Lothric Castle is a Location in Dark Souls 3. Once the Ashen One has obtained the sacrificial vessel, the Castle may be entered. Fire Wyverns, Lothric Knights and Winged Knights closely guard the path to the Twin Princes.


Full Lothric Castle Walkthrough

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Accessing Lothric Castle

After defeating Dancer of the Boreal Valley, ascend the ladder and proceed forward into the castle. In the first room will be a red eyed knight and a black clothed figure. The cleric in black will heal the knight during the fight so it would be useful to kill it first. Kill them and loot Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x from a corpse in front of the altar.

Take the staircase from the right side of the room up to find a cleric in black on your right and 2 Lothric knights and a cleric ahead. Proceed into the next room and light the Bonfire to the left. 

Proceed straight into the next room and loot the chest on the right for the Prayer Set. On the left by the railing you will find a Titanite Chunk 1x. Head to the stairs along the left side to encounter some hollows. At the top of the stairs to your left will be another seated hollow in a tower. Ahead of this to the left is a set of stairs you can take down to a tower top where several hollows will climb over. Loot the corpse here for a Titanite Chunk 1x. Go back up to the main path and head into a room on the right where winged knight will drop down. Defeat it and loot the corpse here for Twinkling Titanite 1x. Climb the ladder, turn around, and go to the end of the platform to find an Illusory Wall on your left. Go through to find the Sacred Bloom Shield and the Winged Knight Set.

Return to the room with the Winged Knight, exit the room, and head up the stairs to face some crossbow hollows. Up to the left is a tower with another hollow where you can loot Titanite Chunk 1x. To the right you can loot a corpse for Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x and another Titanite Chunk 2x. Continue up the long staircase and then head left to light the Dragon Barracks Bonfire. Loot a corpse near for an Ember 1x. If you head up the wider stairs and then head left you will find a knight in front of a corpse with a Greatlance

Navigating Dragonfire

Head toward the stone bridge near here, but be aware that a second dragon will land next to it, and both will start spraying fire. Killing one dragon will make them both die. If you decide to run across the bridge, you can drop down near the end to loot Undead Bone Shard 1x from a corpse underneath the bridge. Drop down again to the right to find a seated hollow. To the left is a doorway you can enter to find some stairs up but first, proceed down the path here to loot Titanite Chunk 2x. Keep going, and you will see a hollow that will turn into a black mass hollow; try to kill it before it can transform, and then continue on to find Twinkling Titanite 2x. Return to the doorway and head up the stairs and break some boxes to the left to find Lightning Urn 3x. Step through and exit the doorway and head right. On the stairs you will find a Crystal Lizard and a hollow will drop down here.

Continue up the stairs where more hollows will drop down. Continue up the path, where you will find a corpse to the right hanging over a ledge with Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x. Continue up to the top of a tower and head down the stairs here to encounter a Winged Knight and a hollow to the left. You can loot a corpse near the hollow for Sniper Crossbow and Sniper Bolt 11x. Return to the tower top and take the other stairs down and take the path back towards the bonfire.

Make your way back to the stone bridge where you will see a dragon ahead. Near the start of the bridge, you can drop down to the right to a lower ledge where you will find Titanite Chunk 1x. Continue along this ledge to come to a path and a staircase where 3 more hollows will attack. Continue up the stairs dispatching the hollows. At the top if you proceed straight you will encounter 2 Lothric Knights on the left. The one on the right is particularly deadly, he'll two-hand his sword and can bless it. You can aggro one at a time with ranged projectiles. If you head right instead up the short set of stairs you will come to a doorway on the right. Through here you will find a hollow to your right. Straight ahead will be Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x on a corpse. To the far right of this room you will find a Raw Gem on a corpse.

Fight the Boreal Outrider Knight

Go down the stairs on the right to encounter a Boreal Outrider Knight on the lower level who deals some powerful frost damage. This is enemy is quick and relentless so patience and stamina conservation are key. Killing it has a chance to drop Irithyll Rapier. In this room are 4 chests, 1 with Twinkling Titanite 1x, 1 with Spirit Tree Crest Shield and 1 with Titanite Scale 1x. The 4th chest can be found hidden behind several boxes and contains Twinkling Titanite 2x.

