Hollowing in Dark Souls 3 is accumulated when the player dies while branded with a Dark Sigil. The amount of Hollowing gained per death is equal to the number of Dark Sigils in the player's inventory. At 15 or more Hollowing, the player becomes Hollow.


General Information

Speaking with Yoel of Londor allows the player to gain a free level five times in exchange for being branded with a Dark Sigil each time. While the first level up needs no hollowing, the following need respectively: 2, 6, 12 and 15. The player becomes a hollow when the hollowing counter reaches 15. Three additional Dark Sigils can be obtained from Anri of Astora through Yuria of Londor's questline, but these do not give the player any more levels.

All Sigils appear under Key Items, and each hollows the player for one point in death. For example, when three Dark Sigils are in the player's inventory, the player will gain 3 more Hollowing each time they die.

Once Yoel has given all five Sigils, he dies and Yuria of Londor appears where he used to be.



Removing Dark Sigils and Hollowing

Once the player has given the Fire Keeper the Fire Keeper Soul, she can remove the Dark Sigil from the player and remove all Hollowing, which costs a number of souls equal to the player's last five levels. The levels are not lost, the player is just paying the cost for the previously "free" levels. This will cancel Yuria's questline, Londor Pale Shade's summon signs, and make the Londor Pale Shade invade the player at certain in-game areas. Note that curing the Dark Sigil in this way will make it impossible to get any more Dark Sigils for that playthrough, and the player will not be able to get the Usurpation of Fire ending.


Reversing Hollowing

The player can reset their Hollowing counter back to zero by using a Purging Stone. Purging Stones will only reset the player's Hollowing and do not remove the Dark Sigil, and using a Purging Stone will not abort Yuria of Londor's questline. Purging Stones can be purchased from Yuria of Londor, or bought from the Shrine Handmaiden if you give her the Hollow's Ashes or Yuria's Ashes. They can be farmed from Sewer Centipedes in the Profaned Capital toxic swamp.

Alternatively, it can be healed by Velka if you select the Dissolution option.


Hollow Weapons

Obtain info about the Hollow infusion on the Upgrades page.


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Known Bugs

Your character will lose his/her shadow when hollowed (patch 1.03)

    • 28 Mar 2017 14:31  

      Since i got my 5 free levels, and cured hollowing, everytime i ember myself, strangely enough, the "flame-like" lines on my character doesn't show up anymore, bug or something else?

      • 01 Mar 2017 12:34  

        Isk about you but I kind of like the zombified version, looks badass since we are all undead. Makes me look like a pkayer formed from cinder but cursed with the dark sigil, since that is what I am XD

        • 23 Feb 2017 07:56  

          So if i do it and gain 5 free lvls and then choose to cure my hollowing do i still get to keep those lvls? Just wana know cuz i am not rly a fan of being hollow

          • 09 Dec 2016 09:47  

            Anyone got hollow reversed while invade another world? When I almost kill the host I suddenly die by no reason (look like curse dead and all of my HP lost) and it show blue letter "hollow reversed"....

            • 23 Nov 2016 00:11  

              Why does a hollow ingredients infusion with a scaling of D/C do more base and bonus damage than a refined infusion with a scaling of C/C. (On the ubadachi and washing pole)

              • 31 Oct 2016 03:55  

                I started DS3 lately (DS2/BB Veteran) and I am working to get the "Ursupation of Flame Ending" for my NG. After I got it, can I just cure my Hallowing at the Firekeeper and never bother with it again?

                • Hollowing effect?08 Oct 2016 13:08  

                  I'm very new to Dark Souls. First time I've ever played it. I have 81 hollowing at level 48. What is it doing? Not allowing me to summon others?

                  • Can summon while hollowing22 Sep 2016 16:46  

                    I've noticed that I couldn't get Eygon summoned before the Crystal Sage while I was at 41 hollowing. Then, I payed 4000 souls to the Statue of Velka to reset the hollowing and then I was able to summon Eygon.

                    • "she can restore the player to their pre-branding status( removing his Sigils and healing his Hollowing) at the cost of their five last level-ups"14 Sep 2016 17:29  

                      Removing the dark sigil via the Firekeeper does not remove the player's levels, it simply costs as much as those levels would have (equal to the cost of their last five level ups). I changed the text to be more clear.

                      • Hollowing and the Firekeepers Soul08 Sep 2016 00:42  

                        I've taken my first "free" level from Yoel and have died twice, however no sign on hollowing. My hollowing level is only at 2 so maybe signs of hollowing don't show up this soon, but I have the Firekeepers soul in my inventory. Does just having it prevent me from hollowing? Also, if I give the Firekeeper the Firekeeper Soul will it remove my Dark Sigil or do I have to pay for that service once I give her the soul? I appreciate all the help. Thank you.

                        • Level 120 Pvp cap07 Sep 2016 19:18  

                          It would really be nice if they added an additional method of hollowing that doesn't involve leveling up. Alot of players cap of around lvl 120-130 so if they want to get hollowed at that point they cant do so without ruining their build. And if you pve like I do you won't have any dark sigils sitting around for very long. Maybe dying of cursed could add 5-10 hollowing? This would be a decent way to farm up hollowing and it isn't against dark souls lore as curse caused hollowing in the second dark souls.

                          • Drawbacks to hollowing?31 Aug 2016 08:30  

                            Although I never used Yoel of Londor, even though I brought him back to Firelink, I will plan on using him in NG+. But I want to know beforehand if there are any detrimental effects to being hollowed. I am fine with the cosmetic effects; I just want to know if it negatively affects my stats in any way.

                            • Hollowing?19 Aug 2016 23:52  

                              A little help please!<br/>Besides the quest line and the diff ending what is the whole point of Hollowing and curing it? I've looked a round a little but all i find is info on how to cure it or quest lines. In short, how does this really affect me? I'm on my 2nd playthrough and i still don't know what the hell this is lol. My Hollowing is 99 btw.

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