I'm Sorry Carving is a Tool in Dark Souls 3.

I'm Sorry Carving


A strange head of unknown origin carved from archtree. It speaks when thrown on the ground.

This head says "I'm sorry". Have another look. Isn't it quite the expression of attonement?



  • When used, leaves an audible sound saying ''I'm sorry.'' has unlimited uses.




  • Obtained by dropping a Shriving stone in Picklepum the Crow's nest on top of the Firelink tower.




  • Player note 1




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    • Anonymous

      01 Jun 2017 17:19  

      I was fighting mobs and an invader runs up behind and backstabs me then uses the "I'm Sorry" Carving... I don't know what to feel now??

      • Anonymous

        Kek wills it12 Sep 2016 19:22  

        Get summoned as a friendly mad phantom on high wall of lothric.<br/>Gain the host of ember's trust.<br/>Help him get the cell key.<br/>Run first and kill the fire bomb thrower hollow.<br/><br/>Wait for him to come.<br/>Throw a fire bomb.<br/><br/><br/>"I'm Sorry"

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