.

        • Anonymous

          21 Jul 2017 09:51  

          guys all are u need grand archives key just do it go to anor londo then go defeat aldrich,devouror of gods u will teleport to where the lady u killed she was sitting in the chair go up by ladder find (contraption does not move)lift now activated go through that lift directly u will go to the grand archives their grand archives key popping on the floor by dead soldier.then ................. go kill .........

          • Anonymous

            27 Dec 2016 11:12  

            I'm pretty sure the corpse outside is not Black Hand Gotthard. He wields the Gotthard Twinswords (named after him), while the corpse clearly is equipped with two katanas. I speculate that this is the third Black Hand, possible killed by Gotthard when he decided to defect and rather help the unkindled against the Abyss Watchers and Pontyff. Perhaps he left his sword behind in the flight, as in the encounters he is summoned for he usually only uses one sword.

            • Anonymous

              12 Dec 2016 00:45  

              3 lords of cinder. ludleth doesnt count does he? i wanna leave alritch alive so the pontiff arena stays lively

              • Anonymous

                ffffffuuuuu........08 Aug 2016 18:37  

                And here i was thinking i could open all areas of the game without defeating some area bosses, so that i could summon a phantom friend and use the dried finger and get lots of attention from invaders for epic 2vs2 messed up fights. (nope not intending to be a gank squad, just huge messed up fights)

                • Anonymous

                  Disappointing11 Jul 2016 11:24  

                  Wow I made it all the way to the Grand Archives thinking I could kill Lothric before either of the other two lords and the key wasnt there. This game really IS railroading you. Sad.

                  • Anonymous

                    How to get key to appear30 Apr 2016 20:05  

                    FYI this no key bug happens because of a certain "master assisted bug". Just keep teleporting between cinder lords locations and eventually the cutscene will load and you will be teleported to dancers area which youve already killed with the master bug. This will allow the key to spawn.And no need to get all bent out of shape and deny that you did it. This happens when dancer is killed before the dancer event is triggered. Im suuure you all killed it legitly before you even killed the first boss... anyways gl

                    • Anonymous

                      ***** you29 Apr 2016 09:50  

                      did what you guys say but still no key ***** you. they are all on there thrones chilling but now I cant do ***** someone help ... #hoe

                      • Anonymous

                        No Corpse = No Key28 Apr 2016 20:03  

                        The corpse that was supposedly to be outside the door, is NOT there and I'm now stuck just sitting here at the door, without any way of getting through. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXD

                        • Anonymous

                          Key wont show.26 Apr 2016 17:55  

                          I have killed 3 Lords of Cinder, however i died as Aldrich did, and i didn't get any cut scene or anything, am i missing something to make it appear? or have i broke my game??

                          • Anonymous

                            Early Game26 Apr 2016 05:10  

                            You can access Lothric area if you defeat the dancer , but the key to open the grand archives wont appear until you defeat Lords of Cinders first , so yeah , u cant defeat Lothric brothers early :(

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