Oceiros, the Consumed King

General Info
hp.jpg souls.jpg Location
8,087 58,000 Consumed King's Garden
Drops Soul of Consumed Oceiros
Weak Resistant Immune
Lightning Lightning
Magic Magic
Bleed Bleed
PoisonPoison & Toxic

Oceiros, the Consumed King Information


Oceiros, the Consumed King is a boss enemy in Dark Souls 3. He is found in the garden below Lothric castle, guarding a shrine. It can be assumed that he is blind (like Seath), as his eye sockets are empty, and he makes references to this throughout the fight. He is a very vocal boss, and talks of an invisible or imaginary baby which he cradles in his arm for the first half of the fight.

  • This boss fight is optional for "Link the Fire" ending; however, it is required for "The End of Fire" ending.
  • You can summon Hawkwood, the Deserter to help you. His summon sign is located in the center of the platform before fighting the two Church Knights in front of the boss room. If you do not see his sign then you must first defeat the Abyss Watchers and afterwards talk to him in Firelink Shrine to receive the Farron Ring, you must also defeat the Crystal Sage and make sure that Hawkwood has left the shrine. 





  • Souls: NG (58,000), NG+ (116000), NG++ (127,000), NG+3 (130,500), NG+4 (139,200), NG+6 (??), NG+9 (??)
  • Co-op Souls: NG (14500)
  • Soul of Consumed Oceiros


Combat Information



Video Strategies

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Strategy 1 (Melee)

The first phase: Always stay underneath him with your shield up. Only attack him after he attacks. This way you can fight him without getting hit, also works for second phase. The only attack to look out for in this phase is when he stabs his staff into the ground to call up an AoE of white dragons breath on the floor. Easy to dodge but it does a lot of damage and deals curse. Second phase starts around when you hear a baby cry, he staggers for a second, shakes his head then crushes his staff down. After this he will do two attacks on the ground and the second phase finally begins.
with in the second phase, try to get behind him or under him, preferably the bottom half. The boss isn't extremely easy to stay under so it may take some practice. If you're near the bottom half or the back legs, he won't do his rush attack, which can easily kill you in one combo. Try to take a one handed weapon for quick attacks, but if you use two handed make sure to time your attacks carefully. The boss can be bled, so an upgraded Bandit's Knife is decent for this fight but not the only method. Only use it if you're comfortable with the weapon. He is resistant to it, but the effect works regardless. The boss also likes to do some flying attacks with white dragons breath or even just plain white dragons breath attacks. These attacks are easily avoidable provided you're constantly going after the boss. High stamina is key in this fight. You can block some of his attacks but the second phase is a whole other story. Unless you can block all four or at least three of his attacks without losing too much stamina, you might as well just be two handing your weapon. Get in as many attacks as you need while the boss is finished with his first move. He doesn't really have follow up attacks to his normal attacks so he's pretty straightforward in that regard. The biggest problem you need to deal with is the camera/walls. Try to stay within the middle of the arena. If you can't see his attacks, he can 1-hit you easily. If you're up against a wall, you won't be able to dodge very easily. If you find yourself with this problem, just roll under his body as quick as you can.

Just prior to his charge attack, during his second form, what seems to be the cry of a child can be heard and acts as a tell for one of his more dangerous attacks. This boss also suffers badly from uneven terrain. When on the piles of rubble around the stage, many of his attacks will miss the player, although he will still be in range of overhead slash attacks. Although it can be difficult to keep up with his charge attack, his very long tail stretches behind him, and can be attacked directly with a weapon having adequate swing range. It is not confirmed if his tail can be cut off, similar to dragon bosses in Dark Souls 1.


Strategy 2 (Ranged)

This is a very easy way of beating him but it works well and it makes it so you get to skip his second phase.

You need to find the root system in the back right side of the area and make sure the entire time you are fighting him that it is in close range for you to run into.

As soon as he starts going into his second phase sprint into the corner and bait his charge. As soon as he is in there run around the roots to the other side he will just keep charging into the roots and not be able to get to you. Pull out your bow or spells and lay into him, make sure to watch for his ice attack because they still can hit you.