Return up the stairs and head right up the large stairs. The dragon will breathe fire into this courtyard area. You can dash left or it can be rolled through to head straight into the next room. Head up the stairs here avoiding the fire barrels being tossed and take out the hollows at the top. Head into the proceeding room where you will find hollows and a Mimic chest to the right with Titanite Scale 3x. A corpse in here can be looted for Pale Pine Resin 1x. If exit to the outside from this room you will find several hollows and a corpse with Titanite Scale 1x. 

Reenter the room and head left down the stairs to take out more hollows and loot Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier 1x on a corpse hanging over the edge. If you take the ladder down you can loot a corpse in this room for Black Firebomb 3x, which will be useful for the next step. Head back up the ladder. To the right you will see a dragon claw reaching into the room. Attacking it will trigger a dark mass eruption from it that spits abyssal fluid that can inflict curse. It is weak to fire and can be attacked at range to stay out of harm's way. Killing it will fell both dragons in this area. At this point you can return to the area across the stone bridge where the white dragon had been guarding to loot corpses for Lightning Urn 6x, Refined Gem 1x, and Ember 2x.

Unlock main Gates for a Shortcut

Once the dragon is slain, exit this room out the opposite doorway and head right down the stairs, down the path to find a corpse on the left with Titanite Chunk 1x and further down the path one with Titanite Scale 1x. Return back to the room where you fought the dragon claw and take the stairs down and head into the nearby room to find a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x. Pull the lever here and drop down to the right to take on the cleric and red eyed Lothric Knight. Defeat them and head down the main central stairs to face another cleric and knight. A corpse in the corner has an Ember 1x.

Head back up the central staircase and take the curved stairs on your left. Head right to exit and right again to enter a church like building. There is an open doorway on the left. Take it and head right to find the Red Tearstone Ring. If you jump down where the rail is broken, you can find Caitha's Chime, beware the long fall. Inside the church you can find Rusted Coin 2x on a corpse and behind it, a chest with a Titanite Scale 1x. In the lower portion of this room, you can find the summon sign of Eygon of Carim. You can summon him now or wait until ready to tackle the boss if you want to explore some more.

Find the Sunlight Altar

Exit the church and slightly to the left and ahead will be a corpse with Sunlight Medal 1x. To the left of this corpse enter the room to activate a lift to unlock a shortcut to where you first entered the castle. Take the lift back up to the top and exit to the left and go left around the corner. On the left up the wall will be a ladder. Take it to the top and head left on the roof to find a corpse in the corner with Titanite Chunk 1x. If you make your way back along the roof you will come to a long rooftop leading towards some crossbow hollows and an axe wielding hollow. Cross into the building they are in and head to the opposite side of the room and take the ladder down. In this room you will find the Knight's Ring 1x.

Cross the covered bridge which leads out of this room to encounter an axe hollow and a greatsword wielding lothric knight. Beyond them in the next room is a chest with Titanite Scale 3x. In this room you will find the Altar of Sunlight, where you can learn the Praise the Sun Gesture and which also serves as the covenant turn in for the Warrior of Sunlight Covenant. Open the double door here and exit out.

If you head left and look over the edge you can see the dark mass which has erupted from the fallen dragon. Snipe it safely from up here with fire spells or a lot of arrows. The Onislayer Great arrow seems to do the most damage. It is susceptible to fire and can be taken out from range. If you have no ranged, run past the left side of it and get behind it. You will be inside the dead dragon and it cannot attack this direction, just be carefull attaking since most attacks cause your character to move forward, and getting you in range of it's flailing attacks. Killing it cause the dragon to disappear and you can loot Titanite Chunk 2x, Large Titanite Shard 2x, and Ember 2x. A corpse nearby can be looted for Soul of a Crestfallen Knight 1x. In the adjacent room you will find a Mimic with the Sunlight Straight Sword and up the stairs the Braille Divine Tome of Lothric.

Boss Fight: Dragonslayer Armour

Once ready to tackle the boss return to where you saw the sign for Eygon of Carim and summon him if you choose. Head out and to the right to come to the fog, where you will challenge the area boss, Dragonslayer Armour. Kill him to obtain Soul of Dragonslayer Armour. Proceed along this bridge and light the Bonfire, and continue on. Head to the right and take the stairs down to find Titanite Chunk 1x. Return up the stairs and head right up the main central stairs. In the next room you will find another Bonfire. Light it and press on into the Grand Archives.


