Gundyr's Halberd

145 physical_defense-shield-icon.jpg 45.0
- lightning_defense-shield-icon.jpg 25.0
100 icon-wp_stability.png 25
icon_weight.png 13.0
Requirements & Bonus
C E - -
30 15 0 0
weapon_type-icon.jpg Halberds damage_type-icon.jpg Standard
skill-icon.jpg Champion's Charge icon_fp_cost.png 15 (-/15)

Gundyr's Halberd is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.

Halberd of Gundyr the Champion, received when he was charged with his duty.

This old cast-iron halberd has the power to break poise, and is said to never crumble, seeming to suggest that Gundyr was fated to eternal service from the beginning.

Skill: Champion's Charge
Hold spear at waist and charge at foe, and use momentum to transition into sweeping strong attack. 

Notes and Tips:

  • Cannot be Buffed or Infused. 
  • Upgraded with Titanite Scales.
  • The longest Halberd in the game when 2-handed.
  • The strongest pure physical Halberd at 66 Strength.

Location/Where to Find

Moveset and Videos:

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Gundyr's Halberd Upgrade Table

  Attack ValuesBonus Parameter Bonus Auxiliary Effects Damage Reduction (%)
Strength Bonus
Dexterity Bonus
Intelligence Bonus
Faith Bonus
Regular 145 - - - - C E - - - - - 45 30 25 25 30
Regular +1 168 - - - - C E - - - - - 45 30 25 25 30
Regular +2 192 - - - - C E - - - - - 45 30 25 25 30
Regular +3 216 - - - - B E - - - - - 45 30 25 25 30
Regular +4 240 - - - - B E - - - - - 45 30 25 25 30
Regular +5 264 - - - - B E - - - - - 45 30 25 25 30


    • 17 May 2017 09:27  

      this needs a buff to hyperarmor/poise dmg & maybe slight buff to scaling
      maybe nerf the WA a bit in exchange for that to make it viable w/o just repeating L2 combo
      it looks amazing & has so much potential but it's hard not to get frustrated by 2H attacks getting stunlocked by greatsword class 1H R1s

      • 08 May 2017 22:57  

        I kinda wish they never removed it's poise damage. Because from a lore standpoint and the size, it makes sense. Would of been a good weapon to use against annoying Hyper Armor centric weapons. Oh well, DumbSoft does it again.

        • 02 May 2017 19:03  

          "This old cast-iron halberd [...] is said to never crumble" 500 Durability? Could as well be 30 with the current system where weapons automatically repair themselves and wear down even slower than in ds1. The only way to break your weapon is to not know what to do in Deacons bossfight or when doing a no bonfire run.

          • 31 Mar 2017 11:43  

            surprisingly effective WA against the current meta nerds spamming L1 with the ringed greatswords :^) might be worth a try if you have trouble against those.

            • 18 Mar 2017 04:23  

              Tip against wannabe parry lords: Dead angle the weapon art since it has god tier tracking. Do the charge but don't go straight, go to the right of the person and for the spin go behind them and it should hit them (spin can't be parried)
              It's what I do to juke L2 spammers and then I use the full weapon art on wakeup for a nice kill.

              • 06 Mar 2017 16:05  

                I don't really have a problem with this weapon, except for the spinning attack on the WA. The hitbox on it is a bit broken from my experiences. I move out of the way of the charge, then dodge the spin, yet it still hits me nearly every time.

                • 28 Nov 2016 14:14  

                  This weapon is my most favorite PvP weapon in the game. It has a variable moveset, decent AR, and it being a pure strength weapon it can have point put in other stats when using a build with this weapon.

                  • poise break actually a thing?11 Sep 2016 05:48  

                    I might be wrong on this but if poise has to do something with hyper armor then it should break hyper armor more easily right? Then that should explain why this thing seems to break my UGS hyper armor with one hit it could be heavy lag on my end but it seems to be the only weapon that does it consistently

                    • Damage output concern!!09 Sep 2016 16:41  

                      I like the weapons look, moveset and weapon art, but im concerned about the weapon damage output, i just got it yesterday and ill invest all my titanite scales to see if it inflicts good damage.

                      • Parryable?05 Sep 2016 16:02  

                        Can this weapons' charge art be parryed like Champion Gundyr's? If I am not mistaken I think I have seen players parry The Champion while he is using his charge, is it the same for Player Vs Player? Thank you.

                        • useless weapon, + range explained30 Jul 2016 14:34  

                          The durability is unnecessarily high, as it fills every time you rest. This makes the stat useless, as well as the already useless repair powder even more shamefully useless. Transposing it is useless, because giving up this useless weapon for an OP ring is what most smart people will do. The item description brags about how it breaks poise, which is useless, because poise itself is useless, and non existent.<br/>Also I did some research, and I figured out the broken range.<br/>The halberd itself has a smaller model to fit the player size, like almost every other transposable boss weapon. When the weedheads up in the poise department at Fromsoftware were converting it, they made the physical weapon smaller but not the range, thus meaning that the weapon has the same hitbox as the one that gundyr uses.

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