Iron Flesh is a Pyromancy in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Pyromancy you must use a Flame or Special Weapons that can cast Pyromancies.

Iron Flesh

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 45
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 8 Intelligence
Type Self buff



Pyromancy that internalizes flame.

Iron flesh boosts damage absorption and resistance, but significantly increases weight.

Not advisable for walking in marshlands, perhaps resulting in its obsolescence in the Great Swamp.


Acquired From



  • Effect does not directly modify weight, but instead forces user to walk as if their weight ratio is above 100% and roll as if their weight ratio is above 70%.
  • Skills like Quickstep can be used to circumvent the slower movement.
  • Increases all physical absorptions by 40%.
  • Will cause most melee attacks to be deflected.
  • Increases all resistances by 50.
  • Significantly lowers lightning absorption (-60% lightning absorption when applied at 0%).
  • Effect lasts about 16s.
  • Is affected by Lingering Dragoncrest Ring.
  • Overwrites and is overwritten by Flash Sweat, Profuse Sweat, Power Within, Stone Flesh and Carthus Beacon.
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    • Anonymous

      06 Jun 2017 00:30  

      Great spell for pyros that dont want to be interrupted when casting black flame etc etc. Will pwn R1 fags. Just dont use it when you encounter spark bros. They will rape you and laaaf. Its situational overall but very useful against one demensional fighters that have to get close to you to deal damage.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder07 Oct 2016 15:58  

        Does anyone have an idea on how to use this spell and not be fat rolling and just be the poise monster that we all want to be.

        • Spell length25 Sep 2016 20:45  

          From Soft is so hell bent on making heavy tank builds unviable, the one thing that would make them happy lasts half as long as from Dark Souls 1. What the *****

          • Anonymous

            Useful in PvP25 Jul 2016 21:00  

            This spell gives you the poise (yes poise) you need to tank R1 spam from overly agressive invaders. When dueling at Pontiff's area people are a lot more careful, but invaders tend to rush me down, so I surprise them with this and kill them much easier.Of course I reccomend the Dragonscale Ring. Also check if your opponent is using a faith build, the lightning damage hurts like hell. Otherwise, a very good spell for just 8 intelligence.

            • Anonymous

              Tears of Denial + Iron Flesh20 May 2016 02:22  

              idk how to add to the page but it seems like casting iron flesh removes tears of denial. Worth note for sacred flame cheesing.

              • Anonymous

                Poise09 May 2016 07:37  

                Poise does exist in this game, in the form of a switch. There's a value that's at 1, and if you turn that value to zero, you aren't staggered. Casting this turns the value to zero for the duration of the spell. As opposed to actually giving the visible, in game poise stat a use...

                • Anonymous

                  Usefulness?07 May 2016 18:40  

                  Has anyone found situations that this is helpful for? The lack of mobility seems to overshadow any of the positive defensive gains.

                  • Anonymous

                    Iron Flesh + Sacred Flame06 May 2016 05:29  

                    Unreal combination. Basically insta death in PVP if your opponent isn't familiar with Iron Flesh.I may try to use Iron Flesh on my Sorcery too. I can see someone trying to interrupt a Crystal Soul Spear and eating massive damage.

                    • Anonymous

                      Poise04 May 2016 12:09  

                      This spell actually gives tons of working poise, allowing the caster to take hits without interruption.

                      • Anonymous

                        Poise02 May 2016 04:52  

                        Iron Flesh used to affect Poise and I believe it still does. Any data on that, and on how much Poise it gives you? (You can't see it in the Character Tab or I wouldn't be asking)

                        • Anonymous

                          Resistance/absorbtion amount?19 Apr 2016 12:01  

                          Does anyone know how much the resistance/damage absorption amount is? I understand that it lowers your lightning resistance too, but how much does it decrease it by?

                          • Anonymous

                            Bonfire Clarification16 Apr 2016 03:43  

                            "From the starting bonfire (the one next to the ladder)"It's the Farron Keep bonfire, just in case anyone mixes that up with the Old Wolf of Farron bonfire.

                            • Anonymous

                              Lightning weakness?14 Apr 2016 21:39  

                              I was looking at the resistances when I applied Iron skin and my lightning resistance went negative in the percent absorption. I guess that make sense with it being called Iron Flesh

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