Lothric Castle Map

Lothric Castle Map 1 Dks3

Lothric Castle Map 2 Dks3

Lothric Castle Map 3 Dks3

Video Playthroughs

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Speed Run Walkthrough

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    • 26 Mar 2017 13:07  

      The pus of man of the left drake dies for some reasons recently wihthout even me beeing near it. I get ember and material whereever I be and the thing is gone when I check it (near the sunwarrior altar). Happened twice so far last week.

      • 28 Feb 2017 08:27  

        Can anyone explain dragons in the game? I mean, wasn't they all killed, except one? And they are creatures of the Dark Age, while DS3 is the end of the Age of Fire. Still there are around five dragons in the game. If you don't kill them and trigger betrayal ending, does it mean that they will survive through age of fire to their second age of dark? True oldfags.

        • 25 Feb 2017 15:52  

          "The dragon will breathe fire into this courtyard area. You can dash left or it can be rolled through to head straight into the next room." Bullshit. The gate to the left is closed and even in the corners the fire hits you. Dashing left leaves you to a dead end death trap where you'll end up losing 20k souls.

          • Both Dragons?05 Aug 2016 03:23  

            As of today, as I was going through the area, killing one dragon did not kill both of them. It may be a change, glitch, or even a random chance, but I had to kill both separately.

            • Boreal Outrider Knight08 Jun 2016 20:43  

              For the Boreal Outrider Knight, you can lure him out of the building and under the bridge where the snake monsters are, if you quickly go back around you can make the snakes try to attack you and they will damage the knight as well, making the battle much easier.

              • Titanite scale correction06 Jun 2016 19:51  

                Under the upgrade materials heading on the right side it says 7 titanite scales but reading through the walkthrough there are 10.

                • Boreal Knight05 Jun 2016 13:38  

                  If the boreal knight in this area is giving you trouble, you can always lure it to the dragon's fire. Just run to the next room to avoid it yourself.

                  • Lothric Castle was build upon Seath lab13 May 2016 06:36  

                    You can see that from the Anor Londo bonfire. The ring of mountains, the former Anor Londo great wall is missing a part (the swamp area) and where it starts again there would be Seath laboratory in DS1. But instead Lothric castle can be found there now. To be more precisly the Grand Archive part of it.

                    • Glitched out in Lothric11 May 2016 03:30  

                      Okay, so I ran into an issue and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem:<br/>Basically I couldn't travel to any bonfire in Lothric Castle (tried the dragonslayer armour and the lotric castle bonfires, neither worked), it would just leave me in an infinite loading screen, forcing me to alt+f4 and restart the game to get out of the loading. Then I tried traveling to the Dancer bonfire, which worked. I walked up to the elevator towards the dragonslayer armour fight and when I reached the top, the entire area was just missing. I walked forward as a test and fell through the ground, so I instinctively save and quitted and now, whenever I load that character, I'm once again stuck in an infinite loading screen (that character is essentially softlocked now).<br/><br/>Does anyone have experience with this or know of a way to fix it other than deleting and restarting that character?

                      • For Invaders09 May 2016 12:28  

                        Check the grass near the Dragon Barracks immediately. I've stood there and seen people walk by twice and as soon as I see that, I will just lay down and wait for them to find me or leave because they can't seem to realize that you should spam the lock on button... or pay more attention. I always check that grass when I invade because people will hide there.

                        • Walkthrough is a little obtuse at times03 May 2016 09:30  

                          Quote: "Return back to the room where you fought the dragon claw and take the stairs down and head into the nearby room to find a Large Soul of a Weary Warrior 1x. Pull the lever here and drop down to the right to take on the cleric and red eyed Lothric Knight'<br/><br/>Awful directions.<br/><br/>Returning back to the room wit the dragon claw, you take stairs up, not down as the walkthrough suggests, then head left into the room it's talking about. Also, if you're dodging skills aren't up to putt, you can take one of the knights out from the ledge here before dropping down. Just make sure you kill the priests first, because they'll heal the knight and each other.<br/><br/>To the person writing the walkthrough - I'm sure all this seems obvious to you, because you're playing it as you write it presumably, and you know exactly what you mean when you're writing something. But someone looking at this walkthrough probably hasn't played, and definitely doesn't know what you had in mind when writing directions, so you have to be explicit. Some of these walkthroughs are very vague.

                          • Guide is confusing27 Apr 2016 20:16  

                            "If run, you can drop down near the end to a ledge to loot Undead Bone Shard 1x from a corpse here."<br/><br/>Lost me here... guess I have no choice but to kill the dragons.<br/>

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