Lightning Spear is a Miracle in Dark Souls 3. To cast a miracle, you must use a Talisman or Special Weapons that can cast miracles.

Lightning Spear

Spell Type


FP CostFocus Cost 23
Slots UsedSlots Used 1
Requirments 20 Faith
Type Ranged Attack



Miracle allegedly used by Warriors of Sunlight.

Hurls a lightning spear.

The spears inflict lightning damage, providing an effective counter to magic or fire. 
Especially powerful against metal armor and dragons.

Acquired From

  • Found in - Old Wolf of Farron Bonfire
  • The spear can be found by going to the top of the tower beyond the gate furthest from the Stray Demon (similar to the demon in the Dark Souls tutorial area). To get past the gate drop on to the platforms on the right of the gate. The Lightning spear miracle is found next to the dead Dragon.



  • Little more than a second to cast with ~50 Virtual Dex.
  • Creates a small AoE lightning burst on hit.
  • Creates a second hitbox in melee range that deals an extra 75% of the lightning spears damage.
  • Ranged Damage Formula is (1.8 X Spell-buff)-69.2, rounded up.


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    • 11 Jan 2017 15:44  

      Lightning spear more like Rekt-noobs-early spear.
      People say that miracles are weak the try comboing this or better versions of this with str weapons which can stunlock for a guaranted kill

      • 10 Jan 2017 03:55  

        there is a common misconception here, there is nothing wrong with the lightning spear spell OR faith builds for that matter, it's just that faith builds in dark souls 3 need to be approached in a different way than we're used to from ds1/2. In the previous games you just got the spell, the faith to use it and were able to do max damage just by casting the spell, even from far away. Dark souls 3 wants you to approach offensive miracles in a completely different way, if you noticed, talismans were re-introduced in ds3 and have a unique weapon arte called unfaltering prayer that allows you to cast a spell while temporarily increasing your poise and reducing damage taken. It is a fact that offensive miracles benefit greatly if cast RIGHT in front of the enemy (seriously, it increases damage by a LOT). what you want to do in dark souls 3 is pump some stats into vgr/vit to make yourself able to take hits, then into fth/atn for spell casting (just use a fire infused weapon till you get 20/20/20/20 in said stats). once you have the necessary stats (at least 20/20/20/20 mentioned above. i started as a herald and infused my spear with fire, with these stats i'm only lv 46), equip a talisman (preferably the canvas talisman, it has the best damage to poise granted during unfaltering prayer ratio) and (for early game) morne's ring (maybe lloyd's shield/sword ring as well), definitely the sage ring (increased casting speed) and cast your offensive miracle at point blank range by using the unfaltering prayer weapon are (LT). you'll want to make sure to time your spell so that it lands WHILE the enemy is attacking you so they can't dodge. if you got the stats recommended and equipped a decent set of armor with that nice vit, you'll be able to trade blows and take less damage while guaranteeing the spell lands as they can't dodge while in their attacking animation. Early game spells include lightning spear, lightning stake (i plan on getting this soon, if you want to kill the sandworm in smouldering lake to get this spell you wont regret it) and i use heal and replenishment. I use the default herald class shield, but if you want to have both a talisman AND a chime (talisman for offense, chime for hp regen arte and maybe buffing) then feel free. i have a +3 canvas talisman and am able to hit 193 up close with lightning spear, this may not sound like much after having played dark souls 2 where everyone wants AT LEAST 1500 hp mid game, but in dark souls 3 the "must have" amount of hp has changed alongside the way to fight as a cleric. Most people have around 1000 hp early/mid game (if they even have 1000 hp as another thing that has changed is that people tend to dump most of their stats into str/dex for offense) and cap at 27 vgr late game, so i'm able to hit 1/5 their hp (that's while at only 20 fth too) per lightning spear and am able to cast lightning spear 5 time per FP bar WHILE using unfaltering prayer.

        • Terrible Early Game21 Sep 2016 11:02  

          For me, I found this spell quite frustrating because it was really bad early on in the game for my faith-focused caster build. I mean, casters typically have it rough in the early game to begin with, but then you're dealing with a spell that won't do it's full damage unless it's landed in melee and costs more focus compared to more-or-less equivalent sorceries or pyromancies such as great heavy soul arrow and fire orb. On top of that, it's not as accessible as early GHSA and fire orb, so clerics have to wait longer to get a similar spell to sorcerers or pyromancers only to have it feel very weak in their hands.<br/><br/>But once you're higher level, have miracle boosting rings, and upgraded chimes, this thing can dish out some respectable damage, even when just used as a ranged attack. Of course, it's possible you could have great lightning spear by that point, but it might still be worth using if you haven't managed to collect all the sunlight medals yet.<br/><br/>Not really sure what the proper way to buff it for a less lackluster early game is. If they upped the damage, that could potentially close the gap too much with great lightning spear in the later game. Maybe a focus cost reduction would be more appropriate.

