Mimic dks3

Enemy Type Cursed Tribe
Weakness Dark, Bleed, Poison/Toxic
Resistances Lightning, Fire, Magic
Immune N/A

Mimic is an Enemy in Dark Souls 3.

Mimic Description

  • Mimics punish greed, taking on the form of chests and gorging on any who seek their hoard. Avarice is their nature.
  • Unlike normal chests, which cannot be destroyed, the Mimic will wail if killed.
  • Souls: NG (2000), NG+ (8000)


Combat Information

  • When opened by a player, will quickly grab them and chew on them, dealing high damage.
  • If spotted as a mimic and attacked it springs up and starts attacking the player.
  • Avoid the mimic's Grab attack at all costs- it will pick you up and chew on you, which is almost always a guaranteed death for the player (however, sufficiently high HP can allow you to survive).
  • Standing Moveset: Kick. Arm Swipe. Grab. Spin Kick.
  • Crouching Moveset: Lunge. Backwards Grab. Poison Spit.
  • Weak to Dark Damage, Poison, Toxic and Bleed.
  • Resistant to Lightning Damage, Fire Damage and Magic Damage.
  • Mimics have very high Poise
  • Mimics take less damage in chest form and while transforming.
  • Casting Rapport on a Mimic will make it ignore the player character, but even under the effect of this Pyromancy, opening a dormant Mimic will trigger it's attack.
  • Can be lured?
  • Resting at a bonfire will not reset their position. Resulting in some fun times with your very own pet mimic.



Mimic Locations and Drops

 Mimic, affected by Undead Hunter Charm

High Wall of Lothric - In tower room under the Lothric Wyvern - Deep Battle Axe

Cathedral of the Deep - At an altar down the stairs once you pass the Giant SlaveDeep Braille Divine Tome

Catacombs of Carthus - Down the rope bridge ladder path to Smouldering Lake, on a ledge above Demon mini-boss - Black Blade

Irithyll of the Boreal Valley - On a balcony in the room where you fight Pontiff Sulyvahn - Golden Ritual Spear

Irithyll Dungeon - Start of lower half, behind locked gate - Estus Shard

Irithyll Dungeon - Paired with a real chest at the end of rat filled tunnel, beware of a basilisk ambush because after you loot this one about 5 - 6 basilisks will come from nowhere to curse you -  Dark Clutch Ring

Irithyll Dungeon - Covered hallway between two gated rooms on the left side of the room with multiple jailers - 2x Titanite Scale

Irithyll Dungeon - Right path from the area with the giant and rats coming out from holes in the wall.  Say "Hi!" to Siegward while you're here. - 10x Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow

Profaned Capital - 2x Mimic chests in the left treasure room before Yhorm - 2x Rusted Gold CoinGreatshield of Glory

Profaned Capital - In the swampy, poisonous area get on top of the building.  Where you battle the NPC for Logan's Scroll  look for an open window and drop down.  The mimic is in this room behind a pillar next to the Monstrosities of SinCourt Sorcerer's Staff

Lothric Castle - Go up the stairs across the bridge where the gold Wyvern is (right side), Mimic is atop of the stairs past the firebomb throwing hollows - 3x Titanite Scale

Lothric Castle - Drop down from a gap in the wall to the left side of the Dragonslayer Armour boss gate.  Where the white Wyvern was earlier there's a room with a mimic in it - Sunlight Straight Sword

Notes & Tips

  • Loot is dropped from that chest's loot table, with a chance for an additional item unique to mimics, the Symbol of Avarice . It is not guaranteed that you will get it this way. Instead, farm the last living mimic.
  • To spot a mimic chest without hitting it check the chain on its right side. Mimics will always be straight, pointing towards the player, real chests chains curl inwards. Alternatively, you can spot a mimic by its breathing, which happens every so often. 
    Regular(Left) vs. Mimic Chest(Right)

  • Mimics are capable of dealing and receiving damage from other enemies in the game. They may be able to aggro onto other enemies as well, although their primary target is the player . Additionally, a Mimic can be used to kill the Demon mini-boss.
  • Pestilent Mist does not awaken mimics.
  • Toxic Mist and Poison Mist do not wake mimics either, making these pyromanices very effective tool against them. Single cast of Toxic Mist is enough to poison a mimic, and after that you just wait for it's HP to deplead.
  • For builds, which does not support Pyromancies/Sorceries, Dung Pie and Stalk Dung Pie is a way to kill Mimic without awakening it.
  • An alternative interaction once you know the chest is a Mimic is to use an Undead Hunter Charm on the Mimic. This will render the Mimic incapacitated and will allow you to loot the Mimic like you would a normal chest. After the effect expires, the Mimic goes back to its default, sleeping state with a big yawn.
  • Casting Warmth on a Mimic will mark it by its healing effect.
  • A hit from a single arrow will reveal a Mimic without waking it. Wait a few seconds, loose another arrow, and repeat the process to kill it in its chest form. This will not work if you stand to close to the mimic.
  • If a Mimic is killed in one shot while closed it will trigger a special death animation where the mimic doesn't stand up, but instead stays on the ground with it's toungue out whilst the top half of the Mimic slowly turns over hitting the ground.




    • Anonymous

      12 Aug 2017 08:37  

      "Toxic Mist and Poison Mist do not wake mimics either ... wait for it's HP to deplead."

      Typo detected. "Deplead" is not a word; "deplete" is, however, and the logical choice given the context.

      • Anonymous

        08 Aug 2017 16:43  

        ah mimics ,the giants that are female .skinny ,long legs ,but i think for gwin (a giant) it's the teeth that stop him from remarrying .

