Homeward Bone is a Consumable in Dark Souls 3.

Homeward Bone

Homeward Bone

Bone fragment reduced to white ash.
Return to last bonfire used for resting, or to the shrine bonfire.

Bonfires are sustained by bones of the Undead.
In rare cases, their previous owner's strong urge to seek bonfires enchant their bones with a homeward instinct.


Homeward Bone Usage



Homeward Bone Locations

  • Sold by Shrine Handmaid for 500 souls.

  • 5x Found in Cemetery of Ash :
    • 1x at the end of the cliff path straight ahead of the door, after you defeat Iudex Gundyr.
    • 1x behind some coffins, at the end of the ledge path, above the Firelink Shrine entrance.
    • 3x on the lower roof of Firelink Shrine. Jump up to it from the tree or buy the Tower Key.
  • 6x found at Undead Settlement:
    • 2x to the left side of the broken pathway, where all the creatures are kneeling. (Video)
    • 2x on the roof of a building that is reached by heading right from the burning tree with undead worshipping it. Cross the bridge, and at the end of the bridge, there will be a few barrels and boxes to your right. Behind them will be a small path along the side of the hill that leads to this house. (Video)
    • 1x beside a tilted wagon near the fire demon, near the top of the sniper tower.
    • 1x gift from Holy Knight Hodrick, or can be picked up from his corpse, in the pit of hollows.
  • 2x found at Road of Sacrifices: On a corpse hanging over the railing, past the ladder that leads down to Farron Keep.
  • 2x found at Cathehdral of the Deep: On a balcony outside, behind the big blue door next to the first chained-Giant.
  • 2x found at Farron Keep: Behind the "third" extinguishable fire, the fire guarded by the elder ghru.
  • 2x found at Smouldering Lake: Before to the bone-wheel enemies near the giant ballista. (Video)
  • 4x found at Irithyll of the Boreal Valley:
    • 1x on a corpse near the end of the bridge, in front of the barrier.
    • 3x located behind a large tombstone. Starting at the Church of Yorshka bonfire, go down the hallway stairs, and go right along the cliff.(Video)
  • 2x found at Irithyll Dungeon: In the outside area before the room with the estus shard mimic.
  • 3x found at Grand Archives: On a corpse hanging over the railing on the second floor balcony.
  • 2x found at Archdragon Peak: On a corpse near the elevator shortcut, at the start of the level.




  • Using a homeward bone inside a boss area removes your ember!
  • Same effect as the Homeward miracle and the Coiled Sword Fragment.
  • The Darksign also has the same effect, but at the additional cost of all your current souls.




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