Item Discovery is a derived character attribute that measures how likely your character is to recieve items from foes. Increasing Item Discovery increases the chance to receive weapons and armor that the enemy is wearing, as well as upgrade materials or tools.

Item Discovery is a multiplier for each enemy’s loot table. Examples:

  • An enemy has a base 10% chance to drop an item. With 100 Discovery, the enemy has 10% chance to drop the item (10% × 1.00).
  • An enemy has a base 10% chance to drop an item. With 200 Discovery, the enemy has 20% chance to drop the item (10% × 2.00).
  • An enemy has a base 10% chance to drop an item. With 400 Discovery, the enemy has 40% chance to drop the item (10% × 4.00).

Increasing Item Discovery

  • Leveling up Luck permanently increases Item Discovery, 1 point of Discovery per point of Luck.
  • You can temporarily increase Item Discovery by 50 and 100 with Rusted Coin and Rusted Gold Coin respectively.
  • Crystal Sage's Rapier increases Item Discovery by 50. It does not need to be held to function, but must be equiped (i.e. you can equip it in left hand, while two-handing your right hand weapon, and it will still provide the discovery bonus). It will increase to 100 when equipping two.
  • Symbol of Avarice increases Item Discovery by 100 (but it also continually drains your health, so care should be taken when using it).
  • Covetous Gold Serpent Ring increases Item Discovery by 50 at base, while the +1 and +2 versions increases by 75 and 100 respectively.



  • You can also equip a Crystal Sage's Rapier in each hand for a total boost of 100 Item Discovery when both are equipped.
  • The highest possible Item Discovery is 599, when equipped with two Crystal Sage's Rapiers, the Symbol of Avarice, the Gold Serpent Ring +2, using a Rusted Gold Coin and having 99 Luck.
  • Item Discovery is calculated upon an ememy's death.. Changing your item discovery after you have killed an enemy, but before looting their corpse (assuming they have dropped something), will not change what they have dropped.

    • 29 Jan 2017 15:39  

      What if YOU equip all the items then are summoned into another players world, does YOUR item drop rate work for enemy's YOU KILL in their world and allow you to help another player get items?

      • 25 Jan 2017 17:49  

        Luck 99, item discovery 399, and still not dropping after u killed 30 or 25 enemy and after 3hr only One item drop i west all my gold coins for one item .

        • 04 Jan 2017 17:21  

          Does item discovery affect the chance to find more of one item?
          What I mean is like you pick up one item (like firebombs) and then they pop up again with a little symbol at the bottom,giving you say,2 extra firebombs.
          Anyone know what I mean? I probably worded this wrong

          • 18 Dec 2016 01:34  

            If the drop rate for any item is at least 10%, y did it take me almost 2 hours the farm a lothric strait sword with the crystal sage raiper and gold serpent ring? Or am I reading this wrong

            • 14 Dec 2016 11:57  

              what i gather from this is that, after a certain level of item discovery (say 500, although it might be much lower than this) some drops from certain enemies are 100% guaranteed? if an items drop rate from an enemy is at 20% and a player has 500 item discovery, that makes its exactly 100%? obviously sustaining this level of item discovery for an entire play through might seem impossible, but likewise if the items drop rate was 50% and a player has an easily attainable 200 item discovery.. this could potentially ruin the drop rate system.

              • Bologna17 Jul 2016 09:35  

                item discovery feels like a broken stat. Either that or the information here is based on the findings of someone who was excessively blessed by the rng gods.

                • NG+19 Drop Rate Analysis19 May 2016 20:32  

                  I missed a few things when playing. Then I went to farm them on later NG pluses. Even though my discovery was between 549-599 it was much harder to get the tailbone sword and spear from the wretches. But, on a separate playthrough on the regular game at 349-399 they dropped on the first try. Then, the black knight helm dropped twice in a row early on at a 399 discovery on regular game. But, on later New Game pluses it took killing probably a hundred black knights for it to drop. So, I can only conclude that a higher item discovery somehow effects the drop rate more on regular game and less on higher new game pluses. This is not a fact, just speculation. I also noticed if I was trying to farm something unsuccessfully for a while, the first time I used a rusted gold coin it automatically dropped. This happened a lot. First try. Bizarre.

                  • Stacking rapiers?14 May 2016 06:53  

                    the crystal rapiers dont seem to stack for me it says it will when i hover over the 2nd one but when i equip it i dont get the extra amount

                    • Boosted droprate14 May 2016 00:23  

                      Is it possible that taking no damage confronting an enemy boosthis drop rate? When I tried to get the black armour knight set with a total amount of 186 obj. discovery, I had around 1/10 of drop rate (if damaged by him). When doing flawlessly with no damage i had a 100% drop rate. Or maybe there's a secret timer every time you engage an enemy and every time you defeat someone in few second it boosts your drop rate? I don't know but seems to work for me. Ver 1.04 cal. 1.06

                      • Item discovery09 May 2016 00:22  

                        The rings are actually percentage based. With the normal on giving ×1.50, the +1 gives ×1.70 (both tested on xbox one with 99 luck). The +2 I will imagine gives ×2.00 (have not tested yet) <br/><br/>V/r<br/> Dragon Rider xd

                        • Item Discovery spam on other pages06 May 2016 15:29  

                          Can we please put mention of maximum Item Discovery, or lists of all item discovery methods, here on one page? So many pages are saying "Use your crystal rapier, and your..." instead of just saying, "The drop is rare, so use Item Discovery." No one wants to read someone's list of rapiers, rings, and coins for the 200th time. Another problem is outdated info; many pages have continued outdated claims about 549 being maximum, after this page was updated that dual rapiers can give 599. If the info weren't cut-and-spammed all over the place, it would only need to be updated in one place.

                          • No special gear02 May 2016 23:14  

                            So other than the mimic helm, no other pieces of armor have an item discovery buff like in ds2? The jesters cap, tattered robes and a shield, don't remember the name, would all stack and raise item discovery while equipped

                            • Rarity?02 May 2016 02:17  

                              If an enemy has a 100% chance to drop an item (like a few do in this game) does additional item discovery boost the chance of a rare item being dropped?

                              • Kill when wearing?21 Apr 2016 03:15  

                                Let's say I have the crystal sage rapier, do I have to kill enemies for the stats to be effective? Or it's fine as long as I have it equipped when I pick stuff up?

                                • an item is missing19 Apr 2016 03:38  

                                  i dont recall how much it gives, but iirc, it's 100. the mimic helm (that looks like a chest - cant recall its name) it also increases souls per kill, but drains health

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