Lightning Blade is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a Miracle you must use a Chime, Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast Miracles.

Lightning Blade

Spell Type


Focus ConsumptionFP 50
Attunement Slots Slots 1
Faith 30
Type Weapon Buff



Miracle allegedly wielded by a certain dragonslayer knight in the Age of Gods.

Reinforces right weapon with lightning.

Tales of dragonslayers are now a rare thing, told only in fragments and whispers in remote regions.


Acquired From

  • Located in the Irithyll Dungeon area near the broken dragon statue used to reach the Archdragon Peak. Simply ride the elvator up and look towards the way you came in and you will see a corpse sitting and looking out of a window holding the spell (video location).


  • More Detailed Location: Starting from the Irithyll Dungeon bonfire, go right down the shortcut elevator. Run past the rats and keep to the left side where there is a tunnel/ stairwell leading to a very long ladder. After reaching the top, go out the window and drop down directly to your right once outside. You should see another ladder leading to a crumbling walkway and a hole in the wall filled with more rats. Follow this path until you see another hole in the wall and find a room filled with very large rats. Upon exiting, head into a tunnel on your left which should lead you to the area mentioned above.



  • Adds  0.96 * (Spell Buff) lightning damage
  • Only counts the Faith portion of your Catalyst's Spell Buff
  • Lasts 60 seconds.  If you wear the Linger Dragoncrest Ring, the buff lasts 80 seconds
  • Can't use on a magical infusion, only on normal weapons or physical infusions (excluding blessed)


Visual Effect


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    • 19 Apr 2017 14:23  

      I'm at a loss here. As a 40 40 int fth pyro using carthus flame arc with a 207 spell buff matches the wikis formula of adding 188 AR. But using the sunless talisman with a 222 spell buff only adds 155 AR to the same weapon which is slightly less than .70 of the spell buff. Am I missing something? Is the lightning damage not shown well in the window? Why is this supposed to have a larger multiplier base AND Im using a higher spell buff so whats the deal?

      • Strengthening the buff13 Jul 2016 03:45  

        Which of these affect this spell?<br/>1. Rings that enhance offensive fth spells<br/>2. FTH level<br/>3. Spell buff mod of catalyst

        • Help me please!12 Jul 2016 22:23  

          I am doing a paladin build using this one handed with a shield. Would a Lighttning infusion with 40 strength, 10 dex (Just thought I should add this in) And 40 faith be good?

          • Like Darkmoon Blade?13 Jun 2016 17:03  

            Apparently, the buff is "equivalent" to darkmoon blade by it's operation, but if darkmoon blade is affected by the magic clutch ring, how about this buff and the lightning clutch one?

            • Sunlight Blade?27 May 2016 22:25  

              Imo I think it would've been better to name this sunlight blade and use lightning blade as a lightning version of the sacred flame xD (Kakashi is best bring the h8 of there is any)

              • Cant use it21 Apr 2016 00:52  

                Im not able to use this miracle even when I have a talisman equipped. (Att 10 Faith 40) . Using a lightning dark sword +10 . What am I doing wrong?

                • buff stacks19 Apr 2016 12:35  

                  cannot confirm: the added AR is 96 * (SpellBuff / 100) <br/>Testet with : Cleric's Sacred Chime +10 SB+142 (S skaling) calculation seems right. +135 weapon dmg<br/>and with : Crystal Chime +1 SB+173 (D skaling) calculation is off. it gives +129 dmg.<br/>so i thought it skales with the faith skaling<br/>but than i tried: Crystal Chime +1 SB+124 (A skaling) it gives +117 dmg<br/>and with Sunlight Talisman +1 SB+123 (B skaling) it gives +117 dmg too.<br/>so it seems it doesnt skale with faith, i have made similiar tests with crystal magic weapon and different staffs too,<br/>for now it seems it skales with the upgrade like try which staff or chime has the highest dmg buff at +1 and upgrade it to +10 <br/>regardless of the scaling. Would test some more but titan slabs ran out for +10 tests^^<br/>All test were made with +30 int/faith.<br/> additional info: the Carthus Flame Arc seems always the way to go on a +10 pyro flame, but still needs some testing at higher (50-60?) int/faith.

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