          • Faith/int and crystal chime11 Sep 2016 02:27  

            The other day i used lightning spear with a +9 sunless talisman and a +6 yorshaks talisman, it didnt do more then 113 with either one, i had 45 faith mind you, but as a faith/int hybrid when i found the crystal chime i light up! Now with a +5 crystal chime and 50 int and 46 faith this meesely little spear is dealing around 497 damage at a distance to the knights in lothric castle! , i tried sunlight spear with that chime, over 1k! :D basically it went from being useless to (combined with its fast cast speed) being a staple in my offense! Now on to NG+4!

            • This..16 Aug 2016 08:29  

              saved my life. Let me tell you a tale of an undead and a Dancer of the Boreal Valley. There he was, in the throne room of Yhorm the Giant, jumping for joy over his victory in the ferocious battle between him and the giant until... Magic runes appeared on the ground that seemed to circle around him and the next thing he knew was that he ended up in a dark room with an old women that laid on the ground. Faint words came out of her mouth "Prince Lothric is in your hands... Tell him what he must be... A LORD". All of a sudden, the women vanished and the undead seemed to be grasping onto something, the basin of vows. An orange rune appeared on the ground that seemed to spell out a sentence in the language of old Lordran "Place the basin of vows on the altar". Without hesitation, the undead attempted to do this task but when all of a sudden.. Black fog seeped in from the roof, and an enormous creature with a giant orange blade stood before the undead, The Dancer of the Boreal Valley. The undead leapt forward and tried enhance his straight sword of Astora with lightning but the Dancer struck him with a thrust of her blade. The undead received an enormous scar on his right shoulder but still thought "There is nothing an Estus Flask can't fix". The battle went on and on, swords clashing, metal scraping on the room's walls until all of a sudden, the sword of the undead shattered in half! It may seem as if the undead had forgotten to repair it before the battle. He was almost defenceless but then the undead grabbed a sort of talisman from his pockets and started throwing bolt of lightning at the Dancer. It wasn't nearly as effective as his sword but it was better than nothing. The battle went on even longer until the undead noticed that "I HAVE RUN OUT OF ESTUS FLASKS AND MANA!". The undead was caught off-guard and was stabbed in the chest. He is almost dead but so was the Dancer! She seemed to be limping around and struggled to even swing her blade. It was know or never, the Dancer swung her blades at the undead, he closed his eyes and hoped that he still had enough mana to summon another bolt. He drew his talisman and just as the Dancer's blades was about to hit the undead, the lightning bolt pierced through the Dancer's armour and straight through her heart. Blood rained down from the ceiling and a bonfire appeared in the middle of the room. He has won the battle and is now resting at the bonfire.<br/><br/>The damage i was doing in the fight was approximately 196 with the bolts and 286 with my lightning blade-buffed astora straight sword. 9 Estus flasks and 2 Ashen Estus Flasks.

              • Meh.31 Jul 2016 03:29  

                Pretty cheap miracle, fp wise. Short range, compared to the other spears. Collected pretty early in the game, doing frankly awful damage. Dont even waste an attunement slot on it if you are a faith build; just stick with the heals and buffs. You will get your chance with great lightning spear, or lightning stake.

                • Really?18 May 2016 13:17  

                  I respeced my soul points, hoping to create a new lighting ninja build. But guess what, yeah, you know the rest. I would rather carry rubbish around than this sh*t..

                  • Complete utter garbage16 Apr 2016 17:47  

                    Even with a +6 chime and Faith as my highest stat it does a little more than one normal swing from a completely non-leveled weapon.

                    • Sorrow Ahead15 Apr 2016 08:42  

                      I've always played through each game as a straith build. After seeing how terrible the damage is, and needing 20 faith and the FP cost? Nope. Guess its time to break my trend.

                      • So bad14 Apr 2016 13:06  

                        Why even have this spell in the game any more, the damage is just so bad compared to the FP cost you might as well never use it. Seriously, I rushed this on my faith character after Vordt and at 22 faith it hits barely harder than my unupgraded astora's straight sword.

                        • Low damage?13 Apr 2016 14:33  

                          At 25 faith and a +3 chime (starter chime for Clerics), it does a whopping 80 damage to most enemies.<br/><br/>...Considering the point in the game where you GET the spell, it will have already been completely overpowered by most sorcery and even pyromancy's Fireball. <br/><br/>I've tried the spell on enemies in water as well as skeletons, hoping maybe they would be weaker to the spell, but there is no such luck.

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