It's really important to note the fact that he can, and will eventually use his spin attack that position himself behind you, freeing himself from the roots and leaving you trapped between the boss and the roots themselves.


Strategy 3 (Pyromancy)

This boss won't be too tricky for pyromancers. During the first phase, you'll have a relatively easy time. Keep your distance and most of his attacks won't reach you. During the phase transition, you'll have the chance to lob some spells. His charge is the attack that'll give you the most trouble. Be prepared to dodge this, since it's quick and deals big damage. As long as you keep your distance, the tail swipe won't trouble you too much. 


Strategy 4 (Sorcery)

This is one of the most difficult bosses in the game for spellcasters, as Oceiros has a high magic resistance, and phase 2 in particular poses a challenge for sorcerers. While it is relatively easy to avoid getting hit by him in the first phase of the fight, Oceiros will attack relentlessly in phase 2, and sorcerers will find it difficult to find a window of opportunity to cast. A relatively reliable strategy is to do so after Oceiros has charged you. Make sure to dodge properly, as his damage output is rather high. As soon as you have gotten behind him, he will usually either do a few more attacks in whatever direction he is facing, prepare for a tail swipe, or make a jump away from you. In any case, you should be able to cast a spell during this time window (but make sure that you time it so you can dodge a tail swipe).

Keeping a lot of distance against Oceiros is usually a bad idea, as his most deadly attacks are fast charges which may catch you off guard while casting; he also tends to phase through your projectiles while doing his charges, or simply avoid them with his erratic movements.

It is more beneficial to use spells with a shorter casting time in the second phase of this fight, such as Great Soul Arrow instead of Great Heavy Soul Arrow. Homing Soulmasses are also less useful, as they will often miss Oceiros entirely. It is a viable strategy to give up on projectile spells altogether and instead hack away at Oceiros' back leg with Farron Flashsword - although a decent lightning weapon will probably do comparable damage.
In any case, Oceiros is much less dangerous in close combat, so if you manage to imitate the common melee strategy of hacking away at a boss' back legs, you have good chances of beating Oceiros with magic.


First Phase Bipedal, cradling an invisible baby, wielding a staff.
Attack Name Attack Description
Bonk Straightforward relatively quick vertical strike with his staff, just like an old man
Leap Bonk Defensive move against those who harass his crotch. Leaps back and uses Bonk as he lands
Tail Sweep Using a deft twist to the side, he attempts to sweep you with his tail.
Pestilent Mercury Raises staff, then pokes the ground to summon a large AoE mist field that quickly damages those inside it. Similar to the spell that Orbeck sells, although the AoE is much larger.
Leaping Freeze Defensive move where he jumps back and freezes those below.
Second Phase Quadrupedal,  he attacks with claws, fangs and tail, lunging wildly across the boss arena.
Attack Name Attack Description

Irritated swipes

He combos with his arms and slashes wildly, more of swiping as no claws.

Air Strike

He will fly and blast crystal magic on those below. He covers a good distance.


He will run at you on all fours. It hurts. Rolling sideways is good.

Crystal Dragon Breath



He will release a crystal breath similar to the big Crystal Lizards, the only notable difference is the fact this Breath attack will fill your "Curse" bar.


He will turn his head around and bend his tail then do a 720. You can I-Frame through this attack when you are underneath him, but only if you time it correctly.


Lore Theories

Oceiros was once the King of Lothric and was married to the Queen of Lothric, who was initially revered as the goddess of fertility and bounty, and Ocelotte was the youngest child the queen gave birth to. He went mad trying to harness his royal blood for a greater purpose, leading him to the heretics in the Grand Archives, where he discovered the twisted worship of Seath the paledrake.
He may have gone senile or mad with age and isolation. His dialogue mentions there is a child called Ocelotte; and he cradles something, as if he were holding a child, though nothing is seen; yet as you smack him around, he tells Ocelotte to come out, as if just realizing that Ocelotte isn't in his hands, and now he himself doesn't know where Ocelotte is. Perhaps he remembers something painful, as when you smack him around further, he screams the name of Ocelotte and becomes a frenzied beast, no longer human. As you weaken him, you will hear a baby cry...perhaps the child really is invisible? Or maybe the king, consumed by his desire to study and gain the power of dragons, experimented and fused with the dragon child Ocelotte, becoming a twisted dragon man, and the cries heard when Ocelotte takes over are cries of pain? Or maybe the child is just invisible. Speculation can only go so far.



