Lifehunt Scythe is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast Miracles you must use a Talisman/Chime or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Lifehunt Scythe

Lifehunt Scythe
Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFocus Cost 20
Attunement SlotsSlots Used 1
Requirements 22 Faith
Type Melee Attack



Miracle of Aldrich, Devourer of Gods.

Steals HP of foes using an illusory scythe.

Aldrich dreamt as he slowly devoured the God of the Darkmoon. In this dream, he perceived the form of a young, pale girl in hiding.


Acquired From




  • This spell deals dark damage, and as such will be slightly more powerful when cast with the Sunless Talisman or Caitha's Chime with high Intelligence and Faith.
  • When cast with any other talisman or chime on a character with high Faith and no Intelligence, this spell will deal only 30-50 less damage.
  • This spell has a noticable windup and short range, but the swing speed was decreased slightly in the 1.08 patch.
  • The direction in which the scythe is swung depends if you are one handing or two handing you Talisman or Chime. One handing makes it go to the left, two handing makes it go to the right.
  • As of patch 1.13, the health recovered is now dependant on the spellbuff of the catalyst used to cast it. For example, using yorshka's chime +10 at 60 faith will cause each target struck by the attack to restore 215 health.
  • This spell can hit enemies through walls.
  • The FP cost in the menu is displayed as 20, but this is wrong. The actual cost is 25.


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    • 12 Apr 2017 14:18  

      Updated page to reflect change found in patch 1.13. I included some numbers to serve as an example of the change. Yorshka's chime maxed out with 60 faith will steal 215 health from each opponent struck. Hitting four opponent with the chime causes this spell to have a heal to fp ratio of 34.4 h/FP, which means that Lifehunt Scythe can achieve the best healing ratio in the game under correct circumstances.

      • 12 Apr 2017 12:29  

        Patch 1.13: With 45int/45fth using Caitha's Chime +10, miracle rings, dark clutch ring, and blindfold mask, I can hit the jobbers outside firelink for 1187 damage and it heals 150 per target hit. That means every 4 targets hit is equivalent to one chug of +10 estus.

        • 10 Apr 2017 13:50  

          "Fixed a bug where the amount of healing received from the miracle “Lifehunt Scythe” would always be dependant on the Faith value of the weapon equipped in the right hand slot." Patch 1.13
          This game continues to surprise me.

          • 06 Apr 2017 21:16  

            Great when combined with Evil Eye ring and other recovery miracles for a sustain build in PvE. Let's not only look at the spell by itself only but what else it can be combined with to bring out its full potential. Amazing spell when used just right!

            • 17 Feb 2017 01:51  

              just tested it out. the direction depends on which hand your chime/talisman is in. it will always swing left to right when two handing cus its related to the button you have to press. r1 swings right l1 swings left.

              • 18 Jan 2017 23:49  

                I really like this spell. It has been noticeably sped up in recent patches, and now seems to share it's casting time with sunlight spear. The health restored is meager, but decent when hitting multiple targets. That said, hitting multiple targets is quite the issue with this miracle due to it's pitful range, along with the awkward manner in which the scythe is swing. FROM should seriously consider giving this miracle a range increase. Other weapon-based spells have much greater range by comparison, such as Dark Edge or Soul Greatsword. That is something which Lifehunt Scythe should have too, albeit less so due to the nature of Unfaltering Prayer.

                • 01 Jan 2017 15:06  

                  Used on Firekeeper (Firelink Shrine) with Caitha's Chime +5 ( INT:36 FTH:36 ), dealt 601, healed for 68. (Max health 1300, lowered to 1000). Relatively good for damage only for mix-ups that give slight headway in battle due to the health healed. 68 is not a lot but still relatively good when someone is trying to rush you down a lot and you hit them more than once. Mostly the downside is not being able to hit on the right side. Suprisingly good for a lower int fth amount, but I highly recommend sticking with using Caitha's Chime when using this spell.

                  • 08 Dec 2016 13:12  

                    Morne's + Ring of the Sun's First Born + Dark Clutch + Lloyd's + Caitha's (+5) + Rose of Ariandel Buff + Sacred Oath + Deep Protection= 1711 Dmg on hollows at Cemetery of Ash.

                    • 22 Oct 2016 00:41  

                      When Patch 1.08 came out, did anyone else still have the Pre-Patch speeds? I mean it was working for a second but then slowed down to the starting speeds.

                      • No good for pyro19 Aug 2016 18:45  

                        I thought I could put equip this on my pyromancer since I was getting bored with the pyro spells but without morns ring and firstborn ring this spell does very little. It's really unfortunate that there's only a handful of offensive miracles, they all need at least firstborn ring To be viable but both rings are only useful for those few offensive spells they should just combine both miracle boosting rings into one but only slightly less powerful than if you had both

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