Knight is a starting Class in Dark Souls 3.

An obscure knight of poor renown who collapsed roaming the land. Sturdy, owing to high vitality and stout armor.



Knight Starting Equipment



Notes About This Class

  • This class has the highest starting vitality to hold its heavier armor.
  • Attunement, Faith, and Intelligence stats are average enough to use spells later on.
  • Starts off with one spell slot and with 1 more point into Faith or Intelligence can use Heal Aid or Soul Arrow respectively (If you buy the sorcerer's staff or talisman from the shrine maiden).
  • A recommended class for new players of the franchise, due to the 100% physical defense shield, good weapon, and good armor.


Builds That Use This Class

  • Most Warrior Builds including patron and control variants
  • All Builds
  • The Duelist - Fextralife Build of the Week

    • Anonymous

      29 Dec 2017 01:56  

      I have a lvl 20 knight.. just finished 2ND boss.. I have a ton of swords including uchigitana, broadsword and claymore.. I have met the required stats but for some reason can't equip. Am I missing something??

      • Anonymous

        27 May 2017 12:42  

        It's kinda sad really, how the standard knight set has one of the best if not the best wheight to phisical defence ratio, not only that but you also get the highest AR Straight sword in the game (excluded buffed sunlight straight sword) if you infuse it with Refined Infusion and level up your strength and dexterity. The shield is great to.

        • Anonymous

          15 Apr 2017 14:00  

          Hi, is this hard to upgrade luck for knight class? cause it's at 7
          and which class is better for a new player between Knight and Mercenary

          • Anonymous

            17 Nov 2016 09:52  

            Best class for beginners. Wide variety of weapons and can tank some hits. Warrior is an alternative and his 11 points in luck spice things up but the axe swings create space for fatal counterattacks.

            • Anonymous

              Awesome Starter for Sorcerer Builds (PvP)24 Jun 2016 23:55  

              I have to say, it's disappointing to see that the Knight class makes a way better Sorcerer than the Sorcerer starting class when it comes to PvP and specifically having to stop at Soul Level 120.The Sorcerer starter class has 5 points wasted on Luck (which is only useful to melee builds that want to favor Hollowing/Bleeds). As someone who wants to have a full caster Sorcerer, I made the mistake of choosing Sorcerer for my Sorcerer character... 5 extra points doesn't seem that much, but if you're stopping at 120, for me it does matter a lot.=/

              • Anonymous

                Builds using Knight17 Jun 2016 02:39  

                The Builds section references "patron" and "control" builds. Sorry if this makes me a noob but what are those?

                • Anonymous

                  Best starting class for anything that doesn't want to use luck.14 May 2016 10:11  

                  Due to its combination of low magic stats and low luck this class is frequently the best pick. It's only disadvantage is its high vitality which is is mediocre due to armor and poise being relatively weak in this game.

                  • Great for beginners, but problems show mid-game and early03 May 2016 02:48  

                    The luck is absolutely terrible, so while this class, its armour and armaments are superb, you will struggle with drops, gathering armour kits, farming specific weapons. This can cause problems early (if you want a particular item), and will definitely rear its head later.

                    • Anonymous

                      Knight Class Starter01 May 2016 05:55  

                      This class is almost too good. Great for beginners but way too easy for more experienced players. I still feel as though the classes need some fine tuning. I may be wrong but miracles and sorceries seem to be really terrible. Pyromancies are still up for debate, though they seem to work extremely well on the first boss. Overall a pretty great starter class.

                      • Anonymous

                        Arguably the best12 Apr 2016 21:54  

                        This might be the best starting class. Very high VIT and and balanced STR/Dex, excellent armor, and probably good for adding on magic.

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