Luck is a stat in Dark Souls 3. Luck determines how often your enemies will drop several items upon their death, through Item Discovery. Raises Bleed and Poison applying speed, but not damage dealt. Note that although the in-game description claims it boosts resistance to curses, it does not increase curse resistance any more than raising a level in any other stat would.

" Attribute governing item discovery.

Ups bleeding and poison capabilities.

Also governs resistance to curses. "



  • Characters begin with 100 Item Discovery. For each point of luck you receive one point of Item Discovery, up to a hard cap at 99 Luck (199 Item Discovery).
  • For each point of Luck you receive 0.4 in all defenses, and 0.2 in resistances. At certain Luck values you gain additional Curse Resistance, going all the way up to 99. See the table for which values.
  • Luck scales with the Man-Grub's Staff's  spell damage, Anri's Sword  and Hollow infused weapons.
  • Dorhy's Gnawing is unaffected by the Luck stat as for bleed build-up.
  • Holding a weapon infused with Hollow while at 15 or more Hollowing increases the player's Luck based on the weapon's upgrade level (+5 to Luck at upgrade +10), and it can be stacked by holding a Hollow shield or offhand weapon.

Data and Player Notes

Luck Reference by Nunkuruji

Luck Item Discovery
Curse Resistance Luck Item Discovery Curse Resistance
Luck Item Discovery Curse Resistance
31 131 3 42 142 31 64 164 41
32 132 6 43 143 32 68 168 42
33 133 9 46 146 33 72 172 43
34 134 12 47 147 34 76 176 44
35 135 15 49 149 35 80 180 45
36 136 18 52 152 36 84 184 46
37 137 21 53 153 37 88 188 47
38 138 24 56 156 38 92 192 48
39 139 27 57 157 39 96 196 49
40 140 30 60 160 40 99 199 50

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    • 13 May 2017 10:29  

      Luck does increase Curse Resistance independent of the general Resistance growth. Between 31 and 40 Luck, you gain an additional 3 points of Curse Resistance per point. 42, 43, 46, 47, 49, 52, 53, 56, and 57 Luck each give one point of Curse Resistance. From 60 to 96 Luck, you get 1 additional point of Curse Resistance per 4 points of Luck (at 60, 64, 68, 72, e.t.c.) and an additional 1 Curse Resistance at 99 Luck, for a total bonus of 50 Curse Resistance from maxing Luck. This is not counting the additional 1 point every 5 points of Luck gives to all Resistances or the 1 point you get for each Soul Level 61+.

      Also posted to the Curse page.

      • 30 Apr 2017 03:42  

        This might be the most pointless page on the entire wiki. Was considering making a luck based character for fun, and wanted to see if it would be a complete waste of my time or not. Turns out I still don't know- all this page does is tell me what the game already does and has a chart that is a complete waste of space teaching us how to count to 65.

        • 24 Apr 2017 23:29  

          The most pointless chart here. Says +1 luck means +1 item discovery. Then, in case we can't do math, it counts up from 1 luck means 101 to 65 guessed it...165. >>>>Can we have one about how much luck scales the damage of hollowed weps or the bleed proc?

          • 05 Mar 2017 08:15  

            Saying luck ups bleed build up capabilities is extremely vague. Could we please get a scaled set of examples that would take into account a +10 weapon with bleed of X amount, luck 1 thru 99 and how that scale minus the bleed defense of any given enemy. This way we know with weapon (s) we have on average how many hit within a given amount of time builds bleed effectively. We would also know if it is worth it to add more to luck and how much to achieve a given build up desire. At this point we are all just guessing and I know you guys have the stats as this it how you program the game.
            -Shawn B Thompson

            • 02 Feb 2017 08:53  

              To add more data:
              With a hollowed Lothric Knight Sword +10, with 40 dex/strength, attack ratio at 10 luck is: 392. At 40 luck is: 444. At 99 luck is: 464.

              • 29 Dec 2016 22:33  

                Hello, I only play offline and I don't care about pvp so I don't see any reason to stay below level 120. All my stats are currently at 40 (I'm on ng+9 or so) is it worth to invest my next points in luck to increase my damage? I'm running with onikiri will my bleed build up rate increase with more luck or not?

                • 31 Oct 2016 06:10  

                  Conflicting information between this and the page with Hollow Gem. Here it states that at 99 hollow you get +10 luck from holding a Hollow weapon. Hollow gem page states that a Hollow weapon only gives up to +5. Test to see which it actually is?

                  • 18 Oct 2016 15:18  

                    So, luck increases bleed buildup, but not the bleed damage? I mean, with high luck I can proc bleed with a smaler number of hits, but the damage is the same as if I had no points invested. Is that it?

                    • Luck bonus misinformed18 Sep 2016 00:06  

                      The luck bonus is recived at 15 hollowing (not 99) and you MUST have a hollow weapon reinforced to + 10 and in hand to receive a 5 luck bonus (not 10) can stack with two hollow weapons to receive 10 extra luck though

                      • DO IT23 Jun 2016 18:45  

                        Do yourself a favor and put all of your points into luck. Once you get to anri and Horace, kill them any way you see fit (there are plenty of helpful ways online) and get the sword anri drops.<br/><br/> start with a warrior class. It's a low level starting class with good vig-end and you only need to level dex once and you have decent strength which Anri's sword also scales with. <br/><br/>If you level just luck, you'll get good drops and amazing scaling especially when you upgrade the sword using twinkling tite. <br/><br/>To get through early levels with relative ease ( since you'll only be leveling luck) get the deep battle axe in the mimic, which is located in the building right underneath the dragon that flys in when you go up the stairs. <br/><br/>Have fun being OP as f***

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