        • Anonymous

          29 Jun 2017 17:27  

          I had a strange loading glitch where the floor and walls were invisible. I managed to find a Mimic and saw that the model underneath (the legs and arms) are actually loaded under the chest, in a curled up position (they do seem low poly though, might just be the loading glitch)

          • Anonymous

            02 Jun 2017 20:26  

            You can also check if it's a mimic by standing close to the chest and turning your camera 360 degrees around. a normal chest would collide with your camera, acting like it's a wall. If it's a mimic, the camera will show you its insides with the tongue and teeth.

            • Anonymous

              24 May 2017 04:27  

              Never forget, you CAN roll between its legs, it's tall enough, just be calm and time it right, this is good for Melee only builds and can let you get a second hit in between it's attacks

              • Anonymous

                20 Apr 2017 13:13  

                I think the 3rd mimic in Irithyl dungeon was patched away,at least its gone for me.The one which should drop titanite scales and is shortly before the profaned capital

                • Anonymous

                  18 Apr 2017 18:13  

                  if you get the symbol of aberrance (at least w/ the high wall one) you will not receive the item that it would originally drop.

                  • Anonymous

                    01 Jan 2017 03:46  

                    Ive learned you can get loot from them twice once when you open with undead hunter charm, and when you kill them

                    • 30 Dec 2016 02:17  

                      I never, EVER feared Mimics. Not until Dark Souls 3. These *****ers scare the ***** out of me. That said.....there's a way to cheese them easily: throw and undead charm to them. This will make them fall asleep and allow you to land some hits without even waking him up or aggro him. Rinse and repeat, if nesessary. Just tested two days ago with the Mimic in Cathedral of The Deep

                      • Anonymous

                        10 Dec 2016 10:36  

                        I don't know if you will be banned for it, (I didn't, though I tried it once, until accidently killed mimic,or it dissappeared, I don't know) fun way to use mimic: get mimic to follow you from second floor of pontiff boss arena to the entrance to the invading area, use undead hunter charm to make it fall asleep, rest at bonfire, if you didn't read the page it will stay at the same spot where you left it, get invaded,use seed of tree of giants, aggro the mimic(don't forget to have all five undead hunter charms), help or observe how mimic kill invader, after invader is dead use undead hunter charmto calm it down, use warmth to heal it, make it not aggressive, repeat. Congratulations now you have your own pet mimic that will tear poor invaders to shreds. Also somebody please make video of mimics killing invaders or other enemies. Have fun.

                        • Anonymous

                          30 Nov 2016 15:05  

                          dont forget the use of the TOXIC MIST pyromancy. This WILL in fact poison the mimic without waking it but it typically isn't enough to kill it. A strong heavy weapon should finish it off quickly.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 Nov 2016 05:32  

                            If you fail to get a mimic, play with another character up to first mimic, kill it, and if it drops give it to a friend to give it to your main.

                            • Anonymous

                              18 Nov 2016 16:02  

                              While playing with the whole set of Thorns, it appears mimics will always spit my character instead of chewing it to death. I tried it with different mimics, and they never bit my character more than a few times.

                              • Anonymous

                                Item not dropping visually07 Oct 2016 16:13  

                                I have noticed that while grinding mimics, for the symbol of avarice using undead hunter charms, that the white-sphere thing that show an item is dropped is not always there even if an item is there. The interaction to pick it up is behind them and I have to stay on running against them to make it appear. It happens if I have already looted the mimic before or have not looted them at all.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Item Loss Bug03 Sep 2016 14:05  

                                  If a mimic dies immediately after your death, its item may be lost for the entire play-through. The mimic may be dead when you resurrect, but there may be no sign of its lootable treasure, and the treasure may not be in your inventory. Reloading the area and restarting the game does not alleviate this. Note: this is not about the Symbol of Avarice; it's about the mimic's normal guaranteed item.<br/><br/>Example: Golden Ritual Spear mimic near Pontiff Sulyvahn's bonfire:<br/><br/>Knight: "Upon fighting the mimic, I decided to run for it. The mimic gave chase. I led it outside to where the fireballs come after you, you see, and out of desperation I leaped off the edge onto the stairs on the left. Sadly, the fall damage killed me. As 'YOU DIED' starts to appear across my fading vision, the mimic also died from fall damage, because the fool thing was almost dead as well as it followed me off the same edge. Coming back, there was no sign of the mimic or its treasure in my inventory or in the world, and reloading the game didn't solve this. I accept this punishment for my cowardice..."

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Getting symbol of avarice easily02 Sep 2016 22:29  

                                    Get your best item discovery items. <br/>1-Symbol of avarice (if you already have one and need more for friends). 100 item discovery <br/>2- gold serpent ring/+1/+2. 50/75/100 item discovery <br/>3- 2 Crystal Sale's rapiers if possible (need soul of the Crystal sage boss). 50 for 1 and 100 for 2 of them <br/>4- Rusted coin or gold rusted coin 50/100<br/>5- Level up Luck stat (best is to use a pale tongue and get 99 luck but be sure to have 2 pale tongues, 1 to get 99 luck and the other to get back to your build after getting it) <br/><br/>Best one to farm is the one in Sulyvahn boss room but first you need to activate the shortcut/elevator <br/><br/>Wear everything and be sure to have undead Hunter charm. When you get to the mimic use a rusted (gold) coin then throw the undead hunter charm wait for 5-10 seconds if you didn't get it hit the mimic once and throw another undead hunter charm and repeat till you get one hopefully.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      The two mimic17 Aug 2016 22:31  

                                      Anyone know why there is one (Dark souls 2version) of mimic in profaned capital while it is in front of a normal mimic. Anyone one know the difference of them and why?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Trade13 Aug 2016 05:34  

                                        I didnt get one of my playthrough, im more than happy to trade a titanite slab for one, or anything else

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