Cutscene dialogue

"Ahh, you ignorant slaves. Finally taken notice have you?
Of the power of my beloved Ocelotte, child of dragons.

Well, I will not give him up.
For he is all that I have."

During combat

"Ahh, dear little Ocelotte.
Where have you gone? Are you hiding from me?
Come out, come out, don't be afraid.
You were born a child of dragons, what could you possibly fear?
Now, now, show yourself, Ocelotte.
My dear, little Ocelotte."

Whilst going into 2nd phase

He seems to scream "Ocelotte!" whilst becoming feral like.

In the Japanese subtitle, he says "Kyyaaaaaaaahhhh!". The subsequent scream is not subtitled.

When killed by Oceiros

"Ignorant slaves, how quickly you forget."


Notes & Trivia

  • Oceiros is one of the few enemies that can kill by curse. Therefore, Cursebite Ring is recommended.
  • His baby, Ocelotte, like the Emerald Herald from Dark Souls 2, Shanalotte, are both referred as children of dragons (which doesn't necessarily mean they're of the same nature, though).
  • The cry of a baby may be heard during phase 1 of the fight and is heard around when the second phase starts.
  • Seath was blind and eyeless. Oceiros transformation into a Seath like creature would explain his empty eye-sockets.
  • His wings are very similar to the primordial serpent statue's wings. These statues are found throughout Lothric Castle.
  • Oceiros has strange stalks growing out his back. The same stalks can be found on two dead demons in Smouldering Lake.
  • In game files, the player may found an unused sound, which, probably due to controversy, was removed from the final version of cutscene.
  • Bug (Only when killed with a critical strike): Instead of fading to dust like every other boss, Oceiros instantaneously dissappears with no additional effects.
  • Bug (Very rare): When entering the boss room while being chased by a Cathedral Knight, after passing through the fog wall the knight may glitch through as well, making the fight significantly more difficult. However, he can be Rapported into fighting against Ocerios.



    • Anonymous

      18 Jan 2018 17:44  

      I summoned Hawkwood on my first NG+ run of this boss yesterday afternoon and I'm not quite sure what happened. Hawkwood entered the room with me and Oceiros attacked, I got away so that Hawkwood would take the attention of the boss so I could do damage from behind/beside it. I noticed that Oceiros didn't seem to be paying attention to me but also didn't see Hawkwood in the room anywhere. When Oceiros started his charge attacks he would come at me once, but then would attack the fog gate or the wall. I could still see Hawkwoods name and health bar so I knew he was still alive but was somehow pushed out of the arena when Oceiros first attacked. He remained that way the entire fight. It was an easy kill. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this glitch.

      • Anonymous

        15 Jan 2018 02:36  

        Oceiros probably was the hardest boss in the game for sorcerers, but with the DLCs there's an easier way to defeat him - Great Soul Dregs. With this spell (that can be found at the beginning of the Ringed City DLC), even a high Int/low Faith build can do a lot of damage to Oceiros, given how he's resistant to magic damage, not to dark. The projectile is also very large, which helps when trying to hit Oceiros during his second phase, and the little bit of tracking helps, too.

        My main issue was reaching the Ringed City DLC before killing Oceiros. I ended up doing all of the Painted World of Ariandel and then just running through the Dreg Heap to find Great Soul Dregs, but Ariandel was very annoying.

        • Anonymous

          13 Jan 2018 18:48  

          Ocelotte is real but invisible. The king doesn't realize this as he is blind. She cries after he throws her to the ground and continues crying after you defeat him for a short while. If you try to damage where Ocelotte is held you will occasionally hit something and if you explore the unused assets you will see that they intended for her to be in the game with some grisly consequences.

          • Anonymous

            08 Jan 2018 22:58  

            Oceiros is really geared aganst magic users since he is over the top aggresive in phase 2. If you do melee just watch for his instant charge, the bites and swipes can be dodged fairly easily and crystal breath is a simple zoning tool. His spin just requires you do dodge at the last moment and doesn't do much damage even if it hits. If you are under him to avoid his bites he will sometimes immidiately do a charge with no warning, which was the only reason i died my first time fighting him.

            • Anonymous

              04 Jan 2018 08:38  

              The reason he probably goes insane and screams Ocelotte, and goes into phase 2, is because you kill Ocelotte, who is in his hands. If you listen close enough you can hear the baby cries stop at that point.

              • Anonymous

                30 Dec 2017 11:46  

                It is one of the easier bosses. When you don’t know how to kill him, there is a hint. You can get him stucked in the roots of the tree in corner of the arena and drain his healthbar with some long range weapon, without taking damage.

                • Anonymous

                  27 Dec 2017 13:43  

                  I hate this boss with a burning passion because of the RNG. In my first playthrough, he did virtually nothing to defend himself. Second and third playthrough, he picked up the pace a little bit. Fourth playthrough, all he did were jumps, hits after hit, a lot of spins, and generally hard to punish attacks.

                  • Anonymous

                    23 Dec 2017 18:12  

                    I feel like Oceiros is a boss like the Skeleton Lords from DS2 that gets way too much hate and I really don't get why. Before I reached Oceiros, I had heard s much about him, and how he was a bad and difficult boss. But I quite liked him, mainly because of one thing, he is one of the few bosses in the series that I succeeded to beat, but felt like compete***** killing them. The fact that he thinks you're here to take the only thing he had left and how he's willing to defend Ocelotte with his life makes him one of the saddest bosses for me in the entire series. So what is my overall opinion on The Consumed King? I know I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this but in my opinion, Oceiros is the best main game boss in Dark Souls 3 and deserving of a spot ing the top five Souls bosses of all time alongside Knight Artorias, Slave Knight Gael, Ludwig and Ornstein and Smough.

                    • Anonymous

                      05 Dec 2017 08:34  

                      Phew. Finally beat him today, after trying for three goddang days. Finished him with Dorhy's Gnawing, with no estus and only a quarter of my health left. Got greedy with that last shot, but since I wouldn't have survived another attack it was him or me. Bloody hell ...

                      • Anonymous

                        12 Nov 2017 17:56  

                        I have seen a video in which the player get critical hits on this boss for firing arrows to the empty space that Oceiros cradles in the first fase, and you can see how the arrows remain stuck on it. So, Ocelotte is real, but invisible (or that video is a fake, but doubt so)

                        • Anonymous

                          16 Oct 2017 23:43  

                          Wow I didnt even have problems with the Nameless King but this boss with his barely choreographed charges just gets me over and over again

                          • Anonymous

                            29 Sep 2017 22:21  

                            Staying under his legs in the second phase keeps you safe from virtually all of his attacks. I'm actually a little disappointed with him :(

                            • Anonymous

                              29 Sep 2017 17:48  

                              Is it possible that Ocelotte being a half dragon was abducted by Oceiros and experimented on in order for Of euros to become a dragon? It makes sense to me, specially when he says Ocelotte come out, and he goes all berserk, giving in to the dragon blood.

                              • Anonymous

                                29 Sep 2017 16:21  

                                As an item (Divine Blessing?) states, the Queen of Lothric quietly disappeared after Ocelotte was born. Maybe she didn't have the baby in the first place - she might've lost it. Being revered as the goddess of fertility, it is possible that she went insane by losing a child on birth, and then disappeared. That would also, in my oppinion, explain Oceiros' madness.

                                It's a dumb theory, but hey, still a theory.

                                • Anonymous

                                  16 Sep 2017 22:57  

                                  I forget where it mentions it, but some item in the game states that after Ocelotte was born, the Queen of Lothric quietly disappeared, suggesting Ocelotte isn't just part of Oceiros' imagination, and that Ocelotte's very existence drove the Queen mad. Pfft, if I popped out a half-dragon, do you know how *****ing STOKED I would be?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    14 Sep 2017 10:44  

                                    Last nite slaying him, I realized that he has some HUGE dragon balls. His testicles literally blacked out my screen as I gazed upon the dragon